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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 29 Recap

Earlier, Xiao Jinli discovered that more than 20 soldiers in the army had been out of the camp to purchase. In fact, he was ordered by Wu Chen. This coincided with the number of people who went to the Assassin’s Palace for fire prevention. But Wu Chen, the secretary of the quartermaster, does not have the right to transfer troops, so there must be someone with great power in the army to manipulate this matter.

Xiao Jinyu said that there was another group of people who hijacked Xu Rugui that day, and their intention was obviously to capture Xu Rugui alive, and that someone in the army did indeed take a team out. But Wu Chen does not have any military power to speak of, so in comparison, Xiao Jinyu believes that there are people with greater military power behind Wu Chen. Chu Chu asked if it was Leng Peishan, but Xiao Jinyu did not dare to answer rashly.

At this time, Xiao Jinli came to report, and he said that he had found Hou Bin leading the troops out. Then the two were about to go to Hou Bin’s residence, but as soon as they arrived at the door, Hou Bin suddenly went crazy and stabbed himself to death. When Chu Chu and others entered the battalion commander, Hou Bin had died. Chu Chu needs an autopsy as soon as possible, because Hou Bin’s wound is serious, and the evidence may disappear after a while.

Because Chu Chu needed an autopsy, Hou Bin’s men strongly opposed it. Leng Peishan came in and rebuked everyone, not allowing anyone to stop him, and sent two Chu Chu to an autopsy. Xiao Jinli felt self-blame for Hou Bin’s suicide, and said that if Hou Bin had just come faster, maybe Hou Bin would not die.

Xiao Jinli picked up an arrow in Hou Bin’s barracks and claimed that this was when he first entered the barracks. Hou Bin shot the arrow in order to protect himself. Xiao Jinli wanted to take one of them, but Hou Bin Bin stayed, just to alert Xiao Jinli. Xiao Jinyu was curious to shout at the child when Hou Bin died just now. Xiao Jinli explained that because Hou Bin once had a loving wife and died in childbirth, this has always been the knot of Hou Bin’s heart.

While Xiao Jinyu was comforting Xiao Jinli, she suddenly found the jar Hou Bin was using to raise dung beetles. He smelled it and found it to be a bit strange. As a result, he learned that Hou Bin had malignant sores. Most soldiers in the military camp used this earthenware for treatment. It didn’t take long for Chu Chu to experience the corpse. She discovered that Hou Bin, like other corpses, did not seem to feel pain when he committed suicide, and his stomach was also messed up by him.

Because Chu Chu found out about this situation, Xiao Jinyu guessed that those people had malignant sores on their bodies before, and they had all been treated with dung beetles. Although Chu Chu said that he hadn’t seen it clearly, it could be concluded that the deceased had been infected with dung beetles during his lifetime. At the same time, General Leng tied up Leng Yue because he did not want Leng Yue to participate in the chaos of the barracks.

Xiao Jinyu asked whether Leng Peishan had seen Feng Jie, and Leng Peishan said that because he realized that he didn’t have much time, he didn’t want to make a statement, so he told Feng Jie about the matter and asked him to report it to the emperor. I thought that Xue Chengru was here this time, but he didn’t expect that he would have left before coming to the barracks. At this time, Chu Chu found that the moxa sticks used by Leng Peishan was a bit strange, and Leng Yue discovered that the moxa sticks contained cinnabar, which would produce poisonous gas after burning.

And Leng Peishan said that this moxa was given to him by Wu Chen. Sure enough, everyone came to Wu Chen’s room and found that someone had already left the room. Through this incident, Xiao Jinyu confirmed her guess, because the poisoner was Wu Chen, and he would poison it in a dung beetle jar that everyone would use. Han Ji was very dissatisfied with Xiao Jinyu and asked Tang Xuanzong to recall Xiao Jinyu to the palace for punishment, but Tang Xuanzong did not blindly obey, but chose to wait and see the changes.

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