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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 3 Recap

Yan Liangkun took Liu Wenjing to catch dolls, play games, and watch movies. Liu Wenjing went to the cinema for the first time and excitedly discussed the plot with Yan Liangkun. The voice was very loud and affected other moviegoers. There was a quarrel between several people, and Yan Liangkun almost did something with others. Liu Wenjing was very embarrassed and apologized to Yan Liangkun embarrassedly, and Yan Liangkun comforted her in turn.

Liu Wenjing met a 29-year-old girl from the northeast who came to Shanghai from the northeast to work hard. She quarreled with Liu Wenjing because of cutting corners on the rice noodles in the store, and started crying. She has been in Shanghai for nine years. But unable to stabilize in this city, Liu Wenjing secretly gave her a lot of shredded pork in order to comfort her.

Yan Liangkun came to Liu Wenjing, gave her an old mobile phone, and took her to eat cakes. It was the first time for Liu Wenjing to eat cakes on a day other than her birthday, and she was very happy that it was such a well-made cake. Yan Liangkun planned to report to Liu Wenjing to help her improve from the inside out, but Liu Wenjing refused Yan Liangkun in return for taking in her cousin. The night was beautiful, and the simple girl in front of her was even more beautiful. Yan Liangkun was crazy and asked if Liu Wenjing would like to be his girlfriend, but Liu Wenjing didn’t hear it. Yan Liangkun repeatedly built his mind, and tremblingly put his hand on Liu Wenjing’s shoulder, a strange feeling rose in the two of them.

The cousin’s sister-in-law forced Liu Wenjing to eat with the boss Zhang, who rented her storefront. Liu Wenjing was unwilling, but forced by the cousin’s lustful prestige, she had no choice but to succumb. After arriving at the hotel, the cousin left with excuses and took away his cousin by the way. Boss Zhang took advantage of the absence of his cousin and cousin, and acted on Liu Wenjing. Liu Wenjing ran away in fear.

Liu Wenjing didn’t return overnight, so his cousin called Yan Liangkun to inquire about the situation, but he didn’t explain the facts and spoke vaguely. Yan Liangkun was a little suspicious, and asked Xing Tianming to go to his cousin’s shop to inquire about the situation for himself. Xing Tianming learned that his cousin and cousin forced Liu Wenjing to eat with others, and it has been missing for a day. He went out to search in a hurry, but met Liu Wenjing who was hiding in the corner at the door of the store. Xing Tianming took Liu Wenjing back to his home, while he went out to stay in the hotel.

Liu Wenjing lost the shelter provided by her cousin and sister-in-law. She was unaccompanied and at a loss in Shanghai, so she chose to return to her hometown. Xing Tianming returned home and found that Liu Wenjing had left, leaving only a note. As soon as Yan Liangkun came back from a business trip, he came to the professor’s house to look for Liu Wenjing. The two of them panicked at the empty home and hurriedly went to the train station to look for Liu Wenjing. Yan Liangkun saw Liu Wenjing who was about to board the car. The two embraced and wept. Yan Liangkun was excited and pleasantly surprised. He asked Liu Wenjing to be his girlfriend. Liu Wenjing nodded and agreed.

Yan Liangkun took Liu Wenjing back to the house he and two other colleagues rented together. The room was messy. Yan Liangkun embarrassedly pushed Liu Wenjing to take a bath, and he quickly cleaned up the messy room. Liu Wenjing came out of the shower, wearing Yan Liangkun’s loose T-shirt and shorts, like a lotus in the water, Yan Liangkun couldn’t restrain the smile at the corner of his mouth. Yan Liangkun took the initiative to lay the floor, and the two spent a peaceful night in this small room.

Xing Tianming was alone in a dark room. He recalled Liu Wenjing’s words to enjoy the dark with him, and the corners of his mouth unconsciously showed a gentle smile.

Yan Liangkun took Liu Wenjing to invite friends to eat hot pot. When Qiao Haifeng was buying yogurt in the supermarket with Huahua, he couldn’t help telling her about the hidden marriage of her boyfriend he discovered during the interview.

Several people ridiculed Yan Liangkun and finally embraced the beauty. Several people hid their thoughts and went to eat hot pot together.

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