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Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 12 Recap

Jiang Coke discovered that Guan Qianya wanted to go to the secret garden to see Xu Nian secretly. She knew that Guan Qianya wanted to confirm whether the person interacting with her was really Xu Nian. Jiang Coke wanted to persuade Guan Qianya not to think too much, she played. Xu Nian in the game must be a virtual Xu Nian, but Guan Qianya insisted on confirming, so Jiang Kele agreed to help, and the two went for a drink after speaking.

Jiang Coke came to the secret garden with a hangover all night. Before he even started cleaning, he felt sick and vomited again. Su Lie and Luo Ke did not understand what a hangover was, so they took Jiang Coke to ask. Jiang Coke explained the joy of drinking. The two were very curious, and asked Jiang Coke to bring them wine to drink. Jiang Coke agreed.

After listening to Jiang Coke’s words, Lu Xiao hurriedly returned to the room and picked up his little book and started recording Jiang Coke’s words and deeds. He saw the book saying that honey water can hangover, so he went to the pantry to prepare a water dispenser for Jiang Coke. Jiang Kele was so touched to see that Lu Xiao cared about him so much.

Jiang Kele woke up and sobered up, and remembered Guan Qianya’s request, so he went to Xu Nian’s room to look for him. Xu Nian was thinking about Guan Qianya, Jiang Coke said that he wanted to enter the house to clean, but when he entered the house, he closed the door and locked the door. Lu Xiao was puzzled and didn’t know why Jiang Coke locked the door.

Jiang Coke tricked Lu Xiao into saying that he had a girlfriend who was in line with the ideal type Xu Nian said last time. He asked Xu Nian if he wanted to see him. Xu Nian wanted to refuse, but remembered that Guan Qianya’s best friend was Jiang Coke, so he asked how Jiang Coke was. A girlfriend, Jiang Coke said that he only has one girlfriend, Xu Nian guessed whether it was Guan Qianya, so he agreed to Jiang Coke’s request. Jiang Coke said that he came to Xu Nian at ten in the evening and promised that he would not be discovered. .

In the evening, while the other people were asleep, Jiang Kele prepared to take Xu Nian away from the secret road. The two saw Su Lie who was sleepwalking. After Su Lie left, Lu Xiao came out again in the living room and watched TV. Jiang Kele saw Lu. Will Xiao return to the room for a while, so he went to attract Lu Xiao’s attention, and then told Xu Nian how to go out, and asked Xu Nian to find a chance to leave from the secret road.

Lu Xiao asked why Jiang Coke was secretive with Xu Nianshen today. Jiang Coke asked if Lu Xiao was jealous. Lu Xiao refused to admit that Jiang Coke went to Lu Xiao’s room to get the bear. Lu Xiao was really nervous. , And started chasing Jiang Coke to get the bear back. Jiang Coke almost fell into the pool with his feet slipping. Luckily, Lu Xiao took a hand, but the two kissed unexpectedly.

When Xu Nian saw that Jiang Kele led Lu Xiao away, she went to the secret road to meet Guan Qianya. Guan Qianya asked Xu Nian if he coaxed herself to sleep and danced with her in the game. Although Xu Nian did not admit it, Guan Qianya had guessed. Out is the real Xu Nian interacting with herself in the game, Xu Nian took a few steps and suddenly turned to admit it.

Guan Qianya regained her sanity after getting an affirmative answer. She guessed that Xu Guanghan deliberately let the real Xu Nian interact with her in order to defeat her. Otherwise, Guan Qianya would not be addicted to it at all by relying on virtual characters. Guan Qianya thought about her own affairs, Jiang She didn’t even listen to Coke talking to her.

Grandma Fushun suddenly went to find Xu Guanghan. She set up a table for breakfast but refused to let Xu Guanghan eat. She kept reminding herself how good Xu Guanghan was before. Grandma Fushun asked when Xu Guanghan’s plan could be completed. Xu Guanghan assured her that she could see the light soon.

Guan Qianya called Lisa to the office for inquiries. After some inquiries, Lisa admitted that she changed Guan Qianya’s contact lenses after listening to Rena, but she really didn’t tell anyone that Guan Qianya played the game, and Guan Qianya prepared. Fired Lisa and asked Manager Cui to contact the reporter, saying that he had a big news to break the news.

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