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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 11 Recap

In the Changhe Yayuan property, Yang Yunyun was busy with the work on hand and was preparing to leave, while Qiu Dongna stayed up late and worked overtime. After talking with Yang Yunyun, she realized that Gu Fei would often send other female colleagues home. Protect the safety of employees.

Through this understanding, Qiu Dongna realized how much influence Gu Fei had on her. She could have left work early, but he was used to waiting for Gu Fei to send her home, and she even missed it a little. That night, Qiu Dongna lay on the bed tossing and turning, always thinking about Gu Fei, and simply opened the live broadcast to chat with netizens.

It happened that Gu Fei was also in the live broadcast room, following the trend to ask Qiu Dongna’s sweetheart. Unexpectedly, the signal was suddenly interrupted. Qiu Dongna hadn’t noticed it, patronizing and talking to herself. After Gu Fei switched the network again, he did not expect Qiu Dongna to close the live broadcast. The so-called “sweetheart” made him curious.

At the same time, Cheng Fanyang and Bai Youxin caused a quarrel again because of their children. In fact, Cheng Fanyang only wants to have her own flesh and blood, and she also loves Bai Youxin very much. The two do not conflict, but Bai Youxin is shocked and angered by Cheng Fanyang’s whimsical, even more afraid that he has not prepared a comfortable family environment. To welcome new life.

It was precisely because of Bai Youxin’s unclear response attitude that Cheng Fanyang was extremely disappointed in him, so he slammed the door and left. I wanted to hide in the office to calm down, but I didn’t expect Chen Jinfeng to confess to her. After Cheng Fanyang refused decisively, he could only go to the hotel to open a room, because Qiu Xiaoxia’s enlightenment finally eased a lot of emotions.

Wang Shicheng sent Qiu Xiaoxia to the gate of the community as usual, but his attitude was much colder than before. Qiu Xiaoxia was confused, and she simply stopped him for questioning so as to understand the cause. In the end, Qiu Xiaoxia admitted that she did not live in this community because she was really worried about the murderers who had been in jail.

Facing Qiu Xiaoxia’s doubts, Wang Shicheng was so angry that he couldn’t help but quarrel with her. However, after the quarrel, the two sat calmly on the side of the road, and Wang Shicheng took the initiative to confess what he had experienced in the twelve years. When Wang Shicheng was on his way home, he inadvertently heard a call for help from the bushes on the side of the road. When he approached and took a closer look, he discovered that two men raped a girl.

Seeing this, Wang Shicheng rushed forward desperately. He missed and killed one of the rapists because of legitimate defense. The other ran away and was hit and killed by a car. Since then, Wang Shicheng was sentenced to eight years in prison. He was afraid that his wife would be affected, so he filed for divorce in prison.

After learning about Wang Shicheng’s life-saving deeds, Qiu Xiaoxia finally lost her heart, and she felt more sympathy for him. The next morning, Qiu Xiaoxia specially made steamed buns and brought them to Wang Shicheng. The only grievances left with him disappeared completely, and the relationship between the two gradually improved.

With the start of the community audit project, Qiu Dongna also found many problems. A large number of small transfers were made through the personal account of the property manager, and a few thousand yuan for meals with invoices did not comply with the signing process of the industry committee’s charter. . Yang Yunyun stared at it and shook her head. In her opinion, all kinds of problems were so obvious that they were just following the procedures taught in the book.

Mrs. Ye, who had torn up the documents before, broke into the community office and reluctantly asked the auditors to settle accounts, claiming that Su Jianghai had framed Ye Jianguo. When Yang Yunyun and Qiu Dongna saw Mrs. Ye and were about to ask her why she came, Mrs. Ye directly took the video until Qiu Dongna explained it for a long time. Because of the responsibility of revealing the secret, they reluctantly deleted the video.

After a while, Mrs. Ye went to the landlord to complain and asked him to expel the mother and daughter of the Qiu family. Qiu Dongna knew about the landlord’s acceptance of the house, and immediately explained it to the landlord. After a lot of good things, the landlord changed her mind. Gu Fei transferred Yang Yunyun out to help Qiu Dongna, while he took over Yang Yunyun’s work, and was so busy all day. Wang Shichengyu took out the buns and shared them with Gu Fei. By the way, he informed him of the recent progress of getting along with Qiu Xiaoxia, and the two celebrated with a drink.

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