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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 48 Recap

Xia Zhuo contacted the mysterious person. He was eager to know if this was a drill. Are the drills of the 334th brigade so despicable! Xia Zhuo wanted to get him out, but soon he was strangled and fainted when he was attacked. He woke up again but was choked by water. He was tied up and everyone around him covered his face. Xia Zhuo still thought he was Lu Zheng, but was told that this was a military buffer zone. He could not transport the missile, but had to take the missile chip.

Xia Zhuo watched the person in front of him using Ouyang Jun’s voice, tuned to the communication band of the brigade to report that the vehicle was moving normally. Xia Zhuo finally realized the danger, but who were they! The other party replied that they were also soldiers. From the moment Xia Zhuo was ready to join the army after participating in the game, they focused on Xia Zhuo, but they also knew that he could not be bought with money. The other party asked Xia Zhuo to point out the location of the missile, and Xia Zhuo fell into suspicion.

The fuel gauge showed that there were still two bars of gas, but the car ran out of gas, and their car was too passive. Lin Anbang calculated the speed, they passed, which means they were very close to the border. Ouyang Jun, Lin Anbang, and Yi Zimeng were stunned. After being monitored, Ouyang Jun quickly signaled Yi Zimeng and Lin Anbang to get off the car. They have been hacked and have fallen into the trap of others, but they know that as long as they are in the country, there is no problem with equipment.

But even the people from the 334th brigade can’t control all of this, and they will inevitably have some doubts about everything. Ouyang Jun recalled the moment when he gave the order before boarding the car, they must rush to the assembly point No. 4 to gather with the brigade as soon as possible. Ouyang Jun asked Yi Zimeng and Lin Anbang to look after the car, and he went to ask for help.

It was about to dawn, and Xia Zhuo set up a camera in front of him, but he still refused to tell the location of the missile, even if he would die. The other party held a gun to Xia Zhuo’s head and asked him to ask for help in exchange for a Dongfeng chip, otherwise he would be shot to death. Xia Zhuo’s eyes were gloomy, and he looked at the camera in front of him. He is Lieutenant Xia Zhuo of the Rocket Force of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

I hope they will not agree to any conditions. If this is war, sacrifice is the highest honor for soldiers, and the interests of the motherland are always high For everything, he was very honored to be a rocket soldier from a university. In the army, they learned only one sentence, use me in the first battle, and use me to win! Xia Zhuo can feel that there is a strong motherland behind him. He just wants to say, China, I love you. Xia Zhuo closed his eyes and was knocked out with a deep punch.

Ouyang Jun came near the border, and Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng stood by the car. Ouyang Jun was attacked, gunshots rang, and Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng in the distance became nervous. Lin Anbang was overthrown by an outstretched hand that didn’t know where, and Yi Zimeng could not escape the attack, and even more so, Ouyang Jun, the three were captured. Xia Zhuo was still alive, and the other party took out a video, Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng were arrested. Xia Zhuo panicked, but believed that the Chinese soldiers had only one attitude towards all this.

Angrily, the other party brought Ouyang Jun in, threatening Xia Zhuo to tell the location of the chip, and even put a knife on Ouyang Jun’s neck. As the countdown sounded, Xia Zhuo kept saying that he didn’t know anything, but could only watch Ouyang Jun being wiped off his neck, kicking down the valley, and being knocked out again.

Yi Zimeng and Lin Anbang did not know what was going on. The other side showed them a video in which Xia Zhuo was killed. Yi Zimeng was emotional, and Lin Anbang firmly believed that it was fake, but then the other party released a video of Ouyang Jun being killed. When Lin Anbang was asked where the missile was, he cursed angrily and asked the other party to challenge him. If he won, he would tell him. The other party released Lin Anbang, who was knocked out in Yi Zimeng’s useless shouts.

Lu Zheng arrived at assembly point No. 4, where only Yan Yibing’s car was there, because they couldn’t get in touch with them and came here. Wang Tian said that Lu Zheng shouldn’t be here. They didn’t follow Lu Zheng’s command to reserve the launch position for fear of being criticized. Lu Zheng is stupid, when did he give this order? Yan Yibing and others described the situation. It was obvious that not only were they given false orders, but Yan Yibing and the others said that the voice was exactly the same as Lu Zheng. Lu Zheng quickly activated the backup password, and all commands were not issued by voice.

Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng are locked together. They don’t know where it is or who the enemy is. Lin Anbang still refuses to believe that this is true. The video just now must have been processed. That is Xia Zhuo! Xia Zhuo was not dead. He was locked up alone. He found that the standby storage was very similar to the surrounding terrain. After repeating everything that happened, Xia Zhuo confirmed that all of them were not far away, and this was not a border buffer zone , This is still an exercise!

Xia Zhuo knew that he had been deceived, and they were also using themselves to deceive others. Xia Zhuo asked them to give him a computer. He could draw the chip circuit and gave the other three options. One was Lu Zheng, the other was Ouyang Jun, and the third was Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng. . The other party said that Xia Zhuo was crazy, but Xia Zhuo confirmed the identity of the mysterious person in front of him. He was Qi Peng, because only Wang Xianmin, Qi Peng and others took over this task.

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