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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 14 Recap

Gu Renqi and Shi Shuangjiao slept in the same room. They woke up early the next morning. It was Shuangjiao who asked Gu Renqi if she had no habit of talking in dreams. Gu Renqi prepared breakfast for Shuangjiao. Unexpectedly, Gu Renqi also wore the same shirt as Shuangjiao. It turned out that Gu Renqi also secretly bought the same clothes in order to show the relationship between lovers. The two went to the aquarium to play.

It was Shuangjiao who asked Gu Renqi to help take pictures, but after Shuangjiao took the phone, he saw that he was ugly with short legs. This is the aquarium staff who passed by and wanted to give them. Taking pictures, and asking the two to hug and take pictures together, this made the two of them feel closer.

Gu Renqi drove home. On the road, Shuangjiao fell asleep and got out of the car and called Uncle Jin to ask about Li Dongxian. Uncle Jin told Gu Renqi that he was detained, so Gu Renqi told Uncle Jin that he would go there when he returned. Visiting Lee Dongxian. This is the dialogue between the two and Shuangjiao heard it.

Gu Renqi took Shuangjiao home and saw that the lock code turned out to be Shuangjiao’s birthday, which made Shuangjiao very happy. Unexpectedly, when the two entered the door, they saw Gu Renqi’s mother sitting in the living room. Shuangjiao was so scared that she was scared, because her mother had found Shuangjiao to give her one million to leave her son. And mother Meihua watched the two go home and said she was leaving, so the two finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Mei Hua suddenly went back when the two were very close to me. She just happened to see them kissing and said that they were finally together, but it was not good to keep her secret. When Gu Renqi sent her mother downstairs, her mother said that Shuangjiao was a good boy, and she was the one who changed Gu Renqi. It’s just that Grandpa doesn’t know yet, and doesn’t know how to talk to Grandpa.

After Gu Renqi returned home, Shuangjiao designed a recovery treatment plan for him, and Gu Renqi stepped away from the habit of cleanliness. Go to the amusement park, so you can go on a date while having treatment.

Gu Renqi also approached Jiang Wenchi, telling him not to deal with the people around him deliberately. Jiang Wenchi said that he had surveillance evidence to prove that Li Dongxian beat him, but Gu Renqi said that he also had witnesses to prove that Li Dongxian’s innocence was Wang Qianqian, hoping that Jiang Wenchi would deal with his friend for the first time and the last time.

Grandpa asked Meihua Gu Renqi. Suddenly Wang Qianqian broke her contact. Isn’t she a mother in a hurry? So he showed Mei Hua the picture of Gu Renqi suddenly being together. Meihua said that they should respect their children’s choice to fall in love, while grandpa said that repeated indulgence is to follow in his footsteps. Meihua told his father that he and Gu Renqi’s father truly love each other, and hoped that his father would not interfere with Gu. Everyone was there, and he left his father after speaking.

My grandfather went to Gu Renqi before he could tell Meihua and said that he had fallen in love with a cleaner and had thrown Gu’s face in. Has the investigation made it clear that it is Shuangjiao’s details and whether she is trying to make money for Gu’s family. Back then, Mei Hua was too indulgent to make her do dishonorable things. Gu Renqi asked grandpa if his mother was dishonorable, and he should have made grandpa dishonorable.

Gu Renqi felt very sad when he returned. Shuangjiao used to comfort him, but Gu Renqi asked him to be alone, which made Shuangjiao feel sad. At this moment, Shuangjiao received a message, which was sent by his younger brother, saying that his father was injured, but it was called Junjie and it was Shuangjiao. So Shuangjiao went to Gu Renqi and wanted to tell him before leaving, but when he reached the door of the room and didn’t go in, he had to stay by a note and leave.

Gu Renqi was sad in his room thinking about his grandfather’s words. Grandpa kept saying that none of them made him worry and he was always disappointed.

It was Shuangjiao who saw his father’s foot hurt when he got home, but he got his foot a little bit. It was Shuangjiao who looked at the chaos in the house and started to clean up. This was a call from Zhu Yan, who just wanted her to go there together. Pack and help. Zhu Yan asked why it was Shuangjiao and Junjie that he was not at home, but Junjie had gone to school. Zhu Yan felt a little lost.

Gu Renqi found a lawyer to see Li Dongxian and asked him if he was forced to do it for Wang Qianqian’s sake. Li Dongxian told Gu Renqi not to talk to Wang Qianqian, but Gu Renqi told Li Dongxian that Wang Qianqian was not the kind of person who would not save him. Li Dongxian feels that Gu Renqi has been changed a lot by being a Shuangjiao. He would not have said so much to others before.

Zhu Yan tells Shuangjiao that she likes someone she shouldn’t like, but Shuangjiao tells Zhu Yan that the key really likes him, so she will bravely chase after him. Difficulties are nothing.

It was Shuangjiao who returned to Colin Supreme and looked at Uncle Jin and asked him if he grew up watching Gu Renqi, and Gu Renqi and his grandfather had a bad relationship. Uncle Jin said that his grandfather coveted great expectations when Gu Renqi was a child, and told him to learn a lot of things, but the two care about each other very much, but they don’t tell each other. When the time is longer, it becomes a knot. Up. Gu Renqi went to find Shuangjiao to apologize, and shouldn’t give her a closed door. And often buy flowers for her. Gu Renqi gave everyone a meeting and said that the labor department was an indispensable department, so the labor department was to be re-established, or Uncle Jin was in charge of that department.

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