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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 27 Recap

The specific circumstances of the prisoner car being robbed are currently unknown. After all, Xue Rucheng took the person away from Xiao Jinyu, and the group of prisoners injured Xue Rucheng, which is enough to show that this matter is related to King Chang. Considering that a third party was acting secretly, Qin Luan informed Sun Deming to find out Xu Rugui’s whereabouts as soon as possible.

Zhou Han didn’t find any clues in Boguzhai, but took away two jade ornaments. Qin Luan hated iron for him and ordered that he should continue to guard Boguzhai and never let any suspicious person be spared. However, Zhou Han finally caught two insiders who were involved in the princess’s affairs in the past through various searches, namely the maid and the nurse, who were already on the way back to Beijing with proper arrangements.

Qin Luan was somewhat satisfied when he heard the news, and simply took Sun Deming to Xue Mansion. On the surface, it appeared to be based on visits, but in fact, he identified the true and false. He even grasped Xue Rucheng’s arm tightly, causing his originally bandaged wound to open again. bleed. After Qin Luan left, Xue Rucheng looked gloomy and vowed to get rid of this person in the future.

Because Jing Yi needed to pretend to be injured and mixed into the medical clinic to investigate the news, Chu Chu followed the example of folk earthwork, using willow bark to stick to the calf to burn, forged traces of bruises, and then smashed the croton and smeared it, which can not be wiped off. , Can also deceive ordinary doctors with fake and real.

In order to achieve the effect, Jing Yi had to choose to bruise his arm to deceive everyone. Taking into account the military regulations restricting women from entering the camp, even if General Leng sent a letter to invite, Xiao Jinli reminded Chu Chu and Leng Yue to be cautious, and at the same time worried about Jing Yi’s acting skills.

Fortunately, Jing Yi performed well. His identity did not arouse any suspicion. In addition, Xiao Jinli explained that he had passed by the soldiers rescued by Qianzhou, so he soon arranged to recuperate in the hospital. When Leng Yue saw General Leng, he was still reluctant. On the contrary, General Leng seemed to be used to it. Not only did he personally entertain Xiao Jinyu and others, but also asked his deputy Hou Bin to elaborate on the details of the army.

Through Hou Bin’s narration, Xiao Jinyu learned that evil things started half a month ago, and soldiers often went crazy inexplicably. Due to different personal physiques, the degree of madness varies. Some regain consciousness after being mad, and do not remember what happened just now, and some commit suicide in the madness.

Xiao Jinyu asked Chu Chu to take Leng Yue to examine the corpse, but General Leng believed that Leng Yue was not an identity and was not qualified to enter. Just as Leng Yue couldn’t help but fight back, Xiao Jinyu hurriedly stopped, and this contradiction between grandfather and grandson was avoided. According to the results of Chu Chu’s inspection, the three suicide soldiers died of drowning, burning, and hanging. Each method of death was extremely painful.

It stands to reason that if you want to commit suicide, you can choose a more relaxed way, but the counter-thinking behavior really makes Xiao Jinyu puzzled. Chu Chu thought that if the real cause was to be found, an autopsy was needed. Xiao Jinyu readily agreed and ordered her to prepare.

Princess Xiping learned that Qin Luan had found the handmaid who had been sent out of the house, so she sent Forsythia to stop Zhou Han’s vehicle at the gate of the city, only to find that the handmaid had already been taken away by Qin Luan. Under the narration of the maid and the nurse, Qin Luan confirmed that one of the children of Princess Xiping was adopted from outside and returned to the mansion, so he instructed Sun Deming to find out the origin of the child.

Because Mrs. Chen Ying had a close friendship with Princess Xiping. Although she died of dystocia, she might have become a coffin and a child like Chu Chu. If it is possible to confirm that Princess Xiping has adopted the remnants of the chaos, Qin Luan can take this opportunity to report to Ming Sheng, so as to wipe out the Xiao family.

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