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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 9 Recap

Weiwei aggressively questioned the company boss, and the boss persuaded her to focus on the overall situation and seek to excuse Fang, who justified the sexual harassment. Weiwei saw that the boss and Fang were always in the same position, and turned around angrily and walked away. Weiwei found her subordinate. The subordinate said that Weiwei’s time was called a vacation. In fact, the job change in exile was a good opportunity for her to reach out and she couldn’t miss it. In order to support the opportunity, Fang Zong will be tight-lipped about things. Weiwei was a little speechless with anger, she had learned a lot from this incident.

Liu Wenjing went to the manager of Red Square. The other party said that the red wine sold by Liu Wenjing was of good quality. He was willing to order 15 more cases every month. Liu Wenjing was so happy from ear to ear. Company colleagues were jealous of Liu Wenjing’s soaring performance, Yin and Yang squeezed her out weirdly, and she walked past them without saying a word.

Huahua wrote a good copy, which was praised by the leader. Huahua said that he had consulted a friend who is proficient in investment for this copywriting. The leader expressed that he wanted to invite this friend to be a consultant for the script. Huahua was surprised.

After Liu Wenjing got off work, she called the teacher Xiaojuan who lived in the company to guide her work. Liu Wenjing’s first order was Xiaojuan’s customer. Liu Wenjing didn’t know about it. But Xiaojuan generously said that she didn’t care, and curiously asked how she had such a powerful network resource. Liu Wenjing is grateful to Xiaojuan for all her guidance and help since she came to the company, and she told Xiaojuan in detail about the causes and consequences of her coming to Shanghai.

The director approached Liu Wenjing and accused her of not doing a good job. Liu Wenjing apologized repeatedly and begged the director not to fire her. Liu Wenjing, who has a low degree of education, can hardly find the next job on which she will make a living. She cherishes her current job opportunities very much. The director asked her to go to the restaurant to talk in the evening, and Liu Wenjing quickly agreed.

After thinking about it, Liu Wenjing felt that the director’s purpose was not pure, so he called Huahua to help save the scene. Huahua was busy planning the event site, and asked Xing Tianming to rescue Liu Wenjing. In order to get Director Xing drunk, Xing Tianming drank several bottles of wine. Liu Wenjing had to send Xing Tianming home to take care of the drunk Xing Tianming. Huahua’s event planning was very successful, and through this, he met the handsome host Liu Xiyan.

After Liu Wenjing woke up, she found that Xing Tianming had fallen out of bed and slept beside her. His face was so close that Liu Wenjing’s heart was beating. The two of them fought a few words, and Liu Wenjing hurriedly took the bag and ran away. The director woke up early in the morning to fill the staff with chicken soup. Liu Wenjing maintained a standard military posture and listened very seriously, but because he drank last night and didn’t have a good rest, he couldn’t help but yawn.

At the reception, Liu Wenjing met Xiaoli and Xiaojuan from the company. Xiaoli ridiculed Liu Wenjing, and Liu Wenjing didn’t care about it. Weiwei recommends people she knows to Liu Wenjing. Among them is Ye Hui, a rich second generation. He seems to have a good eye for Liu Wenjing and takes special care of her business. Liu Wenjing did not want to offend Xiaoli, and recommended all the resources introduced by Weiwei to Xiaoli, but Ye Hui was unwilling. Liu Wenjing had to give up.

Because of Weiwei’s help, Liu Wenjing’s sales performance rushed to the company’s first place. The director praised Liu Wenjing in front of all employees and asked her to express her acceptance speech. Liu Wenjing was unwell and her face was very pale. She fainted without saying a few words, and everyone hurried up to help her.

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