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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 23 Recap

Xiao Jinyu drew the portrait of Mrs. Xu based on the figure made by Chu Chu, and couldn’t help feeling that if Chu Chu was an ordinary person, she wouldn’t have to take such risks. After all, he was able to protect himself during the day, but the future is difficult to know. In the final analysis, it is still a big worry. Since Xiao Jinli and Leng Yue both resisted the imperial decree to marry them, Xiao Jinyu made suggestions for them, and guessed that this matter must involve the interests of the Qianzhong Dao Jiedushi.

Taking into account the security of the southwest border of Datang, Xiao Jinyu instructed Leng Yue to write a homely greeting according to his tone, and send it to the camp in time for General Leng to ask for directions. Wu Jiang had just returned from the outside and had not yet heated the stool. Suddenly, Qin Luan sent someone to investigate the dismissal of slaves and maids in the princess’s mansion in the early years, especially when the Xiao Jinyu brothers were born.

That night, Chu Chu and Xiao Jinyu struggled for a long time, trying to find each other but they didn’t know what reason to use. Until Xiao Jinyu made up his mind, she was about to open the door when she saw Chu Chu standing at the door holding the soup. In accordance with the previous promise, Chu Chu came here to let Xiao Jinyu deal with it. However, Xiao Jinyu did not blame him, but thanked her for being able to accompany the witch doctor for many years and doing her filial piety for herself.

Now that the court is worried about internal and external troubles, Xiao Jinyu is not only worried about Chu Chu’s safety, and at the same time, she can marry herself, not only for protection, but also from her heart. As soon as the voice fell, Chu Chu was shocked. After a moment of daze, he hurriedly found an excuse to seize the door. Leng Yue took a drink to find Chu Chu, but she did not expect that she would sit in the yard and weep. After inquiring, she found out that it was Xiao Jinyu rashly interceding.

Although Chu Chu had a good feeling for Xiao Jinyu, she was concerned about her life experience and couldn’t answer the answer. Knowing Chu Chu’s thoughts, Leng Yue hoped that she could reconsider. If she missed the fate of her destiny, she would regret it later. Since seeing Chu Chu leaving, Xiao Jinyu was puzzled and regretted that he was too reckless. Jing Yi learned of this and took the initiative to win the hearts of the beautiful woman.

Qin Luan received a secret report about Princess Xiping’s mansion, and was even more confused, so he asked Sun Deming again about the rumors. According to Sun Deming, if an ordinary woman is pregnant with two sons, it only takes six to seven months to be diagnosed by the doctor. Only Princess Xiping will report to the palace after the birth of the two sons, even if it is the imperial physician who took the pulse of Princess Xiping. They didn’t report it in time. Because of this, Qin Luan determined that there was a secret hidden in it, and immediately ordered Sun Deming to send someone to find the person involved in the matter, and be sure to bring it back alive.

After a few days of stay, Xue Rucheng was about to leave Qianzhou and return to Chang’an. However, just as they were saying goodbye, Chu Chu and Jing Yi suddenly ran over and confessed that Chu He went to find Xu Rugui alone, and has not returned yet. Xue Rucheng believed that Chu River grew up in Guanling County and was far more familiar with geography than others. Therefore, Xiao Jinyu led people to search for them according to the clues provided by Chu Chu. As expected, he found Chu River and Xu Rugui under a thick moon-old tree cave.

Fortunately, Xu Rugui lost too much blood, and Chu He easily knocked the opponent into a faint, because this time he found merit, Xiao Jinyu no longer cares about privately letting things go, it is considered to have made off. On the other side, Si Tian Jian had joined Xiao Jinli and Leng Yue, and now he waited for the army to return to promote Xiao Jinli’s official title, and married another day.

Han Jizhuang asked Tang Xuanzong to urge Xue Rucheng to come back after catching the rebellious party, which caused Tang Xuanzong’s dissatisfaction. Qin Luan felt that Xue Rucheng and Princess Xiping had a very close relationship, and it was inevitable that they would have other thoughts. If they secretly communicate with the Leng clan, I am afraid it will be a future trouble. Inspired by Qin Luan, Tang Xuanzong became suspicious. The old man Jing Ge learned of Xiao Heng’s experience through a letter and was very sorry.

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