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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 2 Recap

Yan Liangkun, Huahua, and Qiao Haifeng walked out of Liu Wenjing’s cousin’s shop. Huahua teased Liu Wenjing as a village girl, and Yan Liangkun, who likes Liu Wenjing, also pierced Huahua. At this time, Huahua’s boyfriend came to pick up Huahua, Qiao Haifeng looked upset. He had a secret crush on Huahua for many years, but he still failed to achieve a positive result. Yan Liangkun gagped him to comfort him.

The financial forum that Weiwei invited Xing Tianming to participate in began. Xing Tianming has never been optimistic about the U.S. stock market and advised participants who invested in U.S. stocks to sell as soon as possible. This behavior not only angered the US representative, but also angered Weiwei. Unexpectedly, Xing Tianming’s shocking behavior attracted the attention of a professor at Dekang University, and the two had a very happy conversation.

Weiwei complained to Huahua that Xing Tianming had offended all the guests on her forum, and unexpectedly learned that Xing Tianming was at odds with her father. Weiwei used Xing Tianming to mess up her forum and asked him to go to a cocktail party with herself. Unexpectedly, she ran into Xing Tianming’s father at the party. The sword between the two was drawn and Xing Tianming left. Weiwei faced the suitor’s verbal bombardment at the reception alone, but her thoughts drifted to Xing Tianming, who had already gone away.

Liu Wenjing was selling breakfast at the entrance of the school and met Xing Tianming, who was instructed by Yan Liangkun to buy breakfast. At this time, the city management came to inspect and took away Liu Wenjing’s breakfast car. Xing Tianming watched Liu Wenjing’s breakfast car be taken away. Back in the shop, my cousin drove Liu Wenjing back home, and my cousin dismissed Liu Wenjing.

Xing Tianming asked Yan Liangkun and several people to go to the Red Square for dinner with Weiwei. Yan Liangkun wanted to take Liu Wenjing with him. After making a hard time with her cousin, the cousin finally agreed that Liu Wenjing could take time off to the Red Square and was willing to buy her clothes .

Liu Wenjing, who ironed her hair and wore a new skirt for the dinner party, was still very earthy, and everyone secretly thought it was funny but didn’t say anything. Only Xing Tianming accompanied her to eat shelled crabs, and then honestly told her that she could not fit into the current group as she looked tonight. She had to swim from the shallows to the deep sea and complete the countercurrent to be truly reborn. Wen Jing was a little hurt to her self-esteem, and left the Red Square angrily and embarrassedly, and Yan Liangkun chased it out. The tearful Liu Wenjing made Yan Liangkun feel distressed. He tried to comfort her by telling jokes, and finally made her laugh.

Yan Liangkun asked Huahua to help transform Liu Wenjing. Her new look made everyone’s eyes brightened. Yan Liangkun was particularly heart-warming, and the professor was also amazed. Yan Liangkun was called by the company urgently and left first. After the party, Liu Wenjing accidentally inserted the heel of the high-heeled shoes into the seam and twisted her foot. The professor who walked out of the restaurant saw Liu Wenjing sitting on the side of the road annoyed and asked her why. After learning the whole story, the professor returned home with Liu Wenjing, who had twisted his foot on his back. When she returned to the store, Liu Wenjing picked up the mirror and looked at her face. She was grateful that the friend she met made her reborn, and fell asleep contentedly.

The owner of the shop rented by the cousin came to collect the rent, coveting Liu Wenjing’s beauty, and eager to kiss Fangze, suggesting that the cousin took Liu Wenjing with him for dinner.

When Huahua was dating her boyfriend, she discovered that a woman called him, suspecting that her boyfriend had cheated. The boyfriend picked up his mobile phone to prevent Huahua from touching, and Huahua forced her boyfriend to answer the phone. At this time, a man’s voice came from the other end of the phone. Hua Hua’s doubts are eliminated.

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