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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 13 Recap

Gu Renqi and Shuangjiao said that the reason why he treated her like that was because he liked her, which made Shuangjiao feel that she was in love. It was really incredible. Gu Renqi received the news from Lu Xian, hoping that he could treat it well as Shuangjiao, and Gu Renqi also felt that the most important thing for him was to treat it well with Shuangjiao.

It was Shuangjiao who saw in bed that Gu Renqi thought he was dreaming, so he grasped Gu Renqi’s face to feel it, and didn’t want to wake up in the dream, but Gu Renqi told Shuangjiao that it’s not a dream, it’s the reality that hurts , It was Shuangjiao who knew that he had woke up and quickly hid his head in the quilt. Gu Renqi called it Shuangjiao and quickly got up. He had already prepared the food and started to eat. Gu Renqi looked at Shuangjiao washing his face and brushing his teeth. The two people were very envious of their affection.

It was Junjie who went to Lu Xian and wanted to use a polygraph to test whether Lu Xian liked his sister, but Lu Xian didn’t think he was broken in love, at best it was unrequited love. The reason why she likes Shuangjiao is because she has a kind heart, works hard for her family, and enthusiastically assists irrelevant people. It’s really hard to find a kind girl like her. To really like someone is not to possess but to see her happy,

Gu Renqi is about to set off for work. When Shuangjiao was about to prepare something for him, he accidentally saw Gu Renqi’s little book. It was written by him in the love strategy. It was used to match Shuangjiao’s. This made Gu Ren Qi felt embarrassed and wanted to grab it with Shuangjiao, so the two hugged each other more intimately.

When Li Dongxian watched Wang Qianqian in the live broadcast room, he wanted him to confess. He waited for Li Dongxian to confess to her. Li Dongxian also knew that Wang Qianqian was implying that he was going to pass. The police waited for him at the door when Li Dongxian opened the door. On the other side, Wang Qianqian hadn’t been able to wait for Li Dongxian for a long time, and was very anxious, thinking that Li Dongxian was a big bastard. Li Dongxian was taken away by the police because he beat Jiang Wenchi before. The police asked him to tell the truth if it was because of Wang Qianqian, and Li Dongxian had to wear it in the detention center for seven days in order to protect Wang Qianqian.

Gu Renqi received news from Li Dongxian that he could not accompany him on a business trip, so Gu Renqi took Shuangjiao on a business trip. The two were very happy and romantic along the way. When they arrived at the service area, Shuangjiao bought Gu Renqi a takeaway and asked him to eat. Gu Renqi felt disgusted and did not dare to eat, so Shuangjiao put it in his mouth.

It made Gu Renqi feel that it was nothing, it was still scented. It was Shuangjiao who watched Gu Renqi finish the chicken chop and gave him a burger, but Gu Renqi looked at the burger with a lot of determination in his heart before putting it in his mouth. It was Shuangjiao who watched Gu Renqi eat together. It was the first time in my life that it was so difficult.

After the two of them wanted to find a hotel to rest, Gu Renqi took Shuangjiao to the hotel under the excuse of not being tired of driving. Gu Renqi felt strange that Shuangjiao’s ID card was going to pass. He didn’t expect Shuangjiao to bring his ID card on business trip. Rather, Shuangjiao felt that Gu Renqi would not open a room, so development would be too fast, and Gu Renqi and the waiter said they would open two rooms. When the two checked in, Gu Renqi felt that the room was too dirty. The waiter said that they were already a five-star hotel.

This was because Shuangjiao passed by and pulled Gu Renqi away and said he changed the room. Enough. Unexpectedly, Shuangjiao brought disinfectant water to Gu Renqi when he was on a business trip. Gu Renqi thanked Shuangjiao for the illuminance and asked her to watch a movie together. During the horror film, Shuangjiao deliberately frightened Gu Renqi and scared him enough. After a while, Shuangjiao fell asleep. Gu Renqi looked at Shuangjiao and woke her up, but Gu Renqi called Shuangjiao stay, and his room was not clean.

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