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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 15 Recap

Because Wang Shicheng rescued Gu Fei’s girlfriend, he continued to live as a customer of Gu’s father. Now that Wang Shicheng is about to be exposed, Gu Fei is worried that Wang Shicheng will reveal this to the police and immediately drove to the police station. At this time, Qiu Xiaoxia had all her good things to say, but the police could only express her personal understanding, but the law was not merciful, so she fined Wang Shicheng into one thousand yuan and detained him for ten days.

Seeing Qiu Dongna and Gu Fei rushing over, Wang Shicheng was afraid of extra-junctures and simply shouldered all the responsibilities alone. Gu Fei did not have any objections. On the contrary, Qiu Dongna felt that Gu Fei was extraordinarily cold-blooded, and she left the relationship clean after the accident. However, Gu Fei didn’t care about Qiu Dongna’s misunderstanding, and would still help Wang Shicheng find a job in a private relationship. Unfortunately, Wang Shicheng had a criminal record, and almost no one wanted to accept it.

The hotel guests were tough and had to ask Qiu Xiaoxia to ask for mental damage. Qiu Xiaoxia pretended to have a heart attack under the sign of the hotel manager. Sure enough, the guest panicked when he saw it, so he could no longer pursue compensation, and casually agreed to the compensation plan proposed by the manager, and then left with a bag.

As the hotel announced the expulsion of Wang Shicheng, Qiu Xiaoxia summoned everyone to sign the joint letter. Many colleagues who had been helped by Wang Shicheng pleaded with the manager, but the manager seriously criticized them because of the hotel’s reputation. Qiu Xiaoxia had no choice but to pay the fine for Wang Shicheng first, and the lives of the mother and daughter were even more stretched.

Qiu Dongna was not sure whether she could keep her job, but she was assigned to Gu Fei’s due diligence department when she returned to the company. Qiu Dongna called Gu Fei to confirm that she was assigned to the due diligence department. Originally, Gu Fei did not agree with Qiu Dongna to stay. In the end, Cheng Fanyang personally investigated it clearly and signed the approval letter.

Qiu Dongna understands Gu Fei’s attitude, so she applied for transfer to Cheng Fanyang’s audit department, and after getting Gu Fei’s permission, she went directly to Cheng Fanyang to show her determination, even if she couldn’t prove her ability in a short time, she could show it. She understands the importance of money better than others.

Seeing that Qiu Dongna was full of confidence, Cheng Fanyang promised to give him one day, and then called Gu Fei to talk about it. He couldn’t help but laugh at the abnormality of ovulation-stimulating hormone, so he would inexplicably accompany Qiu Dongna to fool around. When she got off work, Li Chuning saw Qiu Dongna working on the account book in the computer. She was about to take a closer look. How could she have expected Qiu Dongna to turn off the computer immediately.

After get off work, Cheng Fanyang went home and found that Bai Youxin was actually cooking in the kitchen, and at the same time preparing for surprise and reconciliation. Seeing Bai Youxin’s meticulous preparations, Cheng Fanyang lost a lot of anger. However, he was planning to have a child tonight. He didn’t expect that Bai Youxin would find an excuse to return to the company, and Cheng Fanyang was so angry that he thought he was perfunctory.

When Cheng Fanyang returned to the company for the night that night, he happened to see Qiu Dongna’s account book on her desk, which contained all her income and expenditure records from childhood. Through this account book, Qiu Dongna expressed that she loves money so much that she can’t tolerate any flaws in the figures on the account, so compared to others, she has a sense of accomplishment in her work.

The next morning, Qiu Dongna received a rejection email from Cheng Fanyang, and stated that the information in the ledger did not match. Seeing the content of the email, Qiu Dongna hurried to find Cheng Fanyang, only to see her haggardness in the office overnight and the mess in the office. Cheng Fanyang devotes all her energy to the workplace and has no time to care about some financial fans. The information she understands only depends on real-time inquiries, and it is determined that Qiu Dongna’s accounts are problematic.

Qiu Dongna could not refute Cheng Fanyang’s remarks, and the only way was to take her to experience life. At first, Cheng Fanyang refused Qiu Dongna’s request, but suddenly received a text message from Bai Youxin, which forced her to change her mind and agreed to accept Qiu Dongna’s arrangement to avoid confronting Bai Youxin.

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