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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 10 Recap

Liu Wenjing woke up from the hospital and was very moved to see Huahua guarding by the bed. Huahua blamed herself for not finding out that Liu Wenjing was ill earlier, which caused her to faint and be sent to the hospital by her colleagues for emergency treatment. Xing Tianming came in carrying a pot of porridge. He was especially gentle with Liu Wenjing who was ill, his eyes were watery, and he personally fed Liu Wenjing to the porridge, and Liu Wenjing was not allowed to refuse. Liu Wenjing had no choice but to accept it sweetly.

It took Liu Wenjing to accompany her for the night. She was more than an hour late for work and missed an important negotiation. The leader fired her with anger. After spending half a year at work, I have always been very unhappy, and I have to write film reviews and publicity for the bad films released by the company against my intentions, and I have long been mad at me. She packed her things quickly, and left in indignation.

Liu Wenjing stole the popcorn given by Huahua and was discovered by Xing Tianming. He calmly confiscated her popcorn. Liu Wenjing asked Xing Tianming about the college entrance examination, and Xing Tianming told her that entrance examination was more difficult than she thought. But Liu Wenjing made up his mind to take the test, and Xing Tianming was moved.

The director wanted Liu Wenjing to unspoken rules, and ended up in failure, so he expelled her on the grounds that Liu Wenjing’s performance was unknown. Xiaojuan came out to send her off, smiling very kindly, but Liu Wenjing’s face was cold. Xiaoli ran out to send Liu Wenjing on the grounds of sending a book, telling her that Xiaojuan was spreading her rumors in the company, which caused the director to fire her. Unexpectedly, Liu Wenjing knew it a long time ago. She had long inferred from the director’s words that Xiaojuan had contributed to her resignation. Xiaoli was very surprised and looked at Liu Wenjing dumbfounded. Liu Wenjing didn’t want to say much, picked up her luggage and left silently.

Hua Hua took Liu Wenjing to ask Xing Tianming to help them with these two unemployed vagrants. Xing Tianming suggested that they open an online shop, and he very much supports Liu Wenjing’s idea of ​​taking college entrance examinations. He suggested that she take the liberal arts and sciences finance department, Liu Wenjing’s vague future See a bright light.

Liu Wenjing applied for a sales position and impressed the boss with his generous demeanor and outstanding eloquence. The boss appreciated Liu Wenjing very much and paid her a considerable salary. She got her second official career in her life.

Huahua intends to create romance novels at home. She asked Liu Wenjing to help herself see how she wrote. After reading it, Liu Wenjing admired her and praised Huahua in full bloom. Liu Wenjing softly let Huahua be her language teacher and paid for helping Huahua with housework. Seeing Liu Wenjing’s sincerity, Huahua agreed to her. The two also planned to open an online shop in partnership. Liu Wenjing told Huahua that she would bring her company’s red wine to the online shop when the time came. Huahua admired Liu Wenjing’s agility in thinking.

Qiao Haifeng’s choice of topic was killed, and he was very depressed. His colleagues advised him to build a good relationship with the leaders and widen the way for his work. The high-minded Qiao Haifeng rejected the suggestions of his colleagues.

Liu Wenjing bought a box of books to prepare for the college entrance examination in June. She is going to apply for a college entrance examination sprint class, but the tuition is too expensive for her to afford. Liu Wenjing thought of a way. She pretended to be a cleaning worker and rubbed the class at the door of the classroom. A girl in the classroom was absent from class. Liu Wenjing pretended to be her aunt to go to the class, but was broken by the teacher on the spot. Liu Wenjing, who was watched by everyone, stood awkwardly in place, not knowing what to do.

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