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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 30 Recap

Gu Chuan recalled the decision he made today, and the memories in his mind kept coming up. The two had met each other, and Jiang Xiaoning’s every move affected Gu Chuan’s feelings. Thinking of Jiang Xiaoning’s disappointment, Gu Chuan’s eyes gradually changed. red. Zhao Yan was naturally very angry at Gu Chuan’s decision. Xu Chengran almost begged for mercy, but the alarm on the phone went off again, and Xu Chengran ignored Zhao Yan’s eyes and had to run to Gu Chuan’s home again, watching Gu Chuan collapse. Next to the sofa, Xu Chengran hurriedly placed Gu Chuan in the charging room. Gu Chuan’s persistence made Xu Chengran speechless, but he couldn’t make any rebuttal, so he had to sigh and leave.

As the days passed, Gu Chuan felt that Jiang Xiaoning’s phantom would appear anywhere he looked. Sitting quietly on the sofa, Gu Chuan received a call from Jiang Xiaoning. The ice cream was seriously ill due to the failure of his vital organs. The doctor suggested euthanasia, but Jiang Xiaoning was determined not to Agree, I hope that ice cream can go through this last part of the road. Gu Chuan could not see Jiang Xiaoning’s tears, so he had to agree to discuss with the doctor again and the operation would continue. The two waited at the door.

Gu Chuan watched Jiang Xiaoning fall asleep and put on his coat. When Jiang Xiaoning woke up, he found Gu Chuan had already signed the consent form for euthanasia. Jiang Xiaoning was very frustrated. He kept dialing Gu Chuan’s phone, but he couldn’t get through. Jiang Xiaoning was in the mood like a walking dead. Gu Chuan sent a message and Jiang Xiaoning bounced off the bed and hurried to the cemetery to see the ice cream for the last time.

At the end of the funeral, Jiang Xiaoning verbally resigned to Gu Chuan. Gu Chuan’s indifference eventually hurt Jiang Xiaoning’s feelings. The ice cream incident became the last straw. Jiang Xiaoning finally accepted the reality of the termination of the relationship between the two and turned his back to Gu Chuan. go away.

Gu Chuan recalled last night when the doctor told himself that all the organs of the ice cream were inflamed and the pain was so painful that he nodded in desperation, but the moment the doctor pointed the needle at the ice cream, Gu Chuan stopped the doctor. In the middle of the night, Gu Chuan drove the ice cream to Jiang Xiaoning’s old house. Gu Chuan looked at the running water in front of him and felt painful again when he remembered the farewell between Jiang Xiaoning and himself today.

Xu Chengran watched Gu Chuan lying on the bed, still chanting Jiang Xiaoning’s name, Xu Chengran woke Gu Chuan, Gu Chuan asked Xu Chengran about Jiang Xiaoning’s whereabouts, but Xu Chengran and Zhao Yan had no way of knowing. How to adapt to the days when Jiang Xiaoning was away, Gu Chuan felt confused.

Xu’s father called out Tang Xu and wanted Tang Xu to help him use the branch to launder money. Tang Xu was not satisfied with just being responsible for these trivial matters, and his ability could also make a difference. But Xu’s father just slammed Tang Xu. I hope Tang Xu can find his place…

Zhao Yan came to Jiang Xiaoning’s house to accompany her sad sister. Jiang Xiaoning still hoped that Gu Chuan would contact him when he was sad, but Zhao Yan still remembered Gu Chuan’s cold-blooded performance, but Jiang Xiaoning still believed in Gu Chuan’s personality very much, except In the ice cream incident, Gu Chuan’s actions really disappointed Jiang Xiaoning. Zhao Yan looked at Jiang Xiaoning in front of her, feeling very speechless.

She was obviously broken up in public, and Jiang Xiaoning was still very optimistic. Jiang Xiaoning was not going to return to work at the company, but Zhao Yan felt very aggrieved by Jiang Xiaoning’s sensibility at the moment, thinking that Jiang Xiaoning must return to work at the company and could no longer consider Gu Chuan.

Tang Xu returned to Tang Zhengzhong’s house again. Tang Zhengzhong was tidying up the storage room and found a pile of old objects. Looking at the young faces of Tang Xu and Jiang Xiaoning in the frame, Tang Xu silently listened to Tang Zhengzhong’s recounting of old things. Tang Xu Since childhood, he has been a worry-free existence. Tang Zhengzhong hates himself for ruining Tang Xu’s future. Hearing his father’s choking, Tang Xu’s heart began to shake, and he agreed to his father’s request to stay for dinner.

After Chen Wenwen came back from abroad, she contacted Jiang Xiaoning. Jiang Xiaoning said that her relationship with Gu Chuan had ended. Chen Wenwen and Zhao Yan had the same attitude, thinking that Jiang Xiaoning should go back to work and not suffer the result of the breakup alone. After Chen Wenwen’s Enlightened, Jiang Xiaoning’s hesitation also gradually disappeared.

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