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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 13 Recap

Xueqianxun put on a beautiful makeup for Qingqing, and Qingqing was overjoyed and went to the streets with Xueqianxun to watch the dragon boat. On the street, Ayu was selling flowers, and her bald head came to make things difficult for Ayu. Ayu simply threw the bald-headed most fearful caterpillar on him. At this time, Long Yan, who was passing by, also assisted him. He was ready to buy Ayu’s flowers. Seeing the person in front of him, Ayu recognized with a hazy impression that he was the brother Yuchi who had saved him that day, and Long Yan also confessed and took Ayu to the city wall to watch the fireworks.

Ayu’s joy fell in Long Yan’s eyes. Long Yan couldn’t help but think of Liu Ying’s previous bit by bit. The corners of his mouth rose, while Ayu took Long Yan to see the words she and Zhiyong had engraved on the wall when she was a child, Long Yan. Obviously jealous and angry, he secretly brushed away the words that Zhiyong had engraved, and told Ayu to come to the wall with him in the future.

On the way home, Long Yan gave Ayu a bottle of sparkling fire worms. In the future, as long as Ayu releases sparkling fire worms, he will come to Ayu’s side. Ayu was very happy after accepting the firefly, and she kept thinking of Long Yan in her mind. On the other side, Long Yan was carefully preparing to meet Ayu.

He kept changing clothes, wondering what kind of face he wanted to appear in front of Ayu. At this moment, Xue Qianxun appeared in front of Long Yan. Although he came to find Qingqing, he still witnessed the scene of Long Yan dressing up. He kindly gave Long Yan advice. Dressing is not the key point. Women in the world love gifts. . Hearing this, Long Yan prepared a lot of gifts for Ayu, but they were rejected one by one by Xue Qianxun. Long Yan couldn’t help but poked his lips, thinking that Xue Qianxun was jealous that he was going further with Ayu now.

Long Yan has been protecting Ayu secretly. He was very nervous when he saw Ayu being treated by Liu Yuxiang and the bald-headed Diao Na. However, Ayu solved the difficulties of the two by himself. The grandson of the grandmother did not eat her fish. Diarrhea, instead of eating croton, and this is a play performed by Dr. Jia that Bald and Liu Yuxiang bought. Now it is seen through by Ayu. Ayu saved the grandson of grandmother’s grandson and won the praise of everyone. Liu Yuxiang followed Bald. The others fled dingy.

Ayu pulls Qingqing and wants to ask Qingqing for embroidering skills. She wants to embroider a dragon. Qingqing is very happy and thinks that Ayu also has dragon flames in her heart. At this time, Ayu discovered Qingqing’s sachet. Qingqing asked about the meaning of a man giving a woman’s sachet. Ayu said frankly that it was naturally like it. Qingqing was surprised, almost impossible.

When Long Yan returned home, he was discouraged because Liu Ying encountered difficulties and didn’t call him. Xue Qian stayed at home and waited for Qingqing for a day. He did not see Qingqing, but instead saw Long Yan and was very disappointed. The two also used alcohol to relieve their sorrows at home, feeling melancholy at each other.

In Longyin Pond, Long Yan has been using wine to soothe his sorrows because Ayu did not summon, and his heart is distressed. At this time, Ayu suddenly appeared. She stood in front of Long Yan to comfort Long Yan. When Long Yan was in accident, another Ayu Also came over, and the two pointed out that each other was fake.

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