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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 47 Recap

Sheng Chumu hit the East Palace, and saw that Fu Rou was detained. He was worried. He told Fu Rou that this time the East Palace had made a big mistake, the emperor would deal with it impartially. He wanted to rehabilitate Fu Rou, and he quickly explained that he and Lian Yan’er are really good. It’s nothing, but Fu Rou couldn’t say anything. She just gestured with her eyes to let Sheng Chumu look at the box next to her. Sheng Chumu took a puzzling look and found Sheng Chujun lying in the box. Sheng Chumu broke down and burst into tears on the spot.

Fu Rou was very distressed and stepped forward to comfort him, but Sheng Chumu impulsively went out to kill Sun Lingshu to get revenge. Fu Rou hurriedly stopped, not letting Sheng Chumu do stupid things, saying Sheng Chu Mu’s use of lynching would definitely be investigated by the Ministry of Criminal Justice. He also said that Princess Han died unjustly without getting a fair trial, and Sheng Chumu had to give up.

On the other side, King Liang wanted to run away when he saw that the situation was not good. He wanted to go back to the Liang Palace to take Lu Yingying with him, but he learned that Lu Yingying and Yan Zifang had gone together. Wang fled around, but was exposed by the Eagle King and captured by soldiers. On the other side, Ma Haihu sent Yan Zifang’s letter to the hot spring palace and told the emperor that the prince was bewitched by King Liang to kill the king of Han.

The emperor was very disappointed with the prince. Handing it over to the prince also expressed his trust in him, but the prince did such a rebellious thing. The emperor was so furious that he decided to return to Beijing immediately and deactivate the seal of the prince.

Lu Yingying followed Yan Zifang to the outskirts. Yan Zi just said that Lu Qi was not injured. He had escaped from Chang’an, but he did save him. Yan Zifang told Lu Yingying about the ambush of King Liang and the prince. Lu Yingying was not at ease. , Yan Zifang wanted to return to the Liang Palace, but Yan Zifang was puzzled by Lu Yingying’s actions. Lu Yingying said that Liang Wang knew to repent and knew how to cherish. He did not want to betray King Liang at this time. Yan Zifang refused to let Lu Yingying leave and tied Lu Yingying. stand up.

Fu Yin was driven away by Lu Qi, and Fu Tao brought Shan’er back to Fu Yin and asked Fu Yin to take good care of her children, so that he would avenge his mother. Fu Yin said when it was time to avenge the grievances, and persuaded Fu Tao not to take revenge. Otherwise, Blinded by hatred like her, it is not worth the gain to become another person.

After the emperor returned to Beijing, the king of Han led a hundred officials to welcome the emperor to return to the dynasty. The emperor was relieved to see that the king of Han was unharmed, and the king of Han said that he had placed the prince in a safe place and did not harm the prince. He was very satisfied with his approach, praised him for thinking about brotherhood when he was in a critical moment, and ordered a reward for King Han.

The emperor went to see the prince. The prince was already in a trance, begging for death, and only begged the emperor to give Sun Lingshu and Queer a way to survive. The emperor was even more disappointed when he saw that the prince hadn’t regretted it. After seeing the prince, the emperor sat alone in the imperial garden. Concubine Yan was just passing by, so he persuaded the emperor to sit in his palace. When the emperor went to the palace of concubine Yan, he saw that the king abide by his duties and care for the people. He was very satisfied with the king. .

Sheng Chumu went to the prison to find Sun Lingshu to settle the account, but Sun Lingshu had been taken back to the palace by Fu Rou, Sheng Chumu angrily found the Gift Bureau, Fu Rou tried to persuade Sheng Chumu, but Sheng Chumu misunderstood Fu Rou, thinking that Fu Rou was blocked in every possible way because of Shanggong’s position, Sheng Chumu again asked if Fu Rou had been sincere to him.

If he was sincere to him, he would quickly give way, but even if Sheng Chumu put the knife on Fu Fu Rou refused to let go of Rou’s neck. At this time, King Han came out of Sun Lingshu’s room and murmured that she had not personally avenged Princess Han, and soon the maid also ran out to say that Sun Lingshu had committed suicide. Sheng Chumu heard that Sun Lingshu was dead, and left with King Han.

The emperor wanted to deal with Sun Lingshu leniently, but learned that King Han had forced Sun Lingshu to death. The emperor was in a good mood and was almost dizzy. Concubine Yan took the opportunity to say bad things about Fu Rou. When King Han forced Sun Lingshu to death, Fu Rou would At the scene, Fu Rou not only did not stop King Han, but also ordered the news to be blocked.

The emperor hurriedly sent people to Fu Rou to inquire. Before Fu Rou came, the emperor had already asked other palace people. Now let’s see how Fu Rou answered. Fu Rou did not conceal his murderous intentions for King Han. Long before the emperor’s summons, he wrote the story of the matter and the testimony of the palace people into a document submission, and said that he wrote two copies, one in the gift.

A copy is in the hands of the princess. Wei Song sent the paper to the emperor for comparison. Wei Song also said that Fu Rou had tried his best to protect Sun Lingshu, but unfortunately things went contrary to his wishes. The emperor asked Sun Lingshu about killing Fu Rou. Why did Fu Rou protect Sun Lingshu? Fu Rou said that she hoped that Sun Lingshu would be judged by the Law of the Tang Dynasty alive. The emperor was very satisfied with Fu Rou’s answer.

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