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Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 13 Recap

In order to defeat Xu Guanghan, Guan Qianya prepared to expose the secret garden to the media, so she sneaked into the secret garden from the secret road to take pictures. Guan Qianya first took pictures of the living room. People’s room began to take pictures. After taking pictures of the room, she found the four-person gym and took pictures of them working out.

Jiang Coke brought wine to Lu Xiao and the four of them as agreed, and Guan Qianya hid and took pictures, thinking that Jiang Coke’s work was to accompany him. After drinking for a while, Lu Xiao and the others were drunk. Jiang Coke helped Lu Xiao back to the room, and even talked to him while he was drunk, asking him if he had run out.

Lu Xiao was drunk and unprepared. Said that he ran out once, Jiang Coke asked him again what he did when he ran out. Lu Xiao said that he went out to meet her. Jiang Coke was a little confused and wanted to continue to ask, but Lu Xiao was already asleep, Jiang Coke turned up and placed Lu Xiao in front of him. On the bedside book, it was found that there was a photo in the book. Jiang Coke remembered the person who was important to Lu Xiao and gave Lu Xiao a teddy bear.

On the other side, Guan Qianya was discovered by Xu Nian. Xu Nian hurriedly pulled Guan Qianya into her room and asked her how she got in. Only then did she know that the secret path that Jiang Kele discovered could lead to the outside world. Xu Nian told Guan Qianya that even though she was in The person interacting with her in the game is a virtual character, but behind the virtual character is the real him.

At this time, Xu Guanghan was teaching Rena, accusing her of telling Fushun her room door password, and told her to change her door quickly, and then reset the password. Rena quickly followed suit, and Xu Guanghan told her. Very disappointed, I decided to set the password by myself this time, not letting Rena know. After Xu Guanghan dealt with the matter, he went to find Lu Xiao and the others, but only Xu Nian, who was not drunk, came out.

Xu Guanghan was very angry when he saw that the people were becoming more and more unruly, and asked what happened to Xu Nian. Xu Nian has not yet. While speaking, Xu Guanghan heard movement in Xu Nian’s room, so he rushed to Xu Nian’s room to check. Xu Nian was a little nervous. At this moment, Jiang Kele jumped out and hugged Xu Guanghan’s thigh to intercede. Xu Guanghan was originally very angry, but remembered Lu Xiao’s emotions.

The data needed Jiang Coke’s help, so he held back his anger and said to forgive Jiang Coke this time, and then turned his head and asked Xu Nian to tell the two drunks that he had been here. Guan Qianya escaped by chance this time, but she hesitated whether to break the news, and decided to go to see Xu Nian again, asking if the things Xu Nian and herself did were instigated by Xu Guanghan.

Jiang Coke was entrusted by Grandma Fushun to the nursing home to take care of Auntie Grace. On her desk, she saw a photo that was exactly the same as Lu Xiao’s hand. She guessed whether Auntie Grace was Lu Xiao’s mother, but Grandma Fushun did not give it. When the answer was given, Jiang Coke decided to ask Lu Xiao to ask, just because Guan Qianya also wanted to find Xu Nian, the two went to the secret garden together.

Jiang Coke told Lu Xiao elegant aunt about cancer, but Lu Xiao was very excited to drive Jiang Coke out. Guan Qianya hadn’t asked Xu Nian yet, but Xu Nian said that she had prepared a surprise for Guan Qianya, and after watching the surprise, she would answer Guan Qianya’s question. She said that Xu Nian took Guan Qianya to a room, danced a song with her, and the song ended.

Guan Qianya asked if Xu Nian approached herself because of Xu Guanghan’s order. Xu Nian said it was at the beginning, but As he got along with Guan Qianya, he began to lose control of himself. He wanted to see Guan Qianya and understand everything about Guan Qianya. He thought he was tempted by Guan Qianya.

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