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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 24 Recap

Since the case of private coin casting is of great importance, Xiao Jinyu guessed that Li Zhang must be involved, but because there is no evidence for suffering, he still needs to stay in Qianzhou for secret investigation. As for Xue Rucheng’s need to return to Beijing, Xiao Jinyu is willing to entrust Xu Rugui to him. After all, this person is Chu Chu’s uncle, who saved Mingzhe and killed Chu Chu’s biological mother, and then casts under Qin Luan’s gate and becomes his minion.

Now that things have failed, Qin Luan regards Xu Rugui as an abandoned son and wants to kill him. Fortunately, Wu Jiang has already rescued Xu Rugui’s family. If Xue Rucheng takes him back to Chang’an and allows his family to spare a path of life, I believe he will tell the truth before the sage. All the facts. Xue Rucheng heard Xiao Jinyu say this, but agreed to take Xu Rugui back to Beijing alone.

However, the Beijing official suddenly came with the imperial decree and ordered Xiao Jinyu to seriously investigate the case of privately casting copper coins, and by the way, send him a message for Jing Ge. When Xue Rucheng and others left Qianzhou one after another, the Chu family courtyard finally recovered tranquility. According to Jing Yi’s plan, Xiao Jinyu personally purchased rouge gouache for Chu Chu and brought a few flowers.

However, Chuchu was not interested in gouache, even a few flowers were thrown into the swill bucket by her. Xiao Jinyu was puzzled, and simply went to discuss the cause with Jing Yi. It happened that Leng Yue came in from outside and saw that the flowers were feeding pig feed, which meant that Xiao Jinyu failed to court and made a joke instead.

Leng Yue guessed that Xiao Jinyu was not good at pleasing women. The so-called rouge gouache and flower sticks might be Jing Yi’s idea behind it. Xiao Jinli thought that although his younger brother could woo him, he could not go to the doctor for a sudden illness, so he reminded him that he should prove his sincerity in his own way instead of consulting others.

Since the imperial decree was passed to Qianzhou, Li Zhang changed his old attitude and went to visit him personally to petition, to show his loyalty, and would like to bring all the officials in Qianzhou to assist him in thoroughly investigating the case of private casting of copper coins. Li Zhang checked the production situation of the mines under the control one by one, and submitted the investigation process to Xiao Jinyu in the case file, and truthfully informed the results.

Jing Yi deliberately asked him about the cause of the private casting of copper coins. Li Zhang pretended not to know, but guessed that the fake den should be near Phoenix Mountain. Xiao Jinyu knew that Chu Chu would definitely ask to go with her. Instead of restricting her movement, it was better to stay by her side for protection. On the other hand, Xiao Jinli was still worried about the imperial decree, while Li Zhang, according to Xue Rucheng’s account, planned to lead Xiao Jinyu and others to the den and quietly resolve them.

The next day everyone went to Phoenix Mountain to find an abandoned porcelain kiln through the flowing water. Under the leadership of Chu Chu, they finally found the location of the porcelain kiln. Li Zhang found something strange on a wall, and hurriedly called Xiao Jinyu and others, seeing him press the mechanism to open the stone gate.

Xiao Jinyu observed Li Zhang calmly and ordered everyone to enter the stone room with torches. As there were no doors or windows around, Xiao Jinyu’s hidden illness recurred. Chu Chu hurried over to help him, and finally walked through the tunnel to enter the interior of the stone room and saw a large box containing fake money placed on the ground.

Now, the den knows that Xiao Jinyu publicly exposes the reason for the private casting of copper coins. If you are an ordinary person, you will never make these fake copper coins for no reason, but if the master behind the scenes is a local official in charge, as long as you spend some thought on the book, the labor cost of casting the money can be passed. The book expenditure of the public funds of the Yamen government treasury is absolutely a huge profit. Li Zhang was shocked when he heard the words, so he forced his composure, thinking of blaming Zheng Youde, the county magistrate, but Xiao Jinyu broke through his construction of bridges in Guanling County, only to provide convenience for committing crimes, and he became a common man. Political achievements praised by the population.

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