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Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 10 Recap

Guan Qianya told Xu Nian that she had something very important tomorrow, but she didn’t want to go, so she was under a lot of pressure. Xu Nian pulled Guan Qianya to dance to help her relax. Guan Qianya slowly under the leadership of Xu Nian After dancing, his emotions gradually relaxed. After Jiang Coke came back in the evening, he watched Guan Qianya dancing alone, and guessed that Guan Qianya was playing a virtual lover game. Guan Qianya was a little embarrassed, and Jiang Coke was very curious. What’s the matter, Guan Qianya told Jiang Cola that she had taken the wrong contact lens before, and Xu Nian cured her insomnia that time.

Thinking of Roco and the others for their help yesterday, Jiang Coke specially bought a cake to express her gratitude to them, but she was still partial to Lu Xiao and bought a big cake for Lu Xiao and a small cake for Roco and the others. Lu Xiao looked at it. With Jiang Coke, my heart was a little complicated, because Xu Guanghan was privately telling him to monitor Jiang Coke’s every move. Jiang Coke gave the cake to Roco and Su Lie, and went to Xu Nian’s room to give him the cake.

Lu Xiao was a little jealous, Luo But he and Su Lie gossiping at the door listening to Jiang Cola and Xu Nian’s dialogue, listening to Jiang Cole asking what Xu Nian’s ideal type was, thinking that Jiang Cola had empathized and fell in love with Xu Nian. Jiang Coke came out of Xu Nian’s room and found Lu Xiao standing at the door of Xu Nian’s room. He jokingly asked Lu Xiao if he was jealous. Lu Xiao quickly denied. Jiang Coke raised the big cake in his hand and said that he bought it specially for him. Yes, Lu Xiao said that he didn’t like to eat cake, but he still ate the cake under Jiang Coke’s gaze.

Jiang Coke gave them cakes and started cleaning. Lu Xiao was ordered to observe Jiang Coke’s every move. He was recording Jiang Coke’s behavior in the corner, but Jiang Coke suddenly slipped under his feet into the swimming pool. Jiang Coke was constantly in the pool.

Struggling, Lu Xiao hurried forward, but he was afraid of water, and he hesitated for a while, but seeing that Jiang Coke was about to die, he could only gritted his teeth and jumped into the water to rescue Jiang Coke and gave Jiang Coke artificial respiration. Jiang After Coke woke up, he found that Lu Xiao had saved him. He raised his head and kissed Lu Xiao. Now Jiang Coke confirmed that it was Lu Xiao who kissed himself at the subway station that day. Jiang Coke came back to his senses.

Some wondered how the secret garden was guarded so tightly. How Lu Xiao ran out at that time. Jiang Coke remembered the secret room that Grandma Fushun had told him before, so he went into the secret room and fumbled, but Jiang Koke found one. On the secret road, Jiang Kele walked forward along the secret road. After reaching the end, there was a door. Jiang Kele opened the door and continued walking, and finally walked out of a subway exit. Jiang Kele guessed whether Lu Xiao escaped from this secret tunnel.

Xu Guanghan and Guan Qianya went to the debate scene to start recording the show. Guan Qianya and Xu Guanghan met on stage. The host briefly introduced the situation of the two and left the stage for them. Xu Guanghan was the first to speak. There were many fans of virtual lovers. After Xu Guanghan finished speaking, 500 of the audience, 499 of them voted for Xu Guanghan. Guan Qianya began to refute Xu Guanghan, saying that virtual lovers will bring the society to society.

There was a lot of harm, and Xu Guanghan was the sinner of the age who led mankind astray. Guan Qianya’s speech received a lot of applause, and even got 500 votes full. Just when the host was about to announce the result, Xu Guanghan suddenly called After stopping the host, he put out the interactive video of Guan Qianya and Xu Nian in the virtual lover game.

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