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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 8 Recap

Chen Gongbo was frightened and couldn’t sleep all night. This meeting should have been impossible. He decided to buy a train ticket in Hangzhou early tomorrow morning. His wife felt that he was not acting rashly, but Chen Gongbo didn’t care. Suddenly a gunshot sounded, and Chen Gongbo was like a frightened bird. The newspaper published an announcement on the banning of the rally in the French Concession, which also explains why there are spies.

At present, it seems impossible to continue the meeting in Shanghai. There are many tourists in West Lake in Hangzhou. Wang Huiwu suggested that she could go to Jiaxing, her hometown, to save time. Everyone agreed. Wang Huiwu and Li Da hurriedly went to the train station to copy a timetable. Come. Chen Gongbo is about to leave, and many people are still being watched, so there are only ten people in this meeting.

In Jiaxing, the boatman parked the boat in a secluded water area, and the Red Boat Conference officially began. During the meeting, a ship suddenly came over. Everyone was afraid that the police patrol was busy collecting the documents. Fortunately, it was just a private ship passing by. The alarm was lifted, and everyone resumed the meeting.

Ma Lin believed that Chen Duxiu was appointed as the Secretary of the Provisional Central Bureau, and everyone was unanimously elected, and Li Da was in charge of the propaganda work. Who will be responsible for the organization of the last item? Everyone put forward a secret ballot, which was passed by Zhang Guotao. Today’s meeting has completed all the original agenda. The National Congress concluded and held a great victory, marking the founding of the Communist Party of China.

After Chen Qihang and Yang Yi finished the topic selection of this issue, they found someone secretly photographed them in the comments. The other party asked enthusiastically that the opening is over, what are you going to talk about next? Shanghai. Chen Duxiu returned to Shanghai more than a month after the end of the first year. Gao Junman was very happy, and the husband and wife were full of misses after seeing them for a long time. Gao Junman remembers the day when Chen Duxiu left. Chen Duxiu knows her hard work.

The two have never been separated for so long since they got married. Gao Junman said affectionately that as long as there is Chen Duxiu, there is happiness. It’s just that the two children are still young, and their father’s company is very important to them. Chen Duxiu hurriedly promised Gao Junman not to travel far away as much as possible. Chen Zimei and Chen Henian were very happy to see Chen Duxiu come back, showing off their achievements with their father.

Changsha. Mao Zedong had the idea of ​​running a Marxist university a long time ago, but it is not easy to run such a school. He Shuheng said that the road is a step by step, and the first step must be taken first. Chuanshan Middle School may be closed. Mao Zedong wants to use the old site as a self-study university. Mr. He will probably agree. Seeing Mao Zedong’s recent hard work, Yang Kaihui brought chicken soup. The address of the self-study university has been selected. Mr. He also provided 400 yuan a month. Mao Zedong is writing a speech at the opening ceremony.

Before returning to Shanghai, Bao Huiseng had already talked to Chen Duxiu about a major situation. Chen Duxiu would not return to Guangzhou this time, so he decided to assume the duties of secretary. Zhang Guotao took out the budget and said that this was approved by Marin. Chen Duxiu did not approve that the Communist International provided them with funds to pay party members. Every party member should serve the party unconditionally.

If this bit of hardship can’t bear to participate in any revolution. Zhou Fohai had been absent-minded, staring at the clock on the wall in a daze. Chen Duxiu sent Zhou Fohai to find representatives to participate in the Far East Conference. At first, Zhou Fohai found excuses and finally agreed.

As soon as the meeting was over, Zhou Fohai held flowers to find Yang Shuhui. Zhou Fohai had been married in the countryside. It was an arranged marriage. After meeting Yang Shuhui, Zhou Fohai had the idea of ​​divorcing his wife to propose marriage to her father. The two walked hand in hand on the street. Father Yang Zhuomao’s car drove up, and Yang Shuhui hurriedly got in the car, and even the flowers were thrown out.

In the evening, Chen Duxiu saw Marin. He thought Marin’s hand stretched too long. He sent Zhang Tailei to Japan without telling the Central Bureau beforehand that Marin explained that this was out of confidentiality. Chen Duxiu once again emphasized the need to retain the right to be independent. He didn’t want anyone to be led by the nose. After saying this, Chen Duxiu left angrily. Li Da quickly caught up but was driven back.

Chen Duxiu didn’t know that she had been targeted. In Hankou, Wuhan, Shi Yang helped a mother and daughter to finish the lawsuit because Shi Yang refused to collect money because of their poor conditions. Chen Tanqiu came, and the two talked about the workers’ sufferings and invited Shi Yang to act as legal counsel. Shi Yang quickly agreed.

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