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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 6 Recap

After Huahua ran out of the house, Li Zhe chased him out and coaxed Huahua into a divorce. He begged Huahua to give herself some time. Huahua moved a little bit, and she couldn’t forget the love between Li Zhe and her. When Huahua returned home, she looked upset. She couldn’t hear her parents’ encouragement, and she was still complaining about why her parents embarrassed herself on the show. Dad couldn’t stand the vanity of Huahua, and was angry that his daughter was too poor and loved the rich, and his mother was also very helpless.

Liu Wenjing came to Huahua and cried that she had not exchanged Weiwei’s bag. Huahua believed in Liu Wenjing’s character and persuaded her to explain clearly to Weiwei. Liu Wenjing plucked up the courage to find Weiwei, but Weiwei had already determined that Liu Wenjing had taken the bag, so she couldn’t believe how Liu Wenjing explained.

Yan Liangkun borrowed 100,000 yuan from his mother to fill this loophole. Liu Wenjing came out of Weiwei’s house in despair. There was a pouring rain from the sky. Liu Wenjing was holding her bag and she was soaked. She was aggrieved and in agony. She didn’t know how to solve this misunderstanding. Yan Liangkun came out in the rain to find Liu Wenjing. He hugged Liu Wenjing who was desperate and comforted his beloved girl. Liu Wenjing suddenly remembered that Bao had fallen in the bathroom, and wanted to rush to Weiwei’s house to explain to her, but Yan Liangkun was stopped by Yan Liangkun. When Liu Wenjing came home, the more she thought about it, the more she felt something was wrong, and she lay down on the sofa languidly, tears gurgling down her eyes.

A report written by Qiao Haifeng in the disaster area won the award, and he came to the stage to accept the award vigorously. Yan Liangkun received a call from his mother to inform him that he would go to Shanghai two days later, and hurriedly asked Huahua to help Liu Wenjing build a persona that his mother would like. Liu Wenjing reluctantly agreed to Yan Liangkun’s request.

Huahua teaches Liu Wenjing etiquette, the process is funny and humorous. Weiwei’s work was blocked, she questioned the staff in charge, the staff would only apologize, and there was no way to solve the problem, Weiwei was a little bit distressed.

Xing Tianming went to his father’s house to dine and met Liu Wenjing, who worked as a babysitter at his father’s house. Liu Wenjing looked embarrassed and her eyes were dodging. She told Xing Tianming about her job loss and begged Xing Tianming not to tell Yan Liangkun that she was now a babysitter. Xing Tianming told her that she was making money from her own labor, which was nothing shameful. Let her be calmer again, don’t be embarrassed. The two looked at each other and laughed, and for a while, the family was happy.

Huahua and Qiao Haifeng went to the movies together. Qiao Haifeng was brewing to pursue Huahua, and both of them were very relaxed and happy. Unexpectedly, I met Li Zhe and his lover Qingqing, me and me, and the atmosphere has undergone a subtle change. The movie is very funny. Qiao Haifeng is in a good mood and can’t help laughing, but Huahua looks at Li Zhe angrily, feeling resentful.

Liu Wenjing went to the supermarket to buy groceries, and had a conflict with an aunt because of the line. After returning home, Yan Liangkun told Liu Wenjing that his mother had arrived home. Unexpectedly, it was the aunt who met in the supermarket. Both were very embarrassed. Yan Liangkun’s mother was eager to know Liu Wenjing’s family situation and kept questioning. Yan Liangkun was afraid of revealing the stuffing, and quickly pulled Liu Wenjing out to drink with Qiao Haifeng and the others. Huahua was so drunk that Liu Wenjing drank a lot to accompany her.

After waking up the next day, Huahua chatted with Liu Wenjing. Liu Wenjing told Huahua that Weiwei’s bag had left her sight. Yan Liangkun’s mother went out to see the room and ran into Liu Wenjing, who was working nearby, and she became suspicious. Professor Luan quarreled with Xing Tianming on his birthday because of work. The two refused to give in to each other, and Xing Tianming left the scene angrily. Liu Wenjing pulled Xing Tianming from letting him go, trying to ease the father-son relationship between them, but Xing Tianming coldly refused.

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