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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 14 Recap

The two Ayus in front of Long Yan kept arguing that he was true. Long Yan wondered why Ayu came to Longyin Tianchi before him. He asked the two of them and asked Ge Xingjun to change back to the original state first. Xue Qianxun also restored his original appearance. It turned out that the two of them were very worried when they saw that Long Yan had been using wine to dissipate their sorrows, and then they became Ayu, ready to comfort Long Yan, but they didn’t want to use the same strategy. Ayu, the two looked at each other uncomfortably, so they fought, and Long Yan looked at the two in front of him with quite a headache.

Ayu saw Xing Xuanyun on the mountain. She wanted to share with Long Yan, so she released fireflies to summon Long Yan. Long Yan mistakenly thought that Ayu was in danger, he hurried over, only to find that Ayu wanted to see Xing Xuan Yun with him. Ayu gave a candy-fried chestnut to Long Yan’s mouth, and Long Yan couldn’t help but remember the scene where Liu Ying had fed him the candy-fried chestnut before.

Seeing that Long Yan’s clothes were torn, Ayu took the initiative to let Long Yan take off his clothes, preparing to sew up the clothes for Long Yan. This time, Long Yan came and got the permission of Long Yan. When she wanted to see Long Yan, she released fireflies. The relationship between the two became more intimate. Long Yan took the initiative to hold Ayu’s hand while watching the stars together. Yu Tianli leaned on Long Yan’s shoulders.

Ayu is about to embroider a dragon for Long Yan. She hurt her hand because of her imperfect embroidery skills. Long Yan secretly came to Ayu’s side. He freezed for time, stroked Ayu’s wound, and cast a spell on the dragon Appearing on the handkerchief, Ayu who woke up mistakenly thought it was embroidered by herself, and she was very happy in her heart.

Xue Qianxun stayed in the world forever, Qingqing was a little dissatisfied that Xue Qianxun had collected her spells and kept making tea by her side. Xueqian searched as Qingqing wanted, he returned the Qingqing spell, but found that Qingqing’s spell seal had been modified, and even he couldn’t modify Qingqing’s mana. After Qingqing heard this, her heart was very sad. At night, after Long Yan came back, Xue Qian found out that Long Yan had changed Qingqing’s spell seal period.

However, Xue Qian found a way to solve the seal under Long Yan. He couldn’t solve it, and everything needed to start all over again. It also means that Qingqing will be sealed for another ninety-nine years, and Xue Qianxun is angry because of this. He started with Long Yan, especially when Long Yan said that he is willing to protect Qingqing for the next ninety-nine years, and Xue Qianxun is even more so. He was jealous and had a big fight with Long Yan in the room.

Qingqing came to look for Long Yan. She saw the scene where the two were getting close due to the fight, and she couldn’t help being embarrassed, so she closed the door and let the two continue. The two were badly injured, and they were unable to wipe the wounds on their backs. Long Yan suggested applying the medicine to each other.

Xue Qian asked to respond. He helped Long Yan apply the medicine, but Long Yan returned to Long Yin after he finished applying the medicine. Tianchi bathes and changes clothes, ignoring Xueqian to find. Longyin Tianchi has healing effects. Xueqianxun soaks in the pool with Longyan. Longyan grants Xueqian the skill to find love, so that Xueqianxun should not be a pavilion master, but as a man. Qingqing get along.

Liu Yuxiang sent a bald head to kill Ayu, and she hated Ayu deeply. On this day, Ayu was picking flowers in the forest. She felt that she had been having a headache in recent days, and her bald head secretly kidnapped Ayu and threw Ayu on the carriage. After Ayu woke up, she wanted to turn on the firefly to summon Long Yan, but her bald head stunned Ayu.

He took Ayu’s firefly and opened the bottle cap with curiosity. Long Yan received the call, and he appeared in front of Ayu to heal Ayu’s injuries. Seeing that Ayu is in danger, he questioned his bald head and taught Ayu his bald head. Afterwards, Long Yan returned to the room with Ayu in his arms. Ayu was very happy when she learned that she was saved by Long Yan, but she had been very weak for some reason recently.

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