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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 26 Recap

Now that Li Zhang is missing, the Cishi Mansion was suddenly on fire last night. According to the report, all the arsonists were officers and soldiers of the Southwest Jiedu Envoy. However, Xiao Jinli only brought a few soldiers this time, and it was impossible for more than 20 people to appear out of thin air, unless they were dispatched from the camp, which meant that the person who issued the order was General Leng.

It happened that at this time, Xiao Jinli finally found Li Zhang near the cave, but Li Zhang was completely crazy. After waking up, he knelt on the bed and bowed, saying something in his mouth, which seemed to be related to his Highness. Xiao Jinyu felt uncomfortable, and hurriedly ordered Xiao Jinli to order her cronies to quickly put the courtyard under martial law, except for Leng Yue and Jing Yi, no one was allowed to approach.

The county magistrate Zheng Youde was forced to leave the courtyard. Only Leng Yue and Jing Yi could enter the house. As a result, when they arrived at the front foot, they saw Xiao Jinyu speak out as King Chang. Sure enough, Li Zhang reacted quickly and bowed directly to Xiao Jinyu, still looking flustered, but the information he revealed was incredible.

Xiao Jinli heard Li Zhang yell that King Chang was of orthodox blood, and was so frightened that he stunned the opponent quickly. After all, this was a felony decapitation. However, Xiao Jinyu and Jing Yi both believed that King Chang was still alive. Even if there is no evidence to prove that, the news of Chang’an and Qianzhou was cut off and the mastermind behind Li Zhang’s private coining of copper coins should have been recruiting troops and horses under the banner of King Chang. Usurp the throne.

Because of the many involvements in this matter, Jing Yi did not approve of rushing back to Beijing to play the court, and rejected Xiao Jinli’s proposals one by one. Xiao Jinyu believes that Feng Jie’s death during military inspections is likely to be related to this group of people. I am afraid that the brigade of rebels is located in the southwest. If the rebels are directly attacked, they will inevitably cause the rebels and the court to confront head-on, causing the people to fall into the flames of war.

Leng Yue heard Xiao Jinyu’s analysis next to him, and simply took out General Leng’s reply. Through the content of the letter, she learned that there were frequent occurrences of strange things in the Jidu Envoy. There were already several people who had committed suicide in a frenzy. So she invited Xiao Jinyu to go in person. Check it out. Even though Xiao Jinyu knew that the other party had deliberately set a trap, he still decided to take the risk and find out the real perpetrator.

Originally, Xiao Jinyu wanted to arrange a safe place for the Chu family, but now she has not been able to fulfill her promise. Instead, Chu Chu doesn’t care, so she kisses the past actively. In this way, he feels at ease and the two get along more and more sweetly. Standing outside the window to witness the whole process, Chu He felt very uncomfortable, but as long as he thought of Xiao Jinyu and Chu Chu loving each other, he had no right to object. Xiao Jinyu handed the token and Chang’an address to Chu He, claiming that if Chu He didn’t worry about his sister, she could visit Chang’an at any time.

Because this journey was extremely dangerous, Chu Chu didn’t care and was willing to follow Xiao Jinyu, no matter what difficulties he might encounter. Leng Yue sat on the roof alone and drank alcohol. The surface seemed calm and calm, but her worries had already been written on her face. Only Chu Chu felt the feeling of being afraid of serious crimes committed by her relatives all the time.

Fortunately, there was Jing Yi who accompanied him to enlighten, which made Leng Yue a lot more comfortable, and was even more angry about General Leng’s behavior towards his parents. Jing Yi comforted Leng Yue as a mortal, she would inevitably be depressed by those unproven speculations, but she should also understand that perhaps the final truth is completely opposite to what she currently imagines.

After receiving the informant, Jing Ge learned about the Jiedu Envoy Barracks and became more aware of the danger in the southwest. Princess Xiping also discovered that someone was secretly investigating the secrets of demobilizing slaves. Tang Xuanzong learned that Xue Rucheng had been robbed of prisoners on his way back to Beijing, and Xu Rugui’s whereabouts are now unknown, making him angry. Qin Luan thought that this matter was related to Zhou Han, but when he heard that Zhou Han had missed it, his face changed drastically.

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