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Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 5 Recap

Jiang Coke suffocated his stomach with real person Lu Xiao, and when he got home, he put on his glasses and took revenge on the virtual Lu Xiao in the game. The virtual Lu Xiao was very gentle with Jiang Coke and made Jiang Coke very happy. Jiang Coke was in a good mood. A lot. But Jiang Coke didn’t want to go to work in the secret garden because of the awkwardness with Lu Xiao. Jiang Coke didn’t want to go. Her colleague Qiqi was greedy for Jiang Coke’s high-paying cleaning job, and even took the initiative to ask Fushun’s grandma. Jiang Coke felt a sense of crisis. ,

Decided to continue to go to the secret garden as cleaning. Jiang Coke wanted to do the sanitation as usual before Lu Xiao and the others came back, and tried not to meet with them, but as soon as she came, they ran into them drinking afternoon tea. Lu Xiao was still angry and saw that Jiang Coke was here. After returning to his room, Xu Nian told Jiang Kele that Lu Xiao valued the little bear very much because the person sending the little bear was very important to Lu Xiao. Jiang Coke was also very awkward.

After returning home, he concealed Lu Xiao’s identity and told Guan Qianya about the contradiction between him and Lu Xiao. Guan Qianya said that Jiang Coke did not do the right thing, but she was on Jiang Coke’s side. Under Guan Qianya’s explanation, Jiang Coke decided to find Lu Xiao to ease the relationship, but Lu Xiao was unmoved. Seeing that Jiang Coke was not leaving, he took Jiang Coke out of the room and threw it on the sofa in the living room.

Leina approached Xu Guanghan and reported two news. One of them was because they frequently checked the virtual lovers’ servers and caused dissatisfaction among the players. They must temporarily interrupt the motion capture of Lu Xiao and the others, and perform the shutdown to expand the capacity. The technical department said it would take two weeks.

Xu Guanghan was very dissatisfied with this time, but Rena said that he had asked the technical department to shorten this time to one week. If the work was not completed within a week, let them submit a resignation report collectively. Xu Guanghan praised Rena’s handling practices. Leina continued to report, saying that people supporting Guan Qianya had appeared on the Internet, but Xu Guanghan didn’t care much.

The person who supports Guan Qianya most on the Internet now is a netizen whose network ID is your guess, but this netizen is Guan Qianya’s subordinate Manager Cui. Manager Cui said that his ex-wife’s girlfriend is a top reporter and not a fan of a virtual lover. If necessary, you can ask her to do an interview with Guan Qianya, and Guan Qianya agreed. However, the leading reporter was very aggressive when interviewing Guan Qianya. He asked Guan Qianya why he proposed the harm of virtual lovers at this time. Guan Qianya admitted that she had a voice because of the decline in the company’s performance, but this was because the knife was cut on her body.

I just yelled out. The reporter asked Guan Qianya if she had ever played a virtual lover. Guan Qianya said that she had played it once for the purpose of understanding her opponent, but she felt that this game was rubbish. The reporter said that it was not Guan Qianya’s company. After being defeated by rubbish, Guan Qianya also sneered at each other, saying that the reporter’s girlfriend was not divorced for rubbish.

After Guan Qianya’s interview came out, many people supporting Guan Qianya appeared on the Internet. Most of them were male. Xu Guanghan still didn’t care, saying that as long as there are fans of virtual lovers, it’s fine. Reina reported to Xu Guanghan that Qi Chuan was also there. I forwarded the report and called on all fans to support Guan Qianya.

Qi Chuan had collaborated with Xu Guanghan before, but the two had turned against each other. Qi Chuan’s reputation was not as good as before. He took the initiative to find Guan Qianya and wanted to cooperate with her. Defeated Xu Guanghan. Xu Guanghan called Xu Nian alone, saying that he had a task to secretly entrust Xu Nian to complete.

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