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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 31 Recap

Inspector Wu came to the prison, visited Li Junjie, and said to him that he was sorry. He had always thought that he had killed Ma Xiaojun, but all this was a misunderstanding. Li Junjie thinks it doesn’t matter, because everyone thinks he is the murderer. Inspector Wu kindly reminded him to find vx3 so that he could be released.

Shi Yunhao wanted to clear up Li Junjie’s crimes, and talked to Ling Feng, saying that Zhou Zixuan and himself could be witnesses at that time. Ling Feng thinks that the three of them are good friends, it may be that they colluded to deceive themselves. Deng Zhicheng talked to Maya and wanted to know what Maya was questioned in the internal investigation. Maya didn’t want to say too much, saying that she only needed to tell the truth. The people of Moss all talked a lot, thinking that the above investigations affected the people below, and they simply didn’t want to get mixed up.

Jiang Hua came to the office to find Shi Yunhao, and wanted him to cooperate with him, saying that he had no eternal friends or enemies, and asked him to tell the whereabouts of the vx3 control unit. This would help Mou Chuan and protect Shi Yunhao. Let it play greater value. Shi Yunhao was upset and pressed Jiang Hua on the table to tell him not to always tell himself as a senior, suspecting that he might die ahead of him.

Jiang Hua was very angry and left the office to go home. He didn’t expect to be followed by Hassan. Jiang Hua didn’t pay attention at all. When he returned home, he only knew to drink boring wine. Zhou Zixuan consulted with Amanda and believed that the current evidence is very good for Mu Chuan but not good for Li Junjie. Amanda asked Zhou Zixuan to think about the person Mou Chuan trusted most, Zhou Zixuan thought of Jiang Hua, and Amanda asked her to bring Jiang Hua over.

Zhou Zixuan came to Jianghua’s residence and found that his door had been opened. After entering, he met Hassan. Hassan shot Jiang Hua in the leg, Zhou Zixuan blocked Hassan’s action and asked Jiang Hua to leave and ask for help. Jiang Hua had been waiting for the elevator. When the elevator opened, he met a mysterious man. He asked for help. The mysterious man’s muzzle pointed directly at Jiang Hua’s chest and gave him a fatal shot.

Shi Yunhao also came to Jianghua’s room, and saw Zhou Zixuan in danger, Hassan took advantage of the chaos and ran away. Zhou Zixuan was very curious, and asked Shi Yunhao why he came here suddenly. Shi Yunhao was very worried about Zhou Zixuan’s safety. Suddenly I heard a scream and learned that someone had died in the elevator. When I opened the elevator, it was Jiang Hua.

Ma Qiming collects a piece of work, thinks it is the most suitable for him, and appreciates this work. Uncle Qin told Ma Qiming that Jiang Hua was dead, and it seemed that only Mou Chuan knew the whereabouts of vx3. Doctor Zhao checked the cause of Jiang Hua’s death and thought that the most deadly thing was his chest. Amanda suspects that two groups of people want to kill Jiang Hua, but Zhou Zixuan doesn’t think so.

Zhou Zixuan wanted to tell Li Junjie about this. When she went to prison, she saw Shi Yunhao. She deliberately called Shi Yunhao and asked him what he was doing. Shi Yunhao lied that he went downstairs to buy supper. After the autopsy report came out, it was found that there was fabric of navy blue clothes in Jianghua’s nails, and he should have been killed by an acquaintance.

Shi Yunhao asked Mu Chuan if he killed Jiang Hua. Mu Chuan denied and asked him to protect Zhou Zixuan and the controller. Zhou Zixuan said something to Li Junjie, and went to Mou Chuan again, expressing disappointment in him and not wanting to believe him anymore.

Chen Jingwen decided to go back to Moss with Zhou Zixuan and wanted to continue the investigation. The private doctor was very sorry. He wanted to sell the clinic and live with her in Europe, so that she could come back anytime after thinking about it. Chen Jingwen was very reluctant to let her personal doctor live a good life. The personnel department investigated Chen Jingwen’s identity and background, and Zhou Zixuan asked her to wait.

Zhou Zixuan accused Maya of drunkenness. Maya was unhappy. She thought that Zhou Zixuan had missed the appointment and doubted herself and did not consider her feelings. Zhou Zixuan told her not to drink too much, otherwise she would be used by others. Dr. Zhao found clothes of the same style as Shi Yunhao from Jianghua’s nails and told Zhou Zixuan.

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