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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 7 Recap

Mao Zedong had just finished copying the manuscript and came out, the sun has risen, and Chen Gongbo and others are still awake, discussing Marin, and Marin’s speech inspired them a lot. Tonight’s meeting will report on the situation of the local teams. Deng Enming and Wang Ruijun said that they promoted Marxism for the workers, and in order to avoid checking them, they would sing and sing. On the road, the two Marlins found the tail stalking and quickly separated and fled, and they hid in a roadside stall in a hurry, and then shook their tails.

At the second meeting, the various groups reported on the work situation in various places. The labor movement in Beijing was carried out very vigorously. Mao Zedong and He Shuheng talked about the situation in Hunan. He Shuheng was dismissed because he used the education hall to promote Marxism and angered the warlords.

However, A night school for workers and a cultural bookstore were opened. At noon, Wang Huiwu came to give everyone lunch, and Zhang Guotao suddenly came over and said that he had something to say. He just came from the representative of the Communist International, and they were followed by spies. Although they got rid of their tails but their identities were too ostentatious, they decided not to come to the meeting, and decided to let him report every day and then come back to convey their opinions. Marin believes that they have not done enough in the labor movement, and they have also established a party program.

Two days after the adjournment, the way to achieve the goal became a point of disagreement. Li Hanjun believed that Chinese workers did not understand Marxism at all, and intellectuals should take the lead. As a result, the two sides were in a dispute. Mao Zedong believed that everyone had the same goal of the revolution. The differences lie in the ways and methods. However, if there is a direction, one should take steps and continue firmly.

He Shuheng decided to go back to Changsha first. He felt that he was too far behind in theory, so he might as well go back and read the book first. There is one thing He Shuheng has been unable to figure out. Yesterday’s meeting discussed the issue of the dictatorship of the proletariat. He did not agree with the intellectual-centered viewpoint, but the research theory was reasonable. After Mao Zedong explained, He Shuheng stopped, and after the two said goodbye, he returned to Changsha.

Soon, everyone came up with different opinions, because the parties were arguing about whether or not party members could be officials. Chen Gongbo is the director of the training institute. He feels that Bao Huiseng has been aiming at him, and his wife feels that Bao Huiseng is upright, and Chen Gongbo should broaden his horizons. Chen Gongbo was very annoyed, and his enthusiasm was about to drop to the freezing point.

At the sixth meeting, a person suddenly broke in and asked for Chairman Wang. Seeing that they were in the meeting, he said that the concession was going to be banned. When Wang Huiwu came back, he was shocked when he saw this scene. Marin realized that the meeting could not be held, and quickly dismissed the meeting and evacuated. Everyone separated from Li Hanjun’s house, and Li Hanjun still had to stay to deal with it. Chen Gongbo didn’t leave either. He wanted to see if Marin’s instinct was not accurate.

Soon that person came with the police, and Li Hanjun and Chen Gongbo took a letter from the rental industry and stated that this was the editorial office of the magazine. Li Hanjun said that a few friends were chatting just now, and the police found a lot of foreign books upstairs. Li Hanjun and Chen Gongbo found various reasons to fool them. Mao Zedong whispered back to the dormitory of Bowen Girls’ School. Zhou Fohai did not go to the meeting because he was unwell. He was worried that Zhou Fohai didn’t know anything about the situation at the meeting place, so he came back and took a look. The meeting was originally scheduled to close today, but there are still several items on the agenda.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door of Li Da’s home, and it was Monk Bao Hui who had returned. The people who patrolled the room didn’t find anything in Li Hanjun’s house, and in the end they just gave a few verbal warnings. Everyone was distressed about how the meeting was going to be carried out. Gao Junman saw that it was too late and asked everyone to rest first. Chen Gongbo was in shock after returning home.

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