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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 25 Recap

Seeing that Xiao Jinyu had revealed the truth behind the case of privately casting copper coins, Li Zhang became furious and did not conceal any more. Following his order, only an explosion sounded from outside the cave, and the surrounding stone caves collapsed in response. Xiao Jinyu protected Chu Chu subconsciously, but didn’t notice that Li Zhang, who was intent on killing, actually stabbed with a dagger.

Just as Xiao Jinyu resisted Li Zhang’s attack, Chu Chu hurriedly lifted a rock and smashed Li Zhang, eventually knocking him stunned. However, Xiao Jinyu inhaled a lot of smoke, coupled with his fear of the secret room, and then fell into a nightmare, as if sinking into the sea. At the critical moment, Chu Chu took the initiative to hug Xiao Jinyu, mouth-to-mouth delivery of oxygen to rescue, Xiao Jinyu finally woke up gradually.

Since the entrance of the cave was blocked by huge rocks, it would take a few hours to clean it up, so Xiao Jinli couldn’t get in to save people, so she could only find another way. When Chu Chu saw Xiao Jinyu safe and sound, he was finally relieved. On the contrary, Xiao Jinyu determined that Chu Chu was tempted by him through this incident. As for why he chose to escape, it was what he cared about most.

In the face of Xiao Jinyu’s repeated questioning, Chu Chu could only tell the truth, claiming that he grew up in the family of Wu Zuo, and no one was willing to accept this kind of woman, and even the things she touched would be lost. Although Chu Chu is very grateful for Xiao Jinyu’s tolerance and help, she has made the decision to become a widow for life, so she doesn’t want to see Prince Tangtangan being criticized because of her identity.

After understanding Chu Chu’s true thoughts, Xiao Jinyu expressed her thoughts again, and hoped that she would not care about the rumors from the outside world, and that as long as two people in love can overcome all difficulties. Chu Chu was inspired by Xiao Jinyu, and then let go of her worries. She admitted that she loved Xiao Jinyu in her heart, no matter now or in the future, so she took the initiative to hug him and promised to stay by her side and never separate.

Even though Xiao Jinyu had the beauty returned as she wished, the most critical issue at the moment is to find the entrance of the cave as soon as possible. After all, Li Zhang dared to stay in the cave, which shows that there is still a secret path to the outside world. Seeing Li Zhang fell to the ground unconscious, Chu Chu punched a pig’s hoof button on him. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get rid of it. Instead, he would get closer and closer. When he went down the mountain, he could also use a pole to carry it away.

Xiao Jinli and others followed the track marks to find another hole. They found the cart carrying gunpowder, but they did not find the place where Xiao Jinyu was detained. Leng Yue and Jing Yi kept arguing about this, and the quarrel made Xiao Jinli irritable, and led the soldiers to explore the depths. The soldiers found traces of the rut at the fork, but Leng Yue chose a hole that had been cleaned, and found Li Zhang to be a guilty conscience, and sent someone to cover up the evidence in advance.

Xiao Jinyu and Leng Yue were testing the wind direction separately, but only the two of them were familiar with this method. Chu Chu thought that Xiao Jinyu was asking for a hug, and took the initiative to rush into his arms, unexpectedly making a joke. Fortunately, Xiao Jinyu and Chu Chu determined the location through the sound of water, and with everyone’s help, they left the cave along the rope. When Xiao Jinli sent someone to carry Li Zhang out, it was unexpected that Xue Rucheng took the lead in taking him away.

Considering the injury of Xiao Jinyu’s left arm, everyone had to go back to the Chu family courtyard first. Father Chu helped to fix the misplaced arm. When he and Chu Ping came back with the medicine, they were immediately relieved to hear Xiao Jinyu’s confession to Chu Chu. As the body of Li Zhang could not be found, Jing Yi casually found an excuse to inform the government that it would operate as usual, so there was no need to panic.

Xiao Jinyu thinks that Li Zhang is the pawn in this money-making case, and I am afraid there is a mastermind behind the scenes, so he decided to stay in Qianzhou. General Leng received a letter from his granddaughter Leng Yue, which was originally just an ordinary letter from the family, but he was puzzled. At the same time, Xue Rucheng’s team was attacked on the way back to Beijing, and he was scratched by the assassin’s arm.

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