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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 11 Recap

Gu Renqi was happy to see that Shuangjiao came, but if he was forced to be calm, if Shuangjiao wanted to disinfect, it was Shuangjiao who proposed to put things in the room first. Gu Renqi immediately handed over a cup of water and told Shuangjiao to drink first. Let’s talk about the water after taking a break. Gu Ren swallowed as if Shuangjiao was drinking water.

Gu Renqi saw that Shuangjiao had brought too few clothes and felt uncomfortable, and understood that she had no intention of staying here, so she also told Shuangjiao that she might live there. Gu Renqi took Shuangjiao to familiarize himself with the working environment, and he also specially told what things need to be disinfected how many times.

Of course, he did not forget to remind Shuangjiao that the clothes worn by Shuangjiao were not suitable, and specially prepared a set of home for Shuangjiao. The clothes, the size is actually right, it is both arrogant and surprised at the same time that Gu people are happy to blossom.

It was Junjie who had always liked Zhu Yan but was rejected by Zhu Yan. Lu Xian was surrounded by beauties. Although it was just a client at work, Junjie admired him and couldn’t help asking Lu Xian how to get a woman’s heart.

Gu Renqi went online in his room and wanted to search for how to confirm whether the other party liked his tricks, and according to the content of the tricks, he found Shuangjiao and put his mobile phone in the kitchen to remind Shuangjiao not to forget to look at the phone. When Shuangjiao was cutting vegetables, his spicy eyes bounced back and forth. Gu Renqi hurriedly stepped forward to help wipe it. It was Shuangjiao’s uncomfortable hands swinging back and forth, knocking over the petals on the table, and a shower of petals fell on their heads.

The two eyes facing each other also reminded Gu Renqi of the test trick. If the girl keeps staring at him, she loves him, but if she sees something dirty on his face, it’s the opposite. The beginning was beautiful, but the ending disappointed Gu Renqi. It was Shuangjiao who explained that seeing the petals on Gu Renqi’s face, he wanted to reach out and take it. Gu Renqi suddenly felt disappointed and turned away.

It is strange to be Shuangjiao. Obviously Gu Renqi is no longer as harsh as before. He always looks at Shuangjiao with a cup of water without drinking. It is Shuangjiao who suspects that Gu Renqi likes him. It was Shuangjiao who called Zhu Yan to ask. Zhu Yan worried that those were just Gu Renqi’s methods, so that Shuangjiao didn’t need to be too concerned.

It was Junjie and Zhu Yan who went to the movies with another girl. It was Junjie who took care of the girl and ignored Zhu Yan, and Zhu Yan was so angry that Zhu Yan was crunching her teeth. Zhu Yan was also called her sister or aunt by the girl. Zhu Yan felt that the girl’s skirt was too short, but the girl laughed at Zhu Yan for wearing long trousers, meaning that she was afraid of the cold when she was old, and Zhu Yan’s eyes burst into flames. Here, Junjie couldn’t help laughing when he saw it.

Wang Qianqian and Li Dongxian went to the movies. One movie was finally finished. Wang Qianqian cried when watching the love in the movie. It was rain with pear flowers. Li Dongxian had to comfort Wang Qianqian that everything was fake. Wang Qianqian blamed Li Dongxian for not understanding love, just when Li Dongxian was helpless. Wang Qianqian chuckled again, she also deliberately teased Li Dongxian.

Also after watching the movie, it was Junjie who watched the girl coldly put on her own clothes. It was Junjie who offered to send Zhu Yan back, and the girl was so beautiful that it was Junjie who sent him, so angry that Zhu Yan turned around and left. With Zhu Yan’s departure, Junjie was worried that Lu Xian would be scammed. He did not achieve the desired effect, but seemed to be developing in a bad direction.

Li Dongxian sent Wang Qianqian back to look for Gu Renqi. He happened to see the two arrogant people wearing house clothes after taking a shower in the bathroom. Li Dongxian thought that something had happened between the two, so he ran away in fright, for fear of damage. Good things for others. Li Dongxian’s departure made Gu Renqi and Shuangjiao clear that they were misunderstood. They were so scared that Shuangjiao was stepping back.

As a result, Gu Renqi was pressing harder and harder, and the Shuangjiao had nowhere to go. Back, it was Shuangjiao who could clearly feel Gu Renqi’s breathing and heartbeat. It was Shuangjiao who saw the opportunity to get out of Gu Renqi’s armpit and ran back to the room. Closing the door also speeded up his heartbeat.

That night, it was Shuangjiao who had a dream. In the dream, Gu Renqi explained that he kissed him because he liked her and kissed her affectionately. It was the Shuangjiao and asked whether the Shuangjiao liked him or not. When I answered, I was awakened by the ringing of the phone. It was the call from the hero, and Lu Xian was helping to pack his clothes at the hero’s house, and kept asking whether Shuangjiao was good in Beijing.

It was Shuangjiao who watched the weather was clear and claimed to go out to play, and hung up the phone in a hurry. However, the subsequent weather forecast reported that the area where Shuangjiao was located was raining continuously. Lu Xian had doubts in his heart and went to the Colin Supreme Company to ask. It was Shuangjiao’s resignation, and he went directly to Gu Renqi’s home to see Shuangjiao.

It was Shuangjiaosheng who was afraid that his father would know that he would not agree with her to work here to conceal his father. It was Shuangjiao who hoped that Lu Xian could help conceal his father. Lu Xian promised to help but asked to stay. The reason used to be Gu Renqi’s psychological counselor. The reason is that Shuangjiao wants to stay even more, and the cooperation of the two can better make Gu Renqi recover. Gu Renqi thought that he was normal and didn’t need a psychological counselor. Lu Xian simply asked for a test. Shuangjiao was responsible for correcting and deducting points.

As a result, Gu Renqi was deducted points, proving that he did not recover. It is Shuangjiao who knows that although Gu Renqi takes less baths every day, he still has twice a day. At the same time, he will secretly organize before going to bed Clean up the past room again, and the disinfectant will be sprayed frequently. It was Shuangjiao who believed that Gu Renqi really should be treated, and Gu Renqi promised to give Lu Xian a week for Gu Renqi to do desensitization exercises.

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