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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 29 Recap

Xu Chengran recalled Gu Chuan’s way of evading Jiang Xiaoning, and couldn’t help asking Zhao Yan. If she had cancer and chose to avoid Zhao Yan, what would Zhao Yan’s reaction be? Zhao Yan believed that she would never leave, but Zhao Yan still doubted Xu. The meaning of asking this question…

On the second day, Manager Wei deliberately asked about the relationship between Zhao Yan and Xu Chengran in front of Zhao Yan. Manager Wei thought that Zhao Yan and Xu Chengran had broken up, so he immediately went to the bottom and called Zhao Yan. Xu Chengran immediately charged. Then, he directly poured the water in Zhao Yan’s hand on Manager Wei, and announced that from now on, Zhao Yan would replace him as the new manager.

Zhao Yan looked at the back of Xu Chengran’s leaving, with admiration in her heart. Gu Chuan was still very indifferent to Jiang Xiaoning. Jiang Xiaoning finally couldn’t stand such cold violence. He personally asked Gu Chuan what the problem was. But Gu Chuan’s refusal made Jiang Xiaoning red. Jiang Xiaoning insisted on being close to Gu Chuan, but Gu Chuan was alienated again. For himself, Jiang Xiaoning’s heart is infinitely lonely.

Gu Chuan helped Jiang Xiaoning with tuition in the evening. Gu Chuan’s indifference to him made Jiang Xiaoning lose the mood to study, but Gu Chuan believed that Jiang Xiaoning should not influence his future because of others. The two argued, but the ice cream made a sickly voice. The two hurriedly took the ice cream to the veterinary hospital. Can not help showing a worried expression.

Tang Zhengzhong wanted to make an appointment with Tang Xu for dinner. After Tang Xu refused, Tang Zhengzhong came to the company to find Tang Xu. Tang Xu privately stopped Tang Zhengzhong and was reprimanding him. Xu Chengran saw this scene and stepped in. He took the initiative to entertain Tang Zhengzhong. In the car, Xu Chengran sent Tang Zhengzhong home. Xu Chengran asked about the truth about Jiang Guangda’s corruption case. Tang Zhengzhong implied that Xu’s father was also involved. Xu Chengran secretly felt that perhaps his father was one of them. VIP…

Jiang Xiaoning returned to the veterinary hospital to take care of the ice cream. The situation is not very good now. Jiang Xiaoning reported the ice cream situation to Gu Chuan. Gu Chuan believed that he had to accept the reality, but Jiang Xiaoning believed that Gu Chuan should not be so pessimistic. How could it not be so realistic to treat himself?

Gu Chuan saw the cemetery for himself and signed many documents. Xu Chengran believed that Gu Chuan should not give up so quickly, but Gu Chuan insisted on accepting the reality. No matter how much Xu Chengran dissuaded him, Gu Chuan’s decision could not be changed. The next day, Jiang Xiaoning came to Gu Chuan’s house to pick him up, but Gu Chuan bypassed him directly and came to the company by himself.

Everyone was puzzled by Gu Chuan’s transformation. Jiang Xiaoning felt that he couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to talk to Gu Chuan. Gu Chuan was asked to apologize to himself and tell himself what Gu Chuan was up to. Gu Chuan felt very stressed under Jiang Xiaoning’s questioning, so he had to leave an apology. Jiang Xiaoning was unwilling to give up the relationship between the two. Tonight everyone agreed to watch the moon together. Jiang Xiaoning also hopes to take this opportunity to repair the old with Gu Chuan. But even in the evening, the two were far apart. Zhao Yan thought the two quarreled.

A few days ago, Zhao Yan took him to the medical examination because of Xu Chengran’s joke. He heard that Zhao Yan and Xu Chengran were joking. After quarreling, Gu Chuan found Jiang Xiaoning in a hurry and formally broke up. Hearing Gu Chuan’s reason for breaking up, Jiang Xiaoning’s eyes turned red. Feeling Jiang Xiaoning’s approach, Gu Chuan even pushed away indifferently. Jiang Xiaoning ran away emotionally, Zhao Yan chased after him, Xu Chengran shook her head from the side.

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