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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 12 Recap

Because the door lock was maliciously vandalized, the mother and daughter couldn’t enter the house, so they had to call the unlocking company. Unexpectedly, the other party directly asked for 700 yuan. The price was as high as a robbery. The more Qiu Dongna thought about it, the more angry she wanted to go to Mrs. Ye for the theory, but there was no substantive evidence in her hand, and Qiu Xiaoxia’s blockade, she had to call Wang Shicheng for help.

Because Wang Shicheng had no experience, he dialed the video to contact the “lock-opening” expert he had met in prison. Under his professional guidance, he finally opened the door lock with a tool. When Qiu Xiaoxia saw the man appearing on the screen, he seemed to be one of the robbers that he had encountered in the alley before, she suddenly realized that Wang Shicheng quickly explained to her that the two of them were struggling.

Qiu Dongna told Gu Fei of what happened last night, but was ridiculed by Gu Fei, and then told about his experience in Inner Mongolia. Through Gu Fei’s call, Qiu Dongna seemed to have found the answer, so she decided to go for it. At the talk retreat, Yang Yunyun clearly pointed out the interviewee’s conversation items and determined the outline of the conversation. Qiu Dongna voluntarily applied for her to take over the interview, and at the same time provided many effective suggestions.

Although Qiu Dongna was well prepared, what went against her wish, the cleaning of the community, the property and even the security team all avoided talking about it. Yang Yunyun believes that Qiu Dongna may have a problem with her interview skills, but Qiu Dongna has changed her methods and still has no results. I didn’t get anything, on the contrary, it was as if the superior had issued a password to those people, so it was very unsuccessful.

The head of Fan Yan clothing took the initiative to negotiate with Gu Fei, but he didn’t expect Gu Fei to talk about the black-footed cat. The boss didn’t understand the meaning, but he didn’t know that it was related to a year ago. Gu Fei and Qiu Dongna finished their cooperation and witnessed Qiu Dongna feeding the stray cats. At the same time, Qiu Dongna and Yang Yunyun reported to Cheng Fanyang on the progress of the community audit.

When Cheng Fanyang learned that Qiu Dongna had encountered difficulties in the interview, she asked Yang Yunyun to classify her classified interviews to Qiu Dongna, which clearly listed the relevant interview techniques. Gu Fei dismissed it when she saw it, but Qiu Dongna spoke nicely for Cheng Fanyang in front of him, and she gradually felt that Cheng Fanyang was indifferent on the surface, but actually very warm, and belonged to the “perfect personality” and “temperance personality” in the classification table. Convergence, because the fear of making mistakes always makes people feel distanced.

Gu Fei took Qiu Dongna to the Underwater World, where he met Lisa, the assistant secretary of Fan Yan Clothing. He coaxed Lisa to be especially happy by chasing girls, so that he could get the information he wanted. After Lisa left, Qiu Dongna followed Gu Fei’s method and planned to negotiate with the male client, but Gu Fei became jealous with anger.

Back at home, Qiu Dongna took the initiative to approach Aunt Zhao and Aunt Chen who were in charge of cleaning. According to the sweet-smelling skills of taking care of Fei, she smoothly took the information she wanted from them and completed the interview. However, just after finishing a job, trouble ensued. Qiu Dongna used cat-eye monitoring to see Mrs. Ye deliberately throwing garbage at her door. She wanted to go to the police station to call the police, but she was caught by Aunt Chen.

According to Aunt Chen’s explanation, Mrs. Ye was not actually a bad person, mainly because Su Jianghai was holding Ye Jianguo’s money. Qiu Dongna learned about Ye Jianguo’s investment in the parking space in the residential area and gained a new understanding of him, so she took the initiative to visit her, hoping that Ye Jianguo could clarify the details of the parking lot fee.

Since Cheng Fanyang left home, he has not returned for many consecutive days. Bai Youxin took the initiative to ask his son about his plans after graduation, but he didn’t expect that he didn’t care about his future at all, with an indifferent tone. Compared to returning to China to look for a job, Bai Shichu was more reluctant to face the women next to Bai Youxin, but Bai Youxin was very dissatisfied and angrily accused Bai Shichu of respect for Cheng Fanyang.

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