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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 4 Recap

Liu Wenjing prepared a meal and asked Yan Liangkun to eat with his roommate. One of the roommates was wearing big pants. Yan Liangkun was dissatisfied with his disheveled appearance in front of his girlfriend and scolded him to go back to the room to change clothes. The roommate was not convinced, and the two almost had a physical conflict. Liu Wenjing hurriedly pulled Yan Liangkun back to their room. Although this conflict was avoided, Yan Liangkun already felt the inconvenience of renting with others, and decided to rent again with Liu Wenjing.

The two were optimistic about renting a house of 2500 a month. Liu Wenjing felt that it was too expensive. Seeing how Liu Wenjing liked it, Yan Liangkun finalized the house. On the first night of living together, the two found each other while looking for food, and smiled at each other.

Yan Liangkun helped Liu Wenjing choose suitable clothes and encouraged her to go to the interview. Liu Wenjing found a job as a front desk, and her junior high school education was questioned by her boss, but the boss still gave her this opportunity. As he could not print documents or book air tickets, he was fired from the company on the first day of work. Liu Wenjing walked out of the company’s door, lost and depressed, tears in her eyes could not help.

Liu Wenjing was unemployed when she opened her business. She asked Weiwei to find a job for herself, but she concealed the fact that she was unemployed, pretending that she wanted a part-time job. Yan Liangkun didn’t know that Liu Wenjing was fired, and happily helped her celebrate.

Yan Liangkun complained to Qiao Haifeng that Liu Wenjing was reluctant to spend money, but Qiao Haifeng praised Liu Wenjing for saving money and congratulated him on finding a good wife and mother.

Yan Liangkun and his friends made an appointment to sing K. Several friends praised Liu Wenjing’s rapid changes, and even sang English songs.

Weiwei and Huahua take Liu Wenjing to learn flower arrangement. Liu Wenjing’s flower arranging skills are clumsy, and Weiwei and Huahua can’t bear to break. Weiwei’s friend Vera pretended to praise Liu Wenjing, but Liu Wenjing believed it was true, and did not hear her “pussy” ridicule after she left.

Huahua’s parents signed up to participate in a house renovation show. Huahua just broke up with her boyfriend who is suspected of hidden marriage. She was in a bad mood. When her parents appeared on the show, she was very likely to expose her embarrassed family situation. She couldn’t help but stay at the dinner table with her dad. Mom lost her temper, the battle was very fierce, and Huahua ran out of the house angrily.

Qiao Haifeng was doing an interview in a bar near Huahua’s house. He happened to meet Huahua who had fainted on the roadside. Huahua who woke up in the hospital knew that Qiao Haifeng knew where his home was, but he didn’t tell anyone. Huahua said frankly that he didn’t want others to know his true family background, Qiao Haifeng sighed helplessly.

Liu Wenjing’s job search is extremely unsuccessful. Almost all companies require a college degree. With only her junior high school education, it may be difficult to find a job in Shanghai. Liu Wenjing was helpless and desperate. At this moment, a lady patted her on the shoulder, hoping she could go to her house as a babysitter, Liu Wenjing hesitated and agreed.

After returning home, Liu Wenjing and Yan Liangkun discussed giving up the lady etiquette course they were taking, and wanted to save a little money to prepare for the university entrance examination. Yan Liangkun was taken aback, but when he saw Liu Wenjing’s determination, he nodded and agreed.

Liu Wenjing started her babysitting job. She worked very hard and dreamed about the bright future in the future. Liu Wenjing, who was off work, was invited to Weiwei’s house, and Huahua who went with her chose a beautiful dress for her. She changed her face to make Weiwei and Huahua shine. Liu Wenjing’s journey from the ugly duckling to a swan kicked off here.

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