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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 9 Recap

Good things don’t go out, on the contrary, last night the drama of the hero saving the United States has been spread in the company. As soon as Qiu Dongna went to work, she heard colleagues discussing gossip, with different attitudes, especially Li Chuning was more yin and yang. Seeing that everyone had a misunderstanding, Gu Fei personally came forward to explain for Qiu Dongna. It is precisely because of this favor that Qiu Dongna will remember it in his heart.

So before she got off work, she ran to Gu Fei’s office and took the initiative to take out a self-destructive test questionnaire for him to test whether there was a problem. Gu Fei knew that Qiu Dongna wanted to repay her favor, so she proposed to eat the six barbecues near the University of Shenyang, and asked her to book a seat quickly.

Originally, Qiu Dongna wanted to get off work and line up early, but she was stopped by Cheng Yangfan as soon as she was about to leave, with a pile of documents in front of her that needed to be copied. By the time Qiu Dongna finished copying, the sky had already turned dark, and Cheng Fanyang was seeing customers in the conference room. It was not easy to disturb. I could only ask Li Chuning for help, and promised to respond to the unequal treaty of the other party. She buys coffee.

Qiu Dongna rushed to the Sixth Barbecue place and found that the position number had already been set, so she had an idea, she rushed around to help the boss with work, falsely claiming that her brother was mentally ill and wanted to eat barbecue when she was discharged from the hospital, so she asked the boss to make an exception for an extra table to arrange meals. . Gu Fei didn’t expect Qiu Dongna to find her position, but after thinking about it, it was quite possible.

Because in Gu Fei’s impression, Qiu Dongna’s appearance always surprises him. Especially a few years ago, Gu Fei was depressed by the incident of his father, so Qiu Dongna taught him how to chop onions and shed tears to vent his emotions. Since then, Qiu Dongna occupies a large position in Gu Fei’s heart, watching the other party’s live broadcast privately.

Gu Fei hoped that Qiu Dongna would not be burdened. The reason why he took care of her was purely because he had had a moment of poverty and knew the kind of stretches seeping through the bones, but the terrible thing is not now. In the future, when Qiu Dongna grows up, Thinking back to the silly things that I did if I didn’t see it today, I dreamed it back at midnight, and I was so embarrassed that I regretted it.

After having a barbecue, Qiu Dongna went home and opened the live broadcast. She accidentally fell asleep on the table. When she woke up, she saw a message from the netizen “Cong Cong” and simply confessed that she had dreamed of her ex-boyfriend. However, Qiu Dongna didn’t know that the netizen called Congcong was actually Gu Fei. He couldn’t help feeling jealous when he saw that Qiu Dongna was still in love with Chushi.

When Cheng Fanyang knew that Bai Youxin had returned from the field, he immediately packed his things and left work ahead of schedule, trying to get pregnant during the ovulation period. But before that, Bai Youxin told his son about the second child through a video call. Bai Shichu expressed dissatisfaction upon hearing this, and even claimed that since the death of his mother, Bai Youxin has been eager to welcome back to the third child.

Because the communication between father and son was not pleasant, Bai Youxin reconsidered the matter of giving birth, and felt that in Cheng Fanyang’s eyes, he was like a sperm donation tool, even if pregnant, it would not be the crystallization of love. Seeing Bai Youxin’s temporary change, Cheng Fanyang could no longer control her temper. From her marriage to the present, she has paid too much for the family. Even if she was misunderstood as a junior by Bai Shichu, she did not complain, even for them. The relationship between father and son, is willing to destroy the child he was pregnant with before.

However, Cheng Fanyang blindly gave in and forbeared, and got the Bai family father and son to get worse, she was disappointed by this, and eventually the quarrel broke up. The next morning, Cheng Fanyang went to the doctor to have a heart-to-heart talk. By the way, he proposed to complete the wish of having a child through the sperm bank. However, the doctor felt that Cheng Fanyang should find out the knot and did not agree to her request.

Qiu Dongna bought coffee for Li Chuning as agreed, but turned on the phone and saw Li Chuning post photos in the circle of friends to show off. Gu Fei was jealous and asked Qiu Dongna for coffee, and by the way asked her about her live broadcast and the situation of looking for customers. At the same time, the hotel organized a group building and promised to take the staff for a group outing, provided that the ID card was used to purchase room reservation insurance. Wang Shicheng was afraid of revealing himself and lied about something at home. Just as everyone questioned, Qiu Xiaoxia had to find an excuse for him, which prevented him from participating in the tour.

The community’s public notice wall posted evidence of corruption and bribery from the head of the household, Ye Jianguo. After seeing it, Qiu Xiaoxia took the photo and sent it to her daughter so that she could analyze the problems on the receipt. Originally, Qiu Xiaoxia wanted to take this opportunity to grow her face in front of her old neighbors, but she didn’t expect Qiu Dongna to be busy with work, and she refused decisively, which made her a little unable to step down. When returning home at night, Qiu Dongna saw an aunt who was angrily tearing up the invoice on the publicity wall. At first, she thought that the other party was the cleaning aunt, so she accidentally offended the other party.

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