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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 28 Recap

Taking advantage of the fact that General Leng was not in the barracks, Leng Yue sneaked into the cabinet and finally found the letter he had hidden in the box. It happened that General Leng came back from outside, because he didn’t know the identity of the other party, and he was about to draw his sword alive, but when he saw that it was Leng Yue, he immediately stopped. However, Leng Yue didn’t want to care about him at all, turned around and left, and then handed the letter to Xiao Jinyu.

Elder Jing Ge learned through the housekeeper that Qin Luan was investigating the twins privately, so people continued to follow him and report on the situation at any time. At this time, Qin Luan’s birthday was just around the corner, and he was about to be promoted to the general manager. When Sun Deming was counting the gifts, he suddenly found that Boguzhai had sent a copper ruyi. Qin Luan saw the vacant verse on the back of Ruyi and knew that Xu Ru was in the hands of the other party. If he wanted to take the person away, Qin Luan had to attend the appointment in person.

At night, Xiao Jinyu and Jing Yi met in secret and asked him about what happened in the past few days. According to Jing Yi, because the first wounded soldier was a member of the medical clinic, rumors of evil spirits spread from the clinic. Xiao Jinyu felt a little suspicious, and specifically urged Jing Yi to pay special attention to the civilian in charge of military supplies, Wu Chen.

Xiao Jinyu received a secret letter from Chang’an stating that the Princess Mansion was in trouble. As for the results of Chu Chu’s autopsy, it was far more complicated than expected. Although the reason for the case is not clear, it can probably define the state of the deceased before his death, as if he were alive Dead. People no longer breathe long after they die, but the three deceased still breathe before they die, but they can’t perceive the pain, so it’s very similar to the evil homicide rumored from the outside world.

Thinking of this, Chu Chu was guilty of Mao, and Xiao Jinyu saw that she was a little scared, so she let her go to her barracks to rest first. However, Chu Chu wanted to accompany Xiao Jinyu, so when the two of them were staying up late to investigate the case, Jing Yi suddenly felt mad, as if deep in an illusion. Seeing several soldiers about to take Leng Yue away, he raised his knife and pointed it at the surrounding area. Hacked in one pass.

Fortunately, at a critical moment, Xiao Jinyu stepped forward and knocked him out, while Leng Yue helped him get a needle. When Jing Yi woke up again, he had no longer remembered what he had just done, and all the symptoms were no different from those of a frantic soldier. In order to prevent Jing Yi from being exposed in front of General Leng, Chu Chu secretly reminded him to remember his identity several times. General Leng couldn’t ask why, so he simply left the barracks first. Hou Bin and Zhao Jie had doubts about Jing Yi, but Xiao Jinli was bothered by Xiao Jinli.

After everyone’s questioning, Jing Yi seriously recalled the suspicious people or things before he went crazy. Suddenly he thought that Hou Bin had come to the hospital to deliver food. His eyes were strange. As for the other problems, even if he drank water and ate, he secretly changed it. . Leng Yue was puzzled by Jing Yi’s frenzied symptoms, especially when he saw Xiao Jinyu’s ointment used to treat sores, and suddenly found that it contained Hugan flower.

Although Hugan flower is a good pain reliever and is of great value, the whole plant of this flower is poisonous, especially the seeds inside are highly toxic, and there will be a hint of sweetness in the mouth, and it may even cause different toxicity according to the number of seeds. Hallucinations. Leng Yue once saw someone mix this medicine with other medicines in Lingnan Mountain to achieve the effect of Wu Shi San. According to Leng Yue’s statement, everyone ruled out most of the possibility of poisoning.

Now that Jing Yi is no longer in danger, Leng Yue intends to sneak into the barracks during the night and put back his letters, but General Leng is caught upright. Because of this, Leng Yue learned the truth about the change of nectar from General Leng, and finally realized that she had misunderstood her grandfather for many years, especially after taking the pulse, she discovered that he was suffering from an old bone disease, and his life was not long.

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