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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 5 Recap

Liu Wenjing was taken to a reception by Weiwei. The top of the cocktail was dazzled by the fragrant sideburns. Charlie, Vivi’s suitor, leaned forward and offered sweet words to Vivi. Weiwei walked away when something happened, and asked Charlie to greet Liu Wenjing. Charlie wanted to have a drink with Liu Wenjing. Liu Wenjing didn’t know how to drink and refused him. Xing Tianming just saw Charlie holding a wine glass about to have a drink with Liu Wenjing, and hurried over to help Liu Wenjing relieve him.

Liu Wenjing went to the bathroom and came out, and found that she had forgotten to take the brand-name bag borrowed from Weiwei, and went back to get it. Fortunately, it was not lost. Liu Wenjing breathed a sigh of relief. A woman at the reception borrowed Liu Wenjing’s bag to watch, but found that her bag was a fake one. Liu Wenjing walked away awkwardly. When Weiwei came to find Liu Wenjing, she found that she had already gone far.

Huahua’s boyfriend asked her out to meet. Huahua couldn’t resist her boyfriend’s sugar-coated cannonballs, so she half-pushed and half-situated. Liu Wenjing’s cooking was appreciated by the hostess, and she was very happy. She didn’t know that the host was Xing Tianming’s father.

Hua Hua went to the restaurant scheduled with her boyfriend, and happened to meet Xing Tianming, and the two greeted happily. Unexpectedly, it was not her boyfriend Li Zhe who came to the appointment, but his wife. When the scene was embarrassing, Xing Tianming came out to save the scene. Huahua now confirmed that Li Zhe was really a married man, and leaned on Xing Tianming’s shoulder and cried aggrievedly.

Xing Tianming took Huahua and Yan Liangkun to drink together at the bar. Yan Liangkun asked Liu Wenjing and Weiwei Huahua why they were unhappy for several days after they went out together. Huahua helped her and asked Yan Liangkun to give Liu Wenjing a gift to please her.

Yan Liangkun followed Huahua’s suggestion and gave Liu Wenjing a large bouquet of flowers and a delicately packaged gift early the next morning. It turned out to be the one hundred day anniversary of the two of them. Liu Wenjing accepted it moved, and blamed herself for not preparing a gift for Yan Liangkun, and Yan Liangkun comforted her heartily. He put Liu Wenjing, who turned to arranging flowers, in his arms, and couldn’t help but kissed Liu Wenjing. Unexpectedly, Liu Wenjing conditioned him to slap him in the face, and both of them were a little dumbfounded. Liu Wenjing ran into the room embarrassedly, Yan Liangkun covered her face, his expression gradually stretched, until the corners of his eyes and brows burst into inexplicable smiles.

Liu Wenjing’s excellent memory surprised the hostess. At this time, the hostess, Xing Tianming’s father, came out and sincerely praised Liu Wenjing’s cleverness and ease of learning, and promised Liu Wenjing that he could browse all the books in his study except the files on the desk. Liu Wenjing thanked him again and again and was very happy.

Huahua was asked to write a soft article about blind dates, but saw her mother in the blind date corner of the park. Since Huahua broke up, her mother has come here to help find a suitable son-in-law Chenglong Kuaishou for her daughter. Huahua felt very embarrassed and dragged her mother away softly.

Weiwei and Yan Liangkun played tennis and told Yan Liangkun that Liu Wenjing had borrowed his brand-name bag and returned a fake bag, and his real bag was worth 200,000 yuan. Yan Liangkun felt that Weiwei had wronged Liu Wenjing, and felt that the price of 200,000 yuan was too much for him, so he left angrily. Both Xing Tianming and Qiao Haifeng believed in Liu Wenjing’s character, and they were certain that she would never do things like changing packages.

The hostess gave Liu Wenjing a box of hairy crabs. Liu Wenjing did not tell Yan Liangkun the true source of the hairy crabs out of face. This only aggravated Yan Liangkun’s suspicion. Huahuahui came to the house and found that the designer of the old house renovation turned out to be her ex-boyfriend, and ran out of the house in anger.

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