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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 9 Recap

Shanghai. Bao Huiseng and others came to comfort Chen Duxiu. Unfortunately, Chen Duxiu just took a nap, so a few people stayed and so on. Chen Duxiu’s heart is upset recently, and Marin is also so angry that Bao Huiseng feels that this is not the way to go. Suddenly there was a rapid knock on the door, saying that he was coming to Chen Duxiu. Gao Junman said that he was not there and didn’t want to be the person in the patrol room.

Bao Huiseng quickly let Chen Duxiu go through the back door and leave, but he didn’t want to be caught by the patrol room. Li Da was about to go to Chen Duxiu, Zhang Guotao ran to tell them that Chen Duxiu was taken away by the patrol house. Several people were in a hurry. Wang Huiwu hurriedly went to the school to pick up Chen Zimei and Chen Henian, and Li Da went to inquire about the situation.

Chen Duxiu was interrogated and refused to recognize his identity, but he did not expect that an unsuspecting friend had already identified him. Wang Huiwu coaxed the two children to say that their parents went back to the countryside to deal with private affairs. Li Da and Zhang Guotao said that they patrolled people who were arrested for hiding illegal books. Marin said that he would definitely rescue Chen Duxiu. Zhang Guotao was worried that Chen Duxiu could not be saved, and wanted to choose an acting secretary. Li Da felt that he was thinking too far. In the cell, Gao Junman had been coughing. Chen Duxiu was very worried when she heard the voice. She was not in good health. This time he was tired. Chen Duxiu was ready to go to jail, and asked Bao Huiseng to say that he didn’t know what he asked.

Gao Junman coughed all night and caused dissatisfaction with the female prisoner. Suddenly, he patrolled and said that she had been released. Gao Junman asked to see Chen Duxiu but was rejected. Chen Duxiu didn’t sleep all night. In fact, there was no problem in principle during the dispute with Marin during this period. Now that I think about it, I feel a little arrogant. Marin’s words are not unreasonable. They can’t do it alone or recklessly.

This was Chen Duxiu’s third imprisonment in his life and caused a huge shock in the political and cultural circles. All walks of life put pressure on the French Concession in Shanghai. On the third day after his arrest, Chen Duxiu was released on bail. Yang Mingzhai and others spent a few days. Also came back later. On that day, the young people sang “Internationale” to welcome Chen Duxiu’s release from prison.

At the same time, Mao Zedong set off for an investigation in Pingxiang, Jiangxi, and found his nephew Mao Ziyun. On the way, Mao Zedong saw a lot of corpses piled up on the road. Mao Ziyun explained that there was a mining disaster in the mine. Each person was only given 16 yuan for funeral expenses. The family members were also not famous. It is said that if every ten tons of coal is produced, three deaths will be caused. A half-worker.

Mao Zedong wanted to set up a school for children in Anyuan. Mao Ziyun thought it was a good thing, but these children were sent to the mines to be child laborers. To get them to school, they would lose a job, so Mao Zedong stayed first. The bamboo forest that worked at Mao Ziyun’s house also worked in the mine, but later became seriously ill and had no money to treat. Mao Ziyun helped him. Mao Zedong asked Zhulin about the situation in the mine, and went with him to find his brothers in the mine to drink.

Mao Zedong invited everyone to drink and was called Mao Shisan by his nickname. I heard that Mao Zedong was here to run the school, but everyone disagreed. What they cared about was making money, thinking about how to not be killed every day, how can they have time to worry about this leisurely mind. Some people here started working in the mine when they were ten years old, and some had to work because their son was blown to death when they were old. Mao Zedong heard it very uncomfortable. Mao Zedong suggested that he wanted to go to see the hole tomorrow, but Zhulin said that the dangers below could not go, but Mao Zedong insisted on going. Mao Zedong took off his gown and went down the well with the workers.

Zhou Fohai was a little absent-minded recently, and Gao Junman said after Chen Duxiu came back that a girl was waiting for him. Zhou Fohai hurriedly went to see Yang Shuhui. She stole away from home. The “Newspaper” disclosed that Zhou Fohai had married and had children in the countryside. Yang Zhuomao, who had originally promised Zhou Fohai to propose marriage, also repented and locked Yang Shuhui to ask her not to be with Zhou Fohai anymore. meet.

Yang Shuhui opened the window and ran out this time. She has decided to break with her family. Zhou Fohai decided to take Yang Shuhui to Japan. He didn’t want to gamble on the future with his life, and he didn’t want to hurt Yang Shuhui. Before long, the two held a simple wedding and boarded the ship to Japan. Cai Hesen met Chen Duxiu, whom he had admired for a long time, and brought a friend with him.

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