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Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 7 Recap

Jiang Coke thought she had escaped, but when she went downstairs, she discovered that Xu Guanghan and Lei Na had already blocked the downstairs with security guards. The security guards grabbed Jiang Coke, and Jiang Coke confessed to Fushun as soon as she was caught. grandmother. But in fact, Grandma Fushun was Xu Guanghan’s aunt.

Because Xu Guanghan didn’t trust anyone, but only his aunt, she arranged for Grandma Fushun to be a housekeeper in the secret garden, but Grandma Fushun was very sorry for Xu Guanghan’s keeping the four of Lu Xiao in the secret garden. I was dissatisfied. I said that the four of them would leave after the contract expired, but Xu Guanghan extended the four of them in order to complete the final stage.

Grandma Fushun also said that Jiang Coke is a hard-core fan of virtual lovers and would not go. The one who reported on Xu Guanghan, if she had to sue early, why wait until Xu Guanghan found out. After Xu Guanghan and Grandma Fushun finished talking, they called Rena and told Rena to let Jiang Coke leave. He also agreed that Jiang Coke would continue to do the cleaning job. Jiang Coke was in the office of Xu Guanghan, the father of the virtual lover. Excited, before leaving, he took a Lu Xiao’s human-shaped standing sign as a souvenir.

Guan Qianya initially dismissed the virtual lover and wanted to throw away the virtual lover’s glasses, but remembering that Xu Nian helped herself sleep well last night, she picked up the glasses back. Guan Qianya and Qi Chuan held a press conference to announce their cooperation and publicly declared war on Xu Guanghan. Xu Guanghan was very angry after seeing the press conference. Before, he made Qi Chuan a creative genius. Every song of Qi Chuan is He got a gun and handwritten it. Even Reina even wrote a poem for Qi Chuan, but Qi Chuan avenged his grudge and took Xu Guanghan to court after the contract was terminated. Xu Guanghan was very dissatisfied with Qi Chuan.

After Guan Qianya went home, she was shocked by the Lu Xiao’s humanoid stand that Jiang Coke brought home. Guan Qianya asked who answered the phone this morning. Jiang Coke put a few words to make Guan Qianya rest assured that she would not like it. other’s. At night, Guan Qianya had insomnia again. She tried to recall the words that Xu read to herself last night, but failed to fall asleep.

So she went to Jiang Coke’s room and asked Jiang Cole to read those words. She didn’t expect Jiang Cole to read the words herself. I fell asleep halfway through. Helpless Guan Qianya had to put on glasses again to enter the game and meet Xu Nian, but this time Guan Qianya already knew that Xu Nian was a virtual character. Even if Xu Nian hypnotized Guan Qianya this time, Guan Qianya could not fall asleep.

Xu Nian asked Guan Qianya to tell herself the real reason for her insomnia. Guan Qianya told him that when she was a child, she was guarding the bed of her father who was seriously ill, but after she fell asleep, her father died. This incident has always been a part of Guan Qianya’s heart. She didn’t dare to face it, she didn’t dare to cry, but Xu Nian asked Guan Qianya to face her heart, Guan Qianya finally cried, Xu Nian took the opportunity to hug Guan Qianya and comforted her softly.

The next day Guan Qianya went to the shooting site of the Qichuan advertisement. Manager Cui said that Mr. Zhang, who had divested, invited Guan Qianya to eat at his house at night. Jiang Coke got the job of cleaning the secret garden, and since then he can enter the secret garden to clean up in an open manner. Rocco and Su Lie thought that Jiang Coke would not come back again, and missed the delicious food that Jiang Coke brought them, but However, Xu Nian said that in the future, she still had to abide by the rules and stop making Xu Guanghan angry. She went to Lu Xiao’s room to clean and found the hat Lu Xiao was wearing at the subway station that day. Jiang Coke felt that she had finally found evidence, so she stayed in Lu Xiao’s room. Blocked him.

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