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Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 6 Recap

Qi Chuan and Guan Qianya talked about their past with Xu Guanghan. Sixteen years ago, Xu Guanghan discovered Qi Chuan, a musical talent, and made Qi Chuan popular. With Xu Guanghan’s help, Qi Chuan’s star journey went smoothly. When he terminated his contract with Xu Guanghan six years ago, he discovered that all his music copyrights belonged to Xu Guanghan’s name, which meant that he would have to pay Xu Guanghan copyright fees for singing his own songs in the future, so he had to fight Xu Guanghan, the enemy His enemy is a friend, so Qi Chuan hopes to cooperate with Guan Qianya to defeat Xu Guanghan.

Qi Chuan said that he only needs a dollar token endorsement fee, but there is a strange clause in the contract. If Guan Qianya is addicted to virtual lovers, then he It will terminate the cooperation and claim 10 million in compensation.

On this day, Jiang Coke brought delicious food to the secret garden for cleaning, but unfortunately Xu Guanghan personally came to deliver clothes to Lu Xiao and others. Jiang Coke hurriedly hid in the secret room of the study to eavesdrop on Xu Guanghan and their conversation, Xu Guanghan Because of their weight gain, they gave them a severe lesson.

Among the four, only Lu Xiao’s weight did not rise. Xu Guanghan asked Lu Xiao what happened. Jiang Coke was so scared that he was worried that Lu Xiao would pierce him, but For some reason, Lu Xiao lied to protect Jiang Coke and lied to Xu Guanghan that several of them had gained weight because they hadn’t exercised for a week during the holiday. Xu Guanghan said again about the disadvantages of obesity. Jiang Coke fell asleep listening to Xu Guanghan’s long talk in the secret room, and did not go back all night.

In order to deal with Guan Qianya, Xu Guanghan gave Xu Nian a secret mission. He wanted Xu Nian to interact with Guan Qianya one-on-one, which was also considered a complete upgrade of the system. In order to let Guan Qianya enter the game, Rena used a lavender lifetime membership card to buy it. I took Guan Qianya’s employee Lisa and replaced Guan Qianya’s contact lenses with virtual lovers’ contact lenses. After Guan Qianya put on the glasses, she entered the game without knowing it. In the game, the technical staff asked Guan Qianya to go to the computer room.

Authorized to the system, Guan Qianya went to the computer room alone, but the machine in the computer room suddenly caught fire. Just as Guan Qianya picked up the fire extinguisher, an employee wearing a hat and sunglasses rushed in and put out the fire. The two were about to leave, but because of a short circuit, the door They couldn’t open it anymore, and the two planned to sleep in the computer room. The person posing as an employee was Xu Nian.

He had already analyzed Guan Qianya’s data and knew that Guan Qianya was suffering from insomnia, so he spent a lot of effort to help. Guan Qianya fell asleep quickly. With Xu Nian’s help, Guan Qianya rarely slept well, but after waking up the next morning, she found herself in a virtual lover’s game. After she returned to the office, she was wondering about herself. Why did she enter the game? Lisa came in and said that she and Guan Qianya had the wrong contact lenses yesterday. Guan Qianya had no doubts.

Jiang Coke did not go back all night. After returning home, Guan Qianya called her when he saw that Jiang Coke was not there. Jiang Coke’s cell phone fell on the sofa. It was Roco who answered the phone. Jiang Coke grabbed the phone and was about to leave. Xu Guanghan came suddenly, and several people were very nervous. They hurriedly told Jiang Coke to hide. Xu Guanghan came to ask Xu Nian about the situation last night. Xu Nian reported the situation.

Xu Guanghan asked Xu Nian to remember that the core task was to make Guan Qianya like him. When Xu Guanghan and Xu Nian were talking, Lei Na realized that something was wrong with the remaining three people. Just as Jiang Coke was about to be discovered, Xu Guanghan and Xu Nian had finished talking and asked Lei Na to leave together, and Jiang Coke escaped.

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