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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 10 Recap

Qiu Xiaoxia was still in anger, so she deliberately refused to serve her daughter, and she even had some thoughts. Qiu Dongna felt that her mother was too noisy, so she couldn’t help but complain to her about work matters. If she failed to complete the KPI in time, I am afraid that she will have to submit her resume again in the future.

Although Qiu Xiaoxia did not know much about the situation of the extraordinary firm, she still felt distressed when she saw Qiu Dongna’s grievances, so she comforted her to set her goal down like herself, and brought out the ribs she made only from the pot, mother. The women ate dinner happily and harmoniously.

Seeing the second-to-last KPI task completed, Qiu Dongna still has no progress, so based on the artificial intelligence of emerging industries, a simulation of an expansion plan was used to delay the completion of performance indicators. The result report was dismissed on the day when Cheng Fanyang was handed it to Cheng Fanyang, and he was even accused of opportunism.

It was precisely because the last effort was meaningless, and seeing colleagues happily discussing travel, Qiu Dongna realized that she was incompatible with this place, so she started to update her resume to prepare for the future. Unexpectedly, the resume was sent to Weiwei Technology Co., Ltd. It happened that the chief financial officer Asman and Cheng Fanyang were familiar with each other and took the initiative to call Qiu Dongna about her work performance and situation.

Cheng Fanyang found that Qiu Dongna went to other companies for interviews during her tenure, but she was not very angry, but a little disappointed. He didn’t expect Qiu Dongna to give up even the only available tenacity quality. Hearing Cheng Fanyang’s words, Qiu Dongna felt aggrieved, but felt that no matter how hard she tried, Cheng Fanyang’s satisfaction could not be achieved. Moreover, she did not have Li Chuning’s background. At most, she was exposed to whether the property in the audit community was corrupted by the joint owner committee. For the project, it is naturally impossible for platinum mining to fall on her again.

Considering that Qiu Dongna’s protest was not unreasonable, Cheng Fanyang promised to extend her one week to find customers to make up for the lack of resources. Inspired by Qiu Xiaoxia, Qiu Dongna decided to take a day off to investigate the community audit project, and even win over the surrounding uncles and aunts, and successfully joined their WeChat group, trying to collect this as a performance.

However, the community audit is a small project. The extraordinary firm cannot send someone to follow up, and other project managers are unwilling to accept it, which means that Qiu Dongna is doing useless work. After Gu Fei learned about Qiu Dongna’s difficulties, he sent the project manager Yang Yunyun to help. Eventually, the two signed a contract with the community and finally completed the target.

Realizing that Gu Fei played an important role in this matter, Qiu Dongna took the initiative to express her gratitude, but Gu Fei was outspoken and claimed that she was all for Wang Shicheng’s sake. The district audit project was handed over to the Audit Department, which was specifically in charge of Yang Yunyun, and Qiu Dongna became her assistant.

The new employees talked about inviting everyone to dinner. Li Chuning was dissatisfied that Qiu Dongna stayed and chose a more expensive restaurant, trying to get her some blood. At the critical moment, Gu Fei took the initiative to help Qiu Dongna to relieve the siege, thus canceling the big meal. He proposed to raise funds to buy milk tea as a treat in the afternoon, and by the way gave everyone a red envelope.

Qiu Dongna waited for her mother to come home that night, and the mother and daughter planned to celebrate. Qiu Xiaoxia was overjoyed, forgetting to leave her handbag in Wang Shicheng’s car. After Wang Shicheng realized that, he quickly called Qiu Xiaoxia and wanted to take this opportunity to go to her house to ask for a glass of water, but unexpectedly discovered that Qiu Xiaoxia deliberately lied to herself, even her home address was deliberately concealed. Feeling that Wang Shicheng was deceived a little annoyed, and thought that Qiu Xiaoxia had a defensive mentality for herself, so she went to Gu Fei to drink and sorrow.

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