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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 43 Recap

King Liang handed the letter from the prince to the prince, and then asked for credit in front of the prince, and spoke kindly to Yan Zifang and Sheng Chujun in front of the prince. Seeing that Lu Yingying was thinner, Wang Liang’s mother was worried that King Liang would treat Lu Yingying badly, so she asked King Liang to treat Lu Yingying better and gave her own bracelet to Lu Yingying.

Fu Rou was demoted to the Ye Ting Bureau, and was targeted by the people in the Ye Ting Bureau. Hu Nei Attendant led Sheng Chumu to pass by. Sheng Chumu didn’t even look at Fu Rou, but Fu Rou looked at Sheng Chumu’s back. Suddenly, King Liang came up and drove away the palace maid who had bullied Fu Rou. He returned the spirit pill he had snatched from Fu Rou back to her. Fu Ju thanked him. Sheng Chumu reported the recent military training to the emperor. The emperor was very satisfied with Sheng Chumu and told him not to hide in the Dacang Mountain anymore.

He asked him to return to the Chang’an Forbidden Garden to train Baiqi, and Sheng Chumu thanked him for leaving. After Sheng Chumu left, the emperor summoned King Liang and reprimanded him for encouraging the prince to let the imperial army fight for fun. He also flogged Princess Xin Nan. The emperor asked King Liang if he was going to expel him from Chang’an. King Liang hurriedly begged for mercy and personally Offering tea to the emperor, the emperor was already soft-hearted, but at this time the emperor smelled the smell of wine on King Liang. Drinking was strictly forbidden during the national funeral.

The emperor was very disappointed with King Liang. King Liang was frightened and repeatedly begged for mercy. The emperor offered favor and let King Liang return to his residence. After thinking behind closed doors, King Liang hurriedly thanked him, but the emperor warned King Liang that this was the last time and let King Liang do it for himself. King Liang was very aggrieved after he returned to the mansion. He felt that after the Emperor Taishang left, he was a puff of anger and angered the people around him.

After seeing the emperor, Sheng Chumu went to the King of Qin and asked for an announcement. King Qin said that he could not find Fu Rou recently and could not listen to the story. He could only read the book by himself. Sheng Chumu said that he saw Fu Rou and seemed to be demoted to Ye. As a handyman at the court, Fu Rou was targeted by the court lady when she was eating at the court at noon.

Fu Rou prepared a meal for the sick court lady Xiaolu to send to her. She also expressed emotion that the court was indifferent, and Xiaolu chatted and talked. He also asked Fu Rou to teach herself to read, and Fu Rou agreed. After Fu Rou went back, she found that her meal had been eaten, so she said that a cockroach had just flown in her bowl, and the person who had eaten Fu Rou’s meal was throwing up disgustingly, and she wanted to teach Fu Rou again.

At this time, King Qin rushed. When I said hello to Fu Rou and wanted to have dinner with Fu Rou at the Yeting Bureau, He Sizan learned the news and brought Xu Dianzan to the Yeting Bureau and asked King Qin to leave. King Qin didn’t want to leave, and the two sides were deadlocked, so Fu Rou persuaded him. King Qin left first, and King Qin said that after listening to the teacher, he left first. He Sizan was very dissatisfied with Fu Rou. He deliberately embarrassed Fu Rou and asked Fu Rou to be responsible for the sewing of all the palace ladies’ clothes, and also asked her to be the palace ladies’ embroidered shoes. Fu Rou agreed one by one.

Fu Rou was sent to the Qingzui Pavilion to clean up, and the emperor grandson was placed in the Qingzui Pavilion to recuperate, but the grandmother of the emperor grandson did not care about the emperor grandson. The emperor grandson still cried and went to the front hall to drink tea. Fu Rou couldn’t bear it, so she went in to take care of her. When she heard that someone was coming in, she hurriedly hid, only to find that the person who came in was going to murder the emperor grandson. Fu Rou hugged the emperor grandson and fled, but the people behind could not chase after him. She, Fu Rou hid in a room. The two said that they were sent by King Han.

As long as the emperor grandson died, the prince would be deposed. They persuaded Fu Ruong and them to take revenge on the East Palace. At that moment, Wei Song suddenly appeared with the edict of the Queen, and named Fu Rou as the Shang Palace of the Gift of Gifts Bureau. Fu Rou looked puzzled, but the edict was indeed written by the Queen. Fu Rou reacted and knew that this was the Queen’s test of herself. Wei Song explained the Queen’s intentions during her lifetime. Fu Rou said that she would act impartially and would not be partial.

After Yan Zifang left the East Palace, he went to Lu Yunji’s mansion. Lu Qi was very disdainful of Yan Zifang, but Yan Zifang said that he was here to advise Lu Yunji. Lu Yunji stepped back. Yan Zifang said that Sheng Guo was not peaceful and suggested that Lu Yun Ji handed the emperor a peace of mind. Lu Yunji asked if the prince meant it. Yan Zifang quickly said that this was just his own suggestion and had nothing to do with the prince. Lu Yunji knew that the prince wanted to avoid suspicion at this time, so he did not continue to ask, just let Lu Qi sent Yan Zifang. Lu Qi wanted to deal with Yan Zifang, and Lu Yunji said that now he must take care of the overall situation and put his old hatred in his heart first.

There was another rebellion in Shengguo. Lu Yunji had been to Zhezi before, and the emperor asked Lu Yunji to be the coach in the Shengguo campaign. He also assigned Duning to Lu Yunji to supervise the army, but Lu Yunji knew that this was. The emperor sent to watch him. After Du Ning took the order, he went to Lu Yunji’s mansion. Fu Yin saw Du Ning when he was taking the child in the backyard and hurriedly hid. Lu Qi told Fu Yin that Du Ning was sent by the emperor to monitor Lu Yunji, and that if Du Ning was dishonest, he would kill Du Ning.

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