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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 27 Recap

Zhao Yan opened the door to Xu Chengran. Xu Chengran, who had just returned from the talk, drank too much and was full of alcohol. Taking advantage of his drunkenness, Xu Chengran approached Zhao Yan and asked sincerely, when would he be able to get closer to Zhao Yan and be truly intimate with Zhao Yan. Xu Chengran’s drunk mantra moved Zhao Yan, and the two of them were As the distance between them kept shrinking, Xu Chengran broke the beauty with a burp. The next day, Xu Chengran woke up. Under Zhao Yan’s inquiry, Xu Chengran denied everything she had said after drinking. Zhao Yan was so angry that she beat and scolded, but she still agreed and was willing to let Xu Chengran go. Be alert and truly love once.

Xu Chengran went home to show off his record with Xu’s father, but Xu’s father once again irritated Xu Chengran to get Xu Chengran to return to the reindeer group. If he achieved more results than Xu’s father, it was called victory. Xu Chengran hesitated after hearing this, but still stiffened before Xu’s father. Back at home, Xu Chengran found that Zhao Yan was asleep. How should he tell Zhao Yan that he was going back to the reindeer group?

Jiang Xiaoning went home but found that Tang Xu was waiting for him in the alley in front of his house, Tang Xu still holding a wine bottle in his hand. Tang Xu is very depressed these days. Jiang Xiaoning persuaded Tang Xu not to win the game by dark means, but Tang Xu was single-minded to win, not only for himself, but also for Jiang Xiaoning to win the future. He wanted to praise Jiang Xiaoning, but Jiang Xiaoning always Not accepting Tang Xu’s help, which made Tang Xu very painful. Speaking of eagerness, Tang Xu put his hands on Jiang Xiaoning’s shoulders, making Jiang Xiaoning feel uncomfortable. Tang Xu confessed in such an impulsive situation and admitted his love for Jiang Xiaoning. The two grew up together.

For Tang Xu, this friendship It had deteriorated long ago, but Jiang Xiaoning really treated Tang Xu as an older brother, so much so that Jiang Xiaoning admitted that he was in love, Tang Xu could not accept Gu Chuan, dragged by the two, Tang Xu fell off the stairs and fainted to the ground. When he arrived at the hospital, Tang Xu was fine. Today’s experience made Jiang Xiaoning lose his smile. Jiang Xiaoning directly told Tang Xu to meet as few as possible, and then moved to Gu Chuan’s house. Gu Chuan’s hug gave Jiang Xiaoning strength.

But Xu Chengran on the other side was still hesitating how to tell Xu Chengran the news. Xu Chengran returned to the Reindeer Group, and Zhao Yan also worked in the Reindeer Group. Xu Chengran had not told Zhao Yan the news, so he had to come to work in the company fully armed, and was able to conceal that one day was a day. One day, Xu Chengran and Zhao Yan met in an elevator, and Xu Chengran had to insist that he was here to pick Zhao Yan off work, and barely escaped.

Gu Chuan and Jiang Xiaoning returned to the art gallery design project. Jiang Xiaoning put on technology glasses. The world in the glasses is full of beautiful paintings, as well as the sincere smile of the teacher’s dead son. The display screen above his head shines with brilliant colors, and Jiang Xiaoning is very proud. They looked at the same colorful sky side by side…

Xu Chengran suddenly said that she wanted to date Zhao Yan early in the morning. Xu Chengran felt that one day she couldn’t keep things secret. It’s better to speed up the progress. Xu Chengran took Zhao Yan to the marriage registry. Zhao Yan felt that Xu Chengran was too impatient to be unable to. Continuing to conceal it, Xu Chengran simply told it all. Seeing that Zhao Yan turned around and left, he knelt down and begged for mercy. Xu Chengran hoped that returning to the Reindeer Group would take the responsibility of the family instead of asking for it. Xu Chengran even shaved her head. Prove your determination. These words moved Zhao Yan, and finally got Zhao Yan nodded in agreement. Xu Chengran rejoiced in the past and quickly took Zhao Yan into the marriage registry…

Gu Chuan and the Reindeer Group officially signed the contract. Speaking of this design proposal, Gu Chuan introduced Jiang Xiaoning to Xu’s father. Hearing Xu Chengran introducing Jiang Xiaoning as Jiang Guangda’s daughter, Xu’s father pretended to be pretending to be Jiang Xiaoning’s daughter. …The four returned to Gu Chuan’s home. In order to celebrate the wedding of Zhao Yan and Xu Chengran, Jiang Xiaoning prepared a large table of dishes. The four blessed each other and the atmosphere was very warm…

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