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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 13 Recap

Bai Youxin hugged Cheng Fanyang excitedly and proposed to reconcile. However, Cheng Fanyang clearly pointed out his true inner thoughts. After all, he has everything now, including his son Bai Chushi, her and the office. If one rashly appears A new life, I am afraid it will break the peace that has been for a long time. Bai Youxin did not deny this, but hoped that Cheng Fanyang would give him some more time, but he was rejected.

Qiu Dongna talked to Ye Jianguo about the construction of the parking lot. He did not leave an invoice because he handled it too sloppily, which made the accounts unclear. At this time, Gu Fei bought two movie tickets for the premiere, and originally invited Qiu Dongna, but Qiu Dongna was not available for the appointment, so she had to go to Wang Shicheng.

Because Ye Jianguo encountered a mess, Qiu Dongna was already in a mess. When Qiu Xiaoxia saw the news about Fan Yan apparel, she couldn’t help complaining about the dividends of the community owners. Hearing what her mother said, Qiu Dongna stopped reporting the idea to Yang Yunyun truthfully, but found the deputy director of the business committee according to the address book and added the other party as a friend, finally understanding the cause and effect.

Because of Qiu Dongna’s momentary compassion, she decided to help Ye Jianguo to fill up the forty-eight thousand shortfalls with meals, and then forged false accounts. Ye Jianguo followed Qiu Dongna’s method. After Yang Yunyun completed the community audit, she suddenly received an anonymous report, but eventually found the problem and hurried to report it to Cheng Fanyang.

Faced with the evidence before her eyes, Qiu Dongna frankly admitted that she did not want to harm the interests of the community, so she made this behavior. She even thought she knew Cheng Fanyang very well, and talked about some inexplicable principles on the spot, and was finally caught Sternly scolded her, accusing her of being cunning but not clever, stupid without knowing it.

Cheng Fanyang refused to sign and asked Yang Yunyun to reorganize the report. Gu Fei was furious when he learned of the incident, and Li Chuning was even more gloating, so he waited to see Qiu Dongna’s jokes. That night, Gu Fei took the initiative to drive Qiu Dongna home, but he didn’t listen to any of her excuses. After a severe criticism, he let her get out of the car.

Qiu Xiaoxia saw her daughter’s face full of unhappiness, and at the same time she was fighting for her. Fortunately, Qiu Dongna is somewhat sane, knowing that what she has done violated the principles of auditing, but Mrs. Ye was a little bit self-blaming when she heard that Qiu Dongna was reported.

The community audit project was completed, and various non-compliance situations were truthfully pointed out. Qiu Dongna was in the post alone, no one arranged work for her, and there was no follow-up result of punishment. Qiu Dongna had nothing to do in the company, and she was a little hairy after waiting, and seeing Zixuan actually submit her resignation made her even more marginalized.

In the end, Qiu Dongna immediately went to Cheng Fanyang’s office, hoping that she would give herself a chance to make corrections and would be willing to cut her salary by half, so that she could stay in the office and continue working. Cheng Fanyang did not expect that Qiu Dongna would take the initiative to apologize, but they have not yet worked out the punishment results, and what Qiu Dongna has done has not caused substantial losses, so the issue of her stay or leave requires three partners to vote together. , So Qiu Dongna was asked to find Gu Fei, Chen Jinfeng and Yang Yunyun.

At the same time, in order to help Qiu Dongna, Mrs. Ye brought the silk banner to the extraordinary accounting firm and praised Qiu Dongna in front of everyone. When Cheng Fanyang saw what Qiu Dongna had said, he couldn’t help feeling a little moved, so he asked someone to help check the specific cost of the parking lot.

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