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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 8 Recap

It was precisely because Qiu Dongna went to Hua Xingshi without authorization, that Gu Fei received a call from the other party, Mr. He, and had a disagreement with Cheng Fanyang on this matter. Considering his personal relationship, Cheng Fanyang thought that he should avoid suspicion, but Gu Fei was willing to take over Huaxingshi’s business, so he handed it over to Chen Jinfeng, who had just been promoted to the manager of the second department, and he took the second audit department for the transfer. Responsible for signing as a partner.

Qiu Xiaoxia learned through sister Xu that a face recognition system was installed at the front desk of the hotel, directly connected to the data network of the Public Security Bureau, and suddenly remembered Wang Shicheng’s identity, so she hurried downstairs to help him out. At this time, Wang Shicheng took the photo at the request of the leader, but he really didn’t dare to face the camera, so he found various reasons to cover it. It was not until Qiu Xiaoxia appeared that he had escaped.

After get off work, Gu Fei drove Qiu Dongna home as usual, but this time it was obvious that Qiu Dongna was not in a high mood, so he took the initiative to explain to him Cheng Fanyang’s personality, which is enough to show the trust in this partner. Although Qiu Dongna didn’t understand it yet, Gu Fei never remembered that he almost wanted to commit suicide by jumping off the building during the low period of his life. If it were not for Cheng Fanyang’s appearance, I am afraid it would be difficult to have the current Gu Fei. It was because of Cheng Fanyang’s reminder that Gu Fei understood that death would not solve any problems.

Now Cheng Fanyang went to the hospital to check his body and found that his ovarian function had begun to degenerate. He was extremely upset at the thought of not having a child of his own so far, so he went home to drink his sorrow after get off work. Bai Youxin wanted to comfort his wife, but when he saw the content of the report submitted by Cheng Fanyang, he couldn’t help being stunned.

Chen Jinfeng and Mr. He negotiated business smoothly. In order to celebrate the victory of Huaxingshi, he specially invited everyone to dinner in the hotel’s private room. Qiu Dongna went to the dinner, and was embarrassed because she was sitting in the wrong seat. She hid directly in the bathroom and waited for Qiu Xiaoxia to comfort her for a long time before she agreed to go back to the private room for dinner.

Qiu Dongna was sitting on pins and needles that night, for fear of offending another great god, until Cheng Fanyang answered the phone and left the meeting temporarily, finally heaved a sigh of relief. When Qiu Xiaoxia was cleaning in the corridor, she overheard Cheng Fanyang arguing with her husband on the phone. The content was nothing more than pregnancy and childbirth.

Just as Qiu Xiaoxia sent a message to Qiu Dongna about Cheng Fanyang’s gossip, Qiu Dongna had no time to reply in the future, but Cheng Fanyang suddenly came to borrow the mobile phone, scared her to lose her mobile phone and delete the content while recovering it. Cheng Fanyang noticed Qiu Dongna’s flustered look, so she asked her to forward an email for herself, and then left.

After finishing this uneasy meal, Qiu Dongna finally took the bus home in relief. Gu Fei sat next to her and couldn’t help but blame her for being too stingy and reluctant to call a car. At this time, a young man wanted to insult Qiu Dongna. Gu Fei saw this scene and suddenly recalled the scene of his ex-girlfriend being raped. He could no longer suppress his inner anger and chased the gangster half to death.

Because the gangster was seriously injured, the police wanted to take Gu Fei and Qiu Dongna back to the police station for questioning. Qiu Dongna saw that Gu Fei’s clenched fist was still bleeding, so she asked to go to the hospital for bandaging first. After receiving her daughter’s call, Qiu Xiaoxia hurriedly took Wang Shicheng to the hospital and asked the police to be fair.

Wang Shicheng came to the ward to negotiate with the gangster, and threatened the other party to get private. The hooligan was afraid that Wang Shicheng would seek revenge on himself, so he could only agree to accept five thousand yuan for the job. Far from being scared, Qiu Dongna was worried about Gu Fei’s situation, especially the sudden act tonight, which made her feel that the other party seemed to have a secret.

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