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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 10 Recap

Cai Hesen and others told Chen Duxiu about the failure of the struggle in France. After these few struggles, some people have been disappointed in anarchism and turned to Marxism. Cai Hesen and Li Lisan decided to follow Chen Duxiu to work for the party, and the second national congress will be held in July next year. Cai Hesen stayed in Shanghai, and Li Lisan took a letter of introduction from Chen Duxiu to Changsha, Hunan. When Mao Zejianzheng and Yang Kaihui were cooking lunch, Li Lisan came. Mao Zedong and Li Lisan had not seen each other for more than two years. They were old friends. As soon as they met, they talked about work in Changsha.

Right now they are preparing for a parade. Thousands of workers participated. Yang Kaihui was preparing to add vegetables. Mao Zejian was very curious about who came. Yang Kaihui said he was an old friend of Mao Zedong. Mao Zedong wanted Li Lisan to work in Anyuan, and he might be able to use his overseas experience and common topics in mining to fight for legally open activities. In order to better deal with the workers’ brothers, Mao Zedong changed Li Lisan’s name to Li Nengzhi.

Recently, Li Da’s work is getting busier and heavier, Wang Huiwu is pregnant again and proposes to find someone to help, but he may not be able to find a credible person, let alone mention it. Li Hanjun came with two bottles of rice wine. He decided to go back to Wuhan in a few days, and he will practice it today. Chen Duxiu and Li Hanjun had more and more differences.

Although they had a deep talk, they didn’t talk about it. During this time, Li Hanjun had nothing to do. Li Da and Wang Huiwu sighed. Now that Li Hanjun has decided, they can no longer persuade them. In any case, Li Hanjun will not give up propagating Marxism. When Wang Huiwu mentioned Li Hanjun’s two children, Li Hanjun also looked happy, and showed them the photos. Li Da had already figured out the names of the children in Wang Huiwu’s stomach. The girl’s name is Xintian, and the boy’s name is Xintian.

After attending the Far East Conference, Zhang Guotao returned to Shanghai and talked to everyone about the Far East Conference enthusiastically. He was also specially interviewed by Comrade Lenin and said that Comrade Lenin was nothing pretentious, just like a teacher in the countryside of China. Chen Duxiu returned from teaching at the Ping Ping Girls’ School and went upstairs with Zhang Guotao. The news that Zhang Guotao brought back is very important, and Lenin emphasized that Chen Duxiu agreed with the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party.

Zhang Guotao felt that there were many problems within the Kuomintang, and we should pay attention to methods and methods to carry out cooperation. Chen Duxiu said it was natural, but we should talk to Marin about this. Last year, Ma Lin met Sun Yat-sen and Chen Jiongming on an inspection trip. The two hit it off because of Chen Jiongming’s misleading Ma Lin misunderstood many problems.

Chen Qihang was recording an explanation video on the street, and Lin Fan recognized him, and the two had talked many times on the Internet. Shandong representative Wang Jinmei is here, and his name was specially changed after the freshman year. Wang Jinmei and Chen Duxiu talked about the situation of the Shandong labor movement. Chen Duxiu asked him to pay attention to the methods of struggle, and Li Qihan was arrested for this.

Yi Lirong met Liu Shaoqi in Changsha and was very surprised. Mao Zedong explained that Liu Shaoqi was assigned by the Central Bureau to work in Changsha. Several people gathered around and talked about the workers’ struggle. The workers were in awe, because they were afraid of being brutally suppressed. In such a situation, the labor movement must pay more attention to methods and strategies. Chen Duxiu was very angry because of Chen Gongbo’s public support of Chen Jiongming. Zhang Guotao was found. Chen Jiongming betrayed Sun Yat-sen and the Kuomintang. However, Chen Gongbo publicly supported Chen Jiongming. Chen Duxiu wanted to ask Chen Gongbo how to explain this matter.

Yang Kaihui was still busy after she was pregnant. Her mother felt sorry for her, but Yang Kaihui was happy to be able to do something for Mao Zedong.

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