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Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 9 Recap

Seeing Guan Qianya’s call, Xu Guanghan asked Jiang Cole to answer the phone and prove her innocence. Guan Qianya did not know that Jiang Cole was working in the Secret Garden, but Jiang Cole talked about work troubles with Guan Qianya in a subtle way. Xu Guanghan would When she was wrong, Jiang Coke quickly defended and told Guan Qianya not to hurt herself. Guan Qianya heard something wrong with Jiang Coke, and thought she was playing truth or adventure, so she asked the person next to Jiang Coke to answer the phone, and Rena handed it over.

Xu Guanghan, Xu Guanghan lowered their voices and said that Jiang Coke couldn’t go back after drinking too much. Guan Qianya wanted to pick up Jiang Coke at an address, but Xu Guanghan refused. Guan Qianya thought it was the last time Roco answered the phone, Xu Guanghan decided whether it was Before the investigation was clear, Jiang Coke was not allowed to leave.

Roco and Su Lie thought that Jiang Coke was arrested because they had stayed in Lu Xiao’s room for a while, and they were worried that they would never see Jiang Coke again. Guan Qianya thought that Jiang Coke spent a lot of time outside and didn’t call herself, so she wanted to find someone else to accompany her to drink, but she rummaged through her phone’s address book but couldn’t find a suitable person. Guan Qianya could only put on glasses and call out Xu Nian, Xu Guanghan and Xu Guanghan.

Leina looked at the dialogue between Guan Qianya and Xu Nian, and saw that Guan Qianya really didn’t know about the secret garden. Jiang Coke’s suspicion was basically cleared. Xu Guanghan saw that Guan Qianya was expecting Xu Nian, and she knew that Guan Qianya was already. Got the bait. Jiang Coke’s suspicion was lifted, and Rena went to release Jiang Coke, but Xu Guanghan was worried that Jiang Coke would leak the secrets in the future, and let Rena fire Jiang Coke.

When Jiang Coke returned home, he found that Guan Qianya was drunk and fell on the dinner table. Jiang Coke put a blanket on Guan Qianya and then went back to the room and put on glasses to meet with the virtual Lu Xiao. Jiang Coke complained to the virtual Lu Xiao that she was caught today. She was a little sad about the expulsion that she would never see Lu Xiao and the others, and she felt that Lu Xiao would not miss herself at all. Jiang Coke thought he would never go back. When he went to the beauty shop to work, he complained to his colleague Qiqi, but Xu Guanghan suddenly changed his mind.

He said that since Jiang Coke came, Lu Xiao had emotional fluctuations. It was the positive emotion data needed by his Y plan. He asked Rena to call Jiang Coke back, and whether Jiang Coke could stay depends on the opinions of the four of Lu Xiao. Xu Guanghan called Lu Xiao four people and said that Jiang Coke had violated the company’s cleaning regulations. If he wanted Jiang Coke to continue working in the secret garden, someone had to accept the punishment for Jiang Coke.

The three Roco agreed without hesitation. After Lu Xiao hesitated for a while, he agreed. Xu Guanghan asked Lu Xiao to accept the punishment. Jiang Coke was very moved. He accompany Lu Xiao to complete a thousand rowing machines, and he was still feeding Lu Xiao with sugar. Xu Guanghan watched the changes in Lu Xiao’s data. Very pleased.

After Guan Qianya’s insomnia was cured, she went to a psychologist and said that her insomnia had been cured. The psychologist was a little worried. After all, Guan Qianya could cure her insomnia in such a short period of time, and she was afraid that Guan Qianya would have other drugs. After reliance, Guan Qianya quickly said that she had done nothing illegal. Although Guan Qianya had already rejected the live debate with Xu Guanghan, Qi Chuan agreed to Guan Qianya and wrote his defense for Guan Qianya. Under Qi Chuan’s stimulation, Guan Qianya could only agree to participate in the debate. As a result, Guan Qianya couldn’t fall asleep again at night. After some entanglement, she put on contact lenses and called out Xu Nian.

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