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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 14 Recap

Through previous investigations, Cheng Fanyang restored Qiu Dongna’s thinking and finally understood where this compassion came from, and at the same time proved that she did not accept bribes in this matter. Although Gu Fei knew the truth, he still didn’t accept Qiu Dongna’s continued stay in the office. On the contrary, Cheng Fanyang felt that Gu Fei’s reason for this was actually more proof of his selfishness towards Qiu Dongna.

The owner of the community thanked Qiu Dongna. Although she was pleased, she was also worried about her work. Chen Jinfeng and Yang Yunyun knew that Cheng Fanyang would not be held accountable, so they had no other opinion, but Gu Fei took a regular vacation after the project ended, lacking his voting decision.

In order to be able to obtain Gu Fei’s forgiveness, Qiu Dongna had to bite the bullet and go to his house to squat guard, and she couldn’t wait for Gu Fei’s appearance until the evening. The security guard found Qiu Dongna’s suspicious behavior and took her to the security room for questioning. Qiu Dongna quickly took out her business card and work photo to prove that she was an extraordinary employee, because she had important business, she had to stop her boss.

Because the security guard also has a son who has just graduated from work, he sympathizes with Qiu Dongna and hints that she will go to the rooftop to find Gu Fei. Sure enough, just as the security guard expected, Gu Fei had been on the roof for a day and a night, with a chair next to him and an old walkman in his hand. Qiu Dongna begged Gu Fei to allow herself to stay and continue to work, but Gu Fei believed that Qiu Dongna had touched the bottom line. After all, in his eyes, the certified public accountant was a ruler and could not be shaken for any reason.

However, Qiu Dongna didn’t realize the seriousness of the problem, but felt that the main reason for Gu Fei’s anger was nothing more than her comparing Wang Shicheng’s things. Seeing Qiu Dongna’s stubbornness, Gu Fei simply took her to the open-air bar to have a clear chat. By the way, he pointed to a parking security guard and told him that he was the boss of the factory park.

Due to the factory’s accounting problems, Gu Fei was still working at Yinxin. Even if President Qin knelt down to beg him, he still kept the bottom line and did not promise to make false accounts for the other party. Gu Fei used President Qin’s affairs to show his true position, and then called Qiu Dongna a car to take her home. After Qiu Dongna left, Cheng Fanyang took the initiative to call Gu Fei and said that he had decided to follow Qiu Dongna’s self-punishment method of reducing her salary by half and let her stay.

After returning home, Qiu Dongna began to reflect, and even felt more and more that she had done too much, wishing to find a place to sew in. Qiu Xiaoxia comforted her daughter to face the punishment calmly, but the next morning, when she was about to get up and call Qiu Dongna to go to work, she found that she had already left.

At this moment, the colleagues in the office knew that Qiu Dongna had made a big mistake, and Li Chuning couldn’t help but sneer. He didn’t expect that the other party would not answer back, but pack up his things and prepare to leave. Coincidentally at this time, Min Li from the Personnel Department issued an access control card to everyone. Qiu Dongna considered that she would be fired sooner or later, so she did not pick it up. However, Min Li said that Cheng Fanyang did not issue a notice of her dismissal with the Personnel Department.

Seeing her own name on the list, Qiu Dongna was very happy, and hurriedly took away her badge and access card, but forgot to notify Qiu Xiaoxia. It was precisely because she did not receive her daughter’s call that Qiu Xiaoxia was upset and accidentally knocked over the client’s cream.

The guests quarreled and asked Qiu Xiaoxia to pay three thousand three thousand, and she was not even allowed to verify the price of the cream herself. Qiu Xiaoxia felt that she was deceiving too much, so she quarreled with the other party. Wang Shicheng came forward to reconcile her. When she saw that the client wanted to call the police, he snatched the phone on impulse.

With the arrival of the police, Qiu Xiaoxia wanted to admit that she was unlucky and compensate, but she did not expect that the police registered Wang Shicheng’s fake ID card and found out that there was a problem with his information. Facing the police’s question, Wang Shicheng leaked his real name. When Qiu Dongna learned that Qiu Xiaoxia and Wang Shicheng were at the police station, she immediately asked for leave from the personnel department, and immediately went to Gu Fei for help.

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