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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 11 Recap

Mao Zedong wanted to send Mao Zemin to be the secretary, so that a housekeeper from the university would have to find another candidate. The position of the president of the self-study university has been vacant. Mao Zedong thought of a suitable candidate, Li Da, and Mao Zedong and He Shuheng decided to invite him to try. In 1922, Chen Duxiu was arrested and imprisoned again, and rescues from all walks of life started randomly, demanding that Chen Duxiu be released immediately, and Chen Duxiu was released again through various mediations. Unlike last time, Chen Duxiu did not immediately return to his wife and children.

Gao Junman’s health is getting worse and worse, Wang Huiwu has been taking care of her, and he has prepared meals for the two children. Gao Junman wanted to know the news of Chen Duxiu. The newspaper said that this time the fine was very high and his family was almost empty. Gao Junman was very distressed. Wang Huiwu explained that Chen Duxiu did not go home because he was afraid of hurting his wife and children, in case he was arrested again. Gao Junman knew that Chen Duxiu spent all his energy on doing things in these years, and even under the same roof, he rarely got together. When the children meet, they are not coming back at all.

Gao Junman had a lot of quarrels with Chen Duxiu recently, because of illness, he was also panicked, and he tried to make Chen Duxiu dizzy and unable to work at ease. Gao Junman had a lot of pain in his heart, and he had to trouble Wang Huiwu every time he went to see a doctor and took medicine, but Chen Duxiu didn’t ask a single word. The two broke up with their families in order to come together, and the city was full of troubles. Gao Junman felt that if she were to give her another chance, he was afraid that there would be a different result. Wang Huiwu comforted Gao Junman to recover from his illness, and everything would be better.

Li Dazhao came to the small hotel where Chen Duxiu was, and Chen Duxiu was very excited. Chen Duxiu explained the real reason for the arrest. The spy said that he received a huge sum of money from Soviet Russia, so he arrested him for extortion. Li Dazhao urged Chen Duxiu to be more careful in the future, and this incident also sounded the alarm for Chen Duxiu.

Li Dazhao said that Soviet Russia sent a plenipotentiary in China to Beijing, and Li Dazhao spent a lot of time entertaining him. Sun Yat-sen also came to Shanghai for Chen Jiongming’s order of rebellion. Marin urged them to cooperate with the Communist Party of China more than once, but most of the comrades in the party disagreed with this. Chen Duxiu decided to arrange a meeting for discussion, and it was decided in Hangzhou.

The West Lake Conference was held to discuss the cooperation between the KMT and the Communist Party. Marin was bent on facilitating this matter. He also came up with the decision of the Presidium of the Communist International to move the address to Guangzhou to cooperate with Marin’s actions. Chen Duxiu had nothing to say when he saw this, but he also made some demands that the Communist Party must maintain its independence.

After talking with Chen Duxiu, Li Da and Chen Duxiu came back unhappy. Communists joined the KMT in their personal capacity. Li Da disagrees with this, and it is impossible to join the Communist Party. Wang Huiwu thought that Li Da was more suitable for theoretical research, and asked him if he had thought of leaving Shanghai. Some time ago, Mao Zedong wrote to him to teach at a self-study university. Li Da naturally wanted to go, but he was afraid that Wang Huiwu would not be used to it when he went to Hunan. Wang Huiwu said that no matter where Li Da went, she and her children would stay with him.

Chen Gongbo decided to study in the United States. Mrs. Chen was a little bit reluctant. She felt that he should ask Chen Duxiu for instructions, but Chen Gongbo had already told Chen Duxiu, let alone studying abroad is his own business. Zhang Tailei came and said that Chen Duxiu asked him to go to Shanghai to speak clearly to support Chen Jiongming. Chen Gongbo was dissatisfied with this and said that he was not a supporter of Chen Jiongming, but Chen Duxiu came to see Chen Jiongming in May.

Chen Gongbo directly refused to go to Shanghai. He kept saying that he had no money and couldn’t leave. Zhang Tailei was very angry and scolded him as unreasonable. The two had a big quarrel. Chen Gongbo announced that he would no longer be bound by the party and even threatened to establish the Guangdong Communist Party. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided to expel Chen Gongbo.

Mao Zedong rushed to the meeting late at night. The time to organize the strike was ripe. The method and time of the strike were determined. Mao Zedong decided to return to Changsha to ask for the solidarity of workers from all over the country. After the meeting adjourned, everyone immediately took action. Liu Shaoqi hurried back to Changsha when he received the letter. Yang Kaihui grew older every month, and when he saw him, he was busy asking him to go in to find Mao Zedong.

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