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Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 11 Recap

Xu Guanghan released the interactive video of Guan Qianya and Xu Nian. The audience felt cheated and accused Guan Qianya of being a liar. Xu Guanghan pursued and attacked Guan Qianya with victory. Guan Qianya was speechless and could not refute Xu Guanghan. After Guan Qianya left the TV station After being questioned by a group of reporters, Qi Chuan asked the driver to drive Guan Qianya into the car.

Qi Chuan was very disappointed with Guan Qianya, saying that Guan Qianya had deceived herself and her soul was hurt, but Guan Qianya said that she did make an unforgivable mistake, but Qi Chuan should not kidnap herself emotionally, Qi Chuan put away the injury He said that they would do business by business.

The contract clearly stated that as long as Guan Qianya is addicted to the game, he will be compensated 10 million yuan. After that, Guan Qianya was driven out of the car. Manager Cui rushed to pick him up. After Guan Qianya, Guan Qianya asked him if the company can spend 10 million yuan to compensate Qi Chuan, but Manager Cui said that the company can’t pay one million yuan now, but he was worried about Guan Qianya’s indulging in virtual lover games before.

They made their own claim and changed the ten million in the contract to one thousand times, so that they only had to pay Qichuan one thousand yuan. But Manager Cui thought of one thing. The account he gave Guan Qianya was registered under his own name. No one else knew. How could Xu Guanghan find out that Guan Qianya was playing games? Manager Cui asked her to think about who else knew. She has played the game of virtual lovers.

Jiang Kele saw Guan Qianya’s news on the Internet at this time. She was worried about Guan Qianya’s situation, but Guan Qianya began to wonder if Jiang Kele had betrayed herself. Guan Qianya remembered that she was framed for stealing her wallet when she was studying. Jiang Kele unconditionally Standing up to defend herself and believing in herself, Guan Qianya felt a little guilty. At this time, Jiang Coke came back. Seeing that Guan Qianya was feeling uncomfortable, she quickly comforted her.

Guan Qianya asked Jiang Coke if she still remembered that she was slandered and stealing her purse in the second year of high school. Why does Coke believe in herself so much? Jiang Coke said that since Guan Qianya said that she was not herself, then she believed Guan Qianya, but Guan Qianya said that she stole her wallet. Jiang Coke still chose to believe that Guan Qianya had a last resort.

Guan Qianya was really forbearing. I couldn’t help but talked about her suspicion to Jiang Coke. Jiang Coke was a little sad, but she saw Guan Qianya playing games yesterday. Today Guan Qianya was exposed. Guan Qianya should doubt herself. Jiang Kele wants to put herself in I told Guan Qianya about going to work in the Secret Garden, but then he remembered Rena’s instructions.

Jiang Coke stayed up all night, and took Guan Qianya from the secret road into the secret garden early the next morning, and told Guan Qianya about the secret garden. Guan Qianya was shocked. When she reacted, she realized that she saw it by herself. It was not the virtual Xu Nian, but the real Xu Nian. Guan Qianya put on his glasses, but Xu Guanghan suddenly laughed at Guan Qianya, saying that he had blocked Guan Qianya’s account. Xu Guanghan called Xu Nian again and said Xu Nian’s The task was completed very well, and there would be no need to meet Guan Qianya in the future, Xu Nian was a little bit disappointed.

Xu Guanghan watched Jiang Coke’s every move recorded by Lu Xiao, and learned that Lu Xiao jumped into the water to save Jiang Coke. When talking about Jiang Coke, he was still very nervous. Xu Guanghan was very satisfied with Lu Xiao’s emotional data and felt the plan. It went well.

Grandma Fushun gave Jiang Coke an address and asked Jiang Coke to do something. Jiang Coke came to a nursing home and found that four aunts were playing mahjong. It happened that one of the aunts was going for an infusion, and the rest of them took Jiang. Coke played mahjong. After playing mahjong, Jiang Coke found out that the person she was looking for was the one who had just gone out for infusion. When she went to the room to visit, she learned that the aunt had a brain tumor. It was said that time was running out.

Guan Qianya wanted to know if the person interacting with him was the real Xu Nian, and bought the virtual lover glasses again to verify, but Xu Guanghan had already banned Guan Qianya’s account. As long as it was Guan Qianya’s retina, she would not be able to log in. In the game.

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