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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 7 Recap

Professor Luan was sitting on the sofa and reading the newspaper. Liu Wenjing advised him to combine work and rest and not to forget the time when he got up to work. Professor Luan smiled and chatted with Liu Wenjing. During the conversation, Xing Tianming’s childhood was reached, and the two laughed.

Yan Liangkun’s mother told Yan Liangkun about her encounter with Liu Wenjing in the community, and she suspected that Liu Wenjing was on two boats. Yan Liangkun called the company where Liu Wenjing had worked at the front desk, and was told that the company had no such person. The seeds of suspicion were quietly planted in Yan Liangkun’s heart.

In order to repair the father-son relationship between Professor Luan and Xing Tianming, Liu Wenjing asked Xing Tianming to accompany her to fly a kite. After Xing Tianming arrived, she found that Professor Luan was also there, and went away regardless of Liu Wenjing’s retention.

Weiwei and Huahua go shopping together. Weiwei cares about the situation between Huahua and her boyfriend and persuades her to move, but Huahua lists a series of moving costs, mocking Miss Weiwei for not knowing the suffering of the people. Weiwei looked calm, but still invited Huahua to live in her own home, but Huahua refused.

Xing Tianming drank lonely at home to relieve the sadness in his heart. He remembered the warm words of Liu Wenjing persuading him, and his heart was a little moved, and his frozen heart showed signs of disintegration.

Yan Liangkun asked Liu Wenjing on the side of the reason why he appeared in the community yesterday. Liu Wenjing covered it up, and Yan Liangkun felt unhappy. Huahua took all the gifts Li Zhe had given her, and Juedi completely broke with him.

Yan Liangkun came to the bar to relax his sorrows by drinking. He felt that Liu Wenjing was no longer the Liu Wenjing in his mind, and she even concealed her real work from him. Xing Tianming comforted Yan Liangkun and advised him not to think wildly. Although he knew Liu Wenjing’s real work, it was related to the relationship between Yan Liu and Liu, and he couldn’t get involved.

Mother Yan followed Liu Wenjing to the community where she worked, trying to find out her secret lover, and finally caught Liu Wenjing when she was out to take out the trash. She mistakenly thought that Liu Wenjing’s “lover” was Professor Luan, and rushed into Professor Luan’s house to talk to Liu Wenjing. Yan Liangkun hurried to Professor Luan’s house after receiving the call from his mother, and Xing Tianming also went with him. The misunderstandings were finally resolved between the few people, and Yan’s mother found that Liu Wenjing had actually used a fake identity to lie to herself, and she fainted with anger. Several people hurriedly took Yan’s mother to the hospital.

His girlfriend’s deliberate concealment, mother’s sudden illness, and friend’s concealment without reporting, made Yan Liangkun’s mood extremely complicated at this moment. He didn’t want to see anyone, Xing Tianming and Liu Wenjing had to walk away in silence.

Liu Wenjing went to Huahua and cried. She thought she had caused Yan Liangkun too much trouble. Huahua persuaded her not to think too much. She believed that if you love someone, you will give with all your heart, regardless of gain or loss. Yan Liangkun helped her solve all kinds of troubles, precisely because of his love for her.

Yan Liangkun takes care of her mother in the hospital. Her mother threatens her health and threatens Yan Liangkun to go back to her hometown with her. Yan Liangkun is in a dilemma. Liu Wenjing and Yan Liangkun met at the cafe they had dated together. Yan Liangkun made a difficult breakup. Liu Wenjing was very sad and wept injured in the cafe. Fang Zong, who has a cooperative relationship with Weiwei, suspected of sexually harassing the interns, but the subordinate who knew the situation chose not to report it, and Weiwei shook a fist solemnly.

Liu Wenjing asked Professor Luan to resign after breaking up with Yan Liangkun. She wanted to find a full-time job. Weiwei and Qiao Haifeng talked about this matter in the cafe, thinking that girls should bravely protect themselves and don’t worry too much. But Qiao Haifeng disagreed with her theory. He took the case of Yan Liangkun and Liu Wenjing as an example and told Weiwei that Yan Liangkun brought her mother to Shanghai to pay back her bag money, which eventually led to a breakup with Liu Wenjing. He believes that girls with average family backgrounds always have lasting difficulties. Weiwei was shocked when she learned of the reason why Yan Liangkun broke up.

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