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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 46 Recap

When Sun Lingshu heard Fushui’s words, she retorted first, but Fushui said that it was Sun Lingshu’s last contact with the box of jujube cakes. Sun Lingshu realized that it was the poison from the water, but Fushui said that only two of them were present at the time. If he said that Sun Lingshu had poisoned, then she She couldn’t prove her innocence. She threatened Sun Lingshu with this. Don’t tell the prince about his contact with Yu’s internal servant. Sun Lingshu stayed on the spot and could only let her leave. Double Happiness hid behind the screen and heard everything.

After the cover water left, Double Happiness When she accidentally made a move, Sun Lingshu looked at Double Happiness with a defensive look. Double Happiness was worried that she would be killed. Regardless of Sun Lingshu’s call to himself, she turned around and fled. Sheng Chujun met someone who was chasing Double Happiness. Double Happiness quickly told Sheng Chujun the truth, and Sun Lingshu rushed there. He took away Double Happiness, and told Sheng Chujun that it was Double Happiness that had stolen something with his mouth full of nonsense. Sheng Chujun could have pretended to be foolish, but he was unwilling. He drew his sword and called Fushui to come out.

Fushui killed Sheng Chujun on the spot using Sheng Chujun’s assassination of Sun Lingshu. , Sun Lingshu was a little emotional, and put Sun Lingwei’s peacock hairpin into Sheng Chujun’s hands, and the person covered with water hid Sheng Chujun’s body in the box. Sun Lingshu and Fu Shui made up a lie to deceive the prince. The prince was played around by the two, but he was always a little restless. He wanted to postpone tomorrow’s plan, but Fu Shui said that if he was careless, he would lose everything.

Wang Liang’s attitude towards Lu Yingying was much better. He also said that after he was reused, he would let Lu Yingying enjoy the glory and wealth, but Lu Yingying said that she didn’t care about it. She cared about Liang Wang, her father and brother, and For many people she knew, Lu Yingying hoped that these people would be safe, and King Liang was a little jealous and wanted Lu Yingying to care only about himself. What King Liang didn’t know was that Yan Zifang pretended to do something for him, but stabbed a knife in the back. Yan Zifang wrote a letter asking Ma Haihu to deliver the letter at noon tomorrow, neither early nor late.

The death of the palace lady was reported to the Sixth Bureau as usual. Fu Rou learned that Shuangxi had died, and heard that there was some disturbance in the East Palace last night, so she took people to the East Palace to check it. Sun Lingshu said that she was arrested by Que’er, and Fu Rou asked how Shuangxi died. Sun Lingshu was a little dissatisfied with Fu Rou’s questioning, but Fu Rou said that if the cause of the maid’s death was suspicious, she would submit the file to Cao Nei, the Ministry of Internal Affairs for trial. . Fu Shui called out Sun Lingshu and asked Sun Lingshu to probe Fu Rou’s mouth.

If Fu Rou sees something strange, she will leave Fu Rou and she can’t let Fu Rou inform King Han. Fu Rou saw that the atmosphere in the East Palace was not right. She stabilized her mood, pretended to be calm, and reported to Sun Lingshu about the Gifts and Gifts Bureau. Sun Lingshu became a little impatient when she listened. She wanted to send Fu Rou to leave. Fu Rou was about to leave, the maid of the East Palace. However, Sheng Chujun’s body was found. Seeing that the incident was revealed, the guards of the East Palace stopped Fu Rou and prevented her from leaving.

The noon bell rang, and King Han had the habit of going back to the King’s Mansion for dinner. Sheng Chumu came to pick up King Han and left. On the way back to the mansion, he encountered the ambush set by the Prince. Not King Han, Sheng Chumu captured Chenxin again. Here Yan Zifang also advised Lu Qi not to go to the city gate, saying that the prince was already defeated. He had already written to tell the emperor what the prince had done.

Yan Zifang persuaded Lu Qi to leave Chang’an as soon as possible. Lu Qi didn’t understand why Yan Zifang wanted to help him, Yan Zifang. Said that he wanted Lu Yingying. Lu Qi returned to the Lu Mansion and planned to burn all the letters and leave. Before leaving, he thought of Fu Yin. Fu Tao watched Lu Qi talking with Fu Yin. Lu Qi drew his sword and wanted to kill Fu Yin, and Fu Tao wanted to kill Lu when he saw it. Qi, Fu Yin quickly discouraged Fu Tao secretly, and finally Lu Qi asked Fu Tao to take Fu Yin away.

Yan Zifang went to the Liang Palace again to find Lu Yingying. Yan Zifang said that he had regretted not grasping his happiness at the beginning. He said that he wanted to be with Lu Yingying, and then lied to Lu Yingying that Lu Qi and Sheng Chumu’s army were fighting. Lu Qi lost to Sheng Chumu and saved Lu Qi by herself. If Lu Yingying wants to see Lu Qi, she has to go with him.

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