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Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 8 Recap

Jiang Coke blocked Lu Xiao at the door and asked Lu Xiao to speak clearly. Seeing Lu Xiao not speaking, Jiang Coke wanted to kiss Lu Xiao for verification. Lu Xiao turned his eyes and suddenly fainted on Jiang Coke. Jiang Coke I was a little worried. I heard that Lu Xiao hadn’t eaten and was forced to run the whole horse by Xu Guanghan, so he guessed that Lu Xiao was low blood sugar.

Jiang Coke quickly fed Lu Xiao a candy. Roco and Su Lie were also arguing about eating sweets, but Jiang Coke could only give them one. Lei Na said that Lu Xiao did not say the reason for protecting Jiang Coke in the end, and was worried that Lu Xiao had other thoughts, but Xu Guanghan thought that Lu Xiao was afraid because of the punishment last time. The power outage in the secret garden last time, Lu Xiao.

After taking the opportunity to sneak out, Xu Guanghan knew that he had been most afraid of water since he was a child. In order to punish Lu Xiao, he threw him into the pool. Lu Xiao repeatedly begged for mercy, saying that he would never dare anymore, Xu Guanghan The Y plan has reached the final stage, and he cannot tolerate any mishaps and changes.

Mr. Zhang, who had previously withdrawn his capital, asked Guan Qianya to have dinner at home, saying that the previous withdrawal was due to the decline in the company’s performance. However, he wanted to re-cooperate this time because he was optimistic about the company’s future prospects. Mr. Zhang said that he still thinks this game has some merits. Mr. Zhang’s daughter, Hitomi, is a fan of Xu Nian. Before, Mr. Hitomi and Mrs. Zhang had a car accident. Hitomi lost her mother and her legs. People were all caught in autistic emotions. It was not until the virtual lover game came out that Hitomi played for a year, and his personality gradually became more cheerful. Mr. Zhang was a little relieved.

After hearing Mr. Zhang’s words, Guan Qianya was thoughtful. After returning home, she put on contact lenses and called out Xu Nian. Guan Qianya asked Xu Nian, as a virtual character, what is the meaning of his existence, Xu Nian said If he is in a computer, then he really doesn’t make much sense, but he is watching night scenes with her at Guan Qianya’s house, and he has cured Guan Qianya’s insomnia. All of this makes sense. He also made Guan Qianya want to do it. Do whatever you want, and see him when you miss him.

After Xu Nian quit the game, she fell into the question Guan Qianya asked, and began to think about the meaning of her existence, while Guan Qianya turned on the computer and read the article she wrote before. She suddenly felt regretful in her heart. The next day When Guan Qianya went to work in the morning, a group of supporters of Guan Qianya gathered downstairs. Manager Cui also took out a poster of a virtual lover, and asked Guan Qianya to tear up the poster in public. Guan Qianya hesitated, but couldn’t stand Manager Cui’s The battle still tore the poster.

The Entertainment Star website invited Xu Guanghan and Guan Qianya to participate in a positive debate. Guan Qianya said that the battle was fought because of the decline in the company’s performance. Now that the performance is picking up, she does not want to provoke disputes. Manager Cui is a little disappointed. Reina investigated that Jiang Coke was Guan Qianya’s best friend, and quickly reported the matter to Xu Guanghan, who was very angry. The four of Lu Xiao went back to the room after training and did not see Jiang Coke. They thought that Jiang Coke had already left.

But when Lu Xiao returned to the room, he found something was wrong. After searching, he found that Jiang Coke was hiding in his closet, Jiang Coke. Approaching Lu Xiao and about to get on to Lu Xiao personally, Jiang Coke was caught by security guards. Jiang Coke was caught in front of Xu Guanghan. Xu Guanghan asked whether Jiang Coke had told Guan Qianya about his work. Jiang Koke quickly denied it. It was here. Shi Guan Qianya called Jiang Coke.

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